Curling Club

Estevan, Saskatchewan, Canada

Estevan Curling Club ca 2000
Located at 811 Souris Ave

Curling started in Estevan early 1900

Jan 24, 1912
An annual bonspiel was being held. they were expected to have 7 sheets of ice. this would have been all outdoor rinks, on natural ice.

June 23, 1913
7:30 at night, the Estevan Skating Rink and Curling Rink was destroyed by a cyclone.
Damage to skating rink- $5,000, and curling rink- $ 2,000
This was an enclosed rink, corner of 11th ave and Valley St. is all the history books say.
My Uncle Ed Gesell had a house on SW corner of this intersection. But it didn't exist there in his era.
Will need to ask where this exactly was in 1913. Was it where 1038 Valley St is today?
Or was it on the very edge of the valley, behind these houses?
Per 1912 map, on my Streets of Estevan Main Index Page, Cropped Copy Below

It shows up on the NE corner lots, #1037, #1033, #1029, #1025, and #1021 Valley St., today by the looks of it.
Shown Half a Block long.
Now we know for sure where the First Curling Rink and Skating Rink were located.

Corner of 5th st and Souris Ave. a Curling Rink was built in 1928, money raised to build it was through Estevan Rinks, Limited
A skating rink existed there before this. Kendall Electric is located here ca 2009, with Estevan Motors Ltd on the corner.

Share Number 150, 1 share of Estevan Rinks, Limited
authorized Capital $20,000.00
Share was $10 each.
Share bought by E. H. Walker, Feb 7, 1928 (see Ernest Haythorne Walker Bio below)
signed by: ? , President, H. McLeod ? , Secretary

Feb 7, 1928 Share Certificate cover

It was a sheet metal structure
It was built on the north side of the skating rink, which just happens to be the same situation as of today (2012) but a different location.
The Rotary Club held a carnival and the money raised went to this structure.

Nov 1937
New President- David Hutcheon Allan
b- 1883
d- Oct 23, 1948
buried in Estevan City Cemetery
Vice President- Willis R. Whitby
b- Aug 5, 1878
d- Apr 9, 1956
buried in Estevan City Cemetery
Secretary- P. C. Brown
Treasurer- James Milton Waller
b- Nov 1889
d- Mar 29, 1947
buried in Estevan City Cemetery

Executive Committee
Herbert (Herb) Wallace
b- Apr 2, 1877 in Tiny, Simcoe Co., ON
d- ?

Rev. Harry Alexander Mutchmor
b- Jan 11, 1902, Gore Bay, Manitoulin Island, ON
d- Oct 11, 1993
Left Estevan in 1942 to Southminster United Church, Lethbridge AB

Jacob “Jake” B. Krivel
b- 1883, (in Russia per 1911 census)(New York in other sources)
d- Feb 1948, place unknown
1906 census says he immigrated in 1892
age 23, working in a livery stable in Dominion City
In his youth he was a professional boxer in NJ, USA
I do think he spent time in NY, before coming to Canada
He was known in Saskatchewan and North Dakota as a great Curler.
Came to Canada to Dominion City MB in 1905
1911 census shows him running a livery in Estevan
He married Flora Cohen
His sons were famous athletes in many sports.
His 3 sons and daughter attended ECI.
Sidney and Saul were twins, born in MB
They are all deceased now.
The Krivels owned the Clarendon Hotel
Found a web site online that says Geraldo Rivera's ancestors might be related to the Estevan Krivels
In 1929 Jake bought the old RCMP detachment site.
1960 his son Barney was a curler from Vancouver BC
1 died in Regina, and I believe 2 died in Toronto
Per many articles his 3 sons were known as “The Hitmen” and were known to fight any anti Semites in Estevan.
There was never any trouble for the Jewish population with them around it seems.

Ice Committee
Head- Ernie Wiggins
Assistants- M. Lein, and Emerson Jacques

President- P. C. Brown
Vice-President- Walter Parkhill

Ross Trout died, shown as a President and Life Member of the Estevan Curling Club

Oct 1959 Added 5 sheets of Artificial Ice
spent $28,000 on repairs to the rink and the ice plant
Season Curling fees were $35 for shareholders, and $40.00 for non shareholders
A share in the club was $25.00

Apr 1975
Council discussed the cost of $300,000 for the new curling rink, they originally proposed a $1,000,000 sports complex.
7 sheets of ice were planned
Phil Sauter was club spokesman

May 10, 1976 Ads were placed to sell the old curling rink and lots.
Selling by Tender, May 18 the deadline
Lots 25-27, including south 24' of lots 6-8
and south 50ft of lots 28-29, Block 11, Plan B-4225 owned by Estevan Curling Club Ltd.
C. Hawkes at Bannatyne Agencies was the contact.
J. L. Stevenson, Director

Sept 1978
Sept 1978 they were discussing the costs and expenses of the new Curling Rink, which is located on the north side of the Estevan Hockey Arena,
on the North side of the Railroad Tracks, at 811 Souris Ave.

Estevan Ladies Curling Club

Oct 1970
Mrs. Al Marklinger, elected President
Mrs. Frank Styre, Vice-President
Mrs. Art Watson, Secretary
Mrs. Tom Abraham, Treasurer
Mrs. A. Murphy- Draw Master

July 21,22,23, 2000
ECI Reunion used the Curling Rink for half of the Banguet sitting.

Photos of Estevan Rinks Ltd shares above, sent to me courtesy Grant Walker, from California, with thanks.
I am sure E. H. Walker was a relative of his.

E. H. Walker shown as CNR Station Agent 1940-1945 in Estevan, married.
His real name was Ernest H. Walker, and his wife was Ethel A. Walker, nee Foreman
He was CNR Agent in Radville SK, in 1921
Family travelled to England June 1932, and returned via Southampton England, Oct 1, 1932, on the SS Alaunia, arriving Quebec City, Oct 9, 1932
Ernest Haythorne Walker
b- May 4, 1888 in Groves Chapel, York, Yorkshire, England,
Immigrated in July 1908 (age 33 in 1921 census)
d- Nov 19, 1958 in Vancouver BC

Father and Mother of Ernest- James Walker and Catherine Haythorne
Paternal Grandfather and Grandmother of Ernest- John Walker, and Mary Walker

wife- Ethel Alice Walker, nee Foreman
b- age 37 in 1921, born in Sheerness, England,
Immigrated in Mar 1919
They were married apr-June 1918 in Faversham Reg Dist., Kent, England
daughter of W. W. Foreman, from Whitstable Kent, England

Ernest and Ethel had a son Marshall H. Walker
b- 1922 in Radville SK
d- 2006 in Oxbow SK
buried in Oxbow SK Cemetery
I believe he was a Railroad Agent in Oxbow ca 1974. Marshall married Catherine “Kay” A. nee ?
b- 1926
They had a daughter Patsy Walker

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