Estevan, Saskatchewan, Canada

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This was My Church, when I lived in Estevan, pre 1969

St Peter's Lutheran Church, before the new Extension.

This Church started in 1916 in Estevan
One of the original locations was at 824 4th St.
Feb 4, 1959 ad listed the old Church building for sale for removal, 2700 Sq Ft, full basement
The building was relocated to Perkins st, when the Estevan Co-op was constructed on this whole block.
Their parsonage was at 737 3rd street, and Rev. J. Fredrik “Fred” Haugen (1958-1964) was the Minister at the time of the move.

Located at 738 2nd st.

Photos taken Aug 2009 by myself

This is the “New” Trinity Lutheran Church, replacing the original one, after an Arsonist fire in 1984.
Aug 1958 tenders were asked for 4 houses on 2nd st, east from 8th Ave.
all 4 houses had to be removed
The First Church at this location was dedicated Nov 10, 1974.
This New replacement Church was built in 1986.
Members of the Saskatchewan Synod, of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada.
The Church formed in 1916, from various Congregations in the area.
My Aunts and Uncles on the Backman side, went to this Church

St. Matthews the Apostle, Anglican Church

Picture from a 1916 Postcard, sent to me by Volker Tobias

First Anglican Church, just before it was removed June 1, 1918, for new Church
First Anglican church was built by George B. Rooks

Aug 20, 1892, Members of the Church of England, looking for lots for their Church

Aug 24, 1892, Bishop of Rupert's Land expected.

Aug 26, 1892, Bishop of Rupert's Land,
And Reverend Canon Guy Pearson Terry, the First Anglican Minister,
Visit Estevan, to look for lots for the New Church.

Reverend Canon Guy Pearson Terry
He was born May 23, 1861, Reg Dist. Keighley, West riding of Yorkshire, in England.
Living in Estevan in 1901 census. He came from England in 1891,
With his wife Janet (nee Campbell), born Sept 17, 1865, in England,
And daughter Maria, born Jan 12, 1890 in England.
Had 3 more daughters, as of 1901, Dorothy, Janet and Agnes.
Dorothy, b- Mar. 31, 1895, in Oxbow, Assn.
Janet, b- Dec. 22, 1897, in Oxbow, Assn.
Agnes, b- Nov. 13, 1898, Estevan, Assn.
All 3 born probably right in Estevan.
He married his wife bet Jan-Mar 1887, in Reg Dist, Kendal
Rev. Terry resigned in 1904, Rev. James Williams succeeded him.

Rev. Terry's family had some sad history.
He was one of four children, Three older sisters, Ann (Annie), Mary (Polly) and Martha.
Guy's parents were Sarah (nee Wright) and Bryan Terry, who lived at Green House Farm, Guardhouse.
Bryan Terry murdered his wife Sarah, age 35, and 6 months pregnant, on February 10, 1864.
Sarah's father lived at Whin Knowle. Sarah Bryan's family lived at Cure Laith at Oakworth.
Both were farming families. It was called the Keighley, Guard House Murder,
He was given life imprisonment for the crime, and apparently committed suicide a few weeks later in York Castle Prison.
Rev. Terry would not have had an easy upbringing.
1911 census still living in Estevan, says he immigrated in 1892 here.
I found a record that shows he went back to England and returned to Canada in 1924.
1881 UK Census says he was an Ex- Pupil teacher.
Guy and his 3 sisters, were living by themselves, in West Bank, Keighley, York, England
Guy Pearson Terry, died April 19, 1943, age 81, in Victoria BC.
His wife died Aug 1945, in Victoria BC.
They are both buried in St. John The Baptist, Anglican Cemetery, Colwood, Glencairn Lane, Vancouver Island, BC

Feb 12, 1894, Rev. Thomas William Cunliffe officiated
He was Rector of St. Mary's Anglican Church in Maple Creek SK from 1895-1906.
b- Dec. 26, 1858, Birth reg. Jan-Mar 1859 in Leigh district, in England.
His name appears as Cunliff in this article, but it appears as Cunliffe in the registration, and other church records.
The First Anglican Church was built, ca 1895, 20 ft. by 34 ft..
It was built by Stone Mason, and Co-Founder of Estevan, Mr. George Rooks.
It was dedicated Oct. 6th, 1895.

St. Giles Anglican Church
Located at 317 12th Ave.

Photos taken by myself, Aug 2009, Church and Rectory

This is actually the 2nd Anglican Church in Estevan.
Where the Rectory is located today (2107), is where the First Little Stone St. Matthew the Apostle, Anglican Church was built, see picture above.

1924 photo courtesy C. Brace, from the Norman L. McLeod Collection

The Second Church, St. Giles, shown above, was built in 1919. It was dedicated Oct. 3, 1920.

Aug 10, 1923, St. Giles was running a deficit in their budget
The Rectory and the New Church just switched places.

Rev. Dunstan Patrick Pasterfield
b- May 27, 1917, in Bethune SK
d- July 13, 2007, in Pasqua Hospital, Regina, Age 90,
Married in 1948 to Veronica Westcott.
Served in WWII in the Indian Army
son of Bertie James Pasterfield, who immigrated from England to the diocese of Qu'Appelle in 1915, to become the rector at Bethune.

Rev. J. D. Vaughn officiated at St. Giles at one point. Born in Wales, Immigrated in 1928, he became Sask. Representative on the Film Censor Board of Manitoba, in 1941.
1936 and Aug 1939, Canon W. Jackson officiated.
Rev Rural Dean Remington Walker shown officiating in 1942, 1946.

Our family attended this Church, in late 50's and early 60's. The Gent family attended the Anglican Church in Bienfait. We moved to Estevan in 1958. At some point in the mid or early 1960's, we switched to my Mom's Family Church, St. Peter's Lutheran, on 2nd St.

Located at 109 12th Ave.

Ukrainian Catholic Parish of the Assumption</fc>
Church #3, 1005 2nd st, 1999, now the St. Mary's Ukrainian Catholic Church,

ca 2006
It was Located at 1005 2nd St in Estevan. Originally built as St. Peter's Lutheran Church.
Appeared to be a residence in Aug 2009 and 2017

I wasn't able to find info on this Church in a Tale that is Told. Strange why this Churches history was not recorded there. Especially when the Baptist Church used this Church, and the United Church bought the Church later.

Trinity Methodist Church

Picture from a 1916 Postcard, sent to me by Volker Tobias
The First Minister of the Methodist Church in Estevan was Charles Endicott, in 1903, (Central School Book says he served from 1902-1906) He was the Grandfather of Stephen Endicott, author of the book “Bienfait”. Per 1901 census he was born Mar 23, 1875 (1874?) in England. There are 2 Thomas Endicotts in BMD England (1874-1875), so unable to verify correct person and date.
Charles Immigrated in 1892. (possibly 1893, see below) taking over from a Rev R. S. Anderson. 1911 census says Charles, and his wife Grace, were living on King St, North Battleford SK.. Charles Endicott shown born Mar 1874, in England, age 37, immigrating in 1893 Grace born June 1872, age 38. Charles Endicott, age 28, shown as a Methodist minister, married Grace C. Smith, age 20, shown as a teacher, on Oct 14, 1902 at Stamford, Welland Co, ON. Charles father shown as Jason? Endicott, his mother, Susan Stein.
I can't find their marriage in BMD England.
Grace C. Smith was born June 20, 1872 at Stamford ON.
daughter of Thomas Smith (b-Feb 2, 1838 in ON) occupation Carpenter and Hannah Church (Jan 31, 1841 in ON)
Grace C. Smith's siblings all born in ON Canada:
Clarence Smith- b-Aug 6, 1867
Alva Smith- b- Feb 21, 1870
Thomas Smith- b- June 11, 1869
Minnie Smith- b- June 1, 1871
Clifford Smith- Jan 17, 1901

The United Church which was on the NW corner of 12th Ave, and 3rd St.,
It was built in 1903, as the “Trinity Methodist Church”. It was extended in 1907. It was sold to the United Church in 1931. It became St. Paul's United Church in 1931. Another extension was added in 1949. Torn down years ago, and The Royal Bank parking lot is there. (2017)

Aug 20, 1892
Here we see Rev. Joseph Robinson selected the site for the First Methodist Church in Estevan,
Corner of 11th ave and 3rd st.

June 28, 1893
Rev. Robinson leaves Estevan

Qu'Appelle Observer says he bade farewell to his congregation on June 25, 1893.
The picnic was at Jone's Crossing on the Souris River.

June 28, 1893

Rev. Andrew Galley arrives:
b- Aug 14, 1856 in England, Immigrated in 1882, living in Wapella in 1901,
wife- Lucile Anna Galley, nee Vessot

Feb 12, 1894
Rev. Andrew Galley at his first service

{{:sask:towns:estevan:1894_feb_12_rev_cunliff_anglican_church_and_rev_galley_methodist_church.jpg?300|}} \\ 

Another Galley, Harold J. Galley, was a Minister (1897-1898),
He was b- Aug 15, 1866 in England, immigrated in 1888, Boarding in Weyburn in 1901.

Small White Church on 3rd St.
Read about this church in Bishop Emeritus Donald N. Bastian's Blog
Mr. Don Bastian is the son of an old pioneer, and settler in the Estevan area, Josiah Bastian.

Free Methodist Church history below from Central School History book
–It was in 1906 that tent meetings were first held in Estevan.
–In the fall of 1906 Rev. R. H. Hamilton came to Estevan, and it was then that the free Methodist Church was built. The first class of members was organized in September 1907.
–Between the years 1907 and 1909 some tent meetings were held in the east part of town. In 1914 Camp meetings were begun, where Woodlawn Park is now located.
–The following is a list of the men and women who were pastors here from 1906 to the present;
Lawrence Kirk….1906
Robert Henry Hamilton….1907-1910
Seems to be known to his family as Henry
Robert Henry Hamilton, (b- Aug 30, 1883 in ON, d- Dec 27, 1954)
wife Mary (Jennie) Hamilton, nee Walls , (b- Jan 3, 1883 in ON, d- Nov 30, 1963)
They had a large family:
son Robert Wesley Hamilton, (b- May 23, 1906 in Westview, SK, d- June 3, 1992)
son Burton Stanley Hamilton, (b- Dec 29, 1907 in Estevan, SK, d- Oct 12, 1985)
daughter Alice Myrl Hamilton- (b- June 1910 in SK)
son Kenneth Allen Hamilton (b- Aug 27, 1911, d- Jan 20, 1918)
daughter Gladys Eveline Hamilton
son Gordon Fletcher Hamilton
daughter Mary Josephine Hamilton (b- Feb 14, 1917, d- 2004)
daughter Melva Grace Hamilton
son Arthur Fred Hamilton- (b- Aug 17, 1920- d- Aug 17, 1983)
daughter Hazel Ellen Hamilton
1911 family living in Weyburn
Robert's father- Rev. Robert Hamilton, mother- Sarah Eliza Robinson

William Henry Wilson….1910-1911
William Henry Wilson (b- Jan 1866 in ON)
wife- Jane Mary Wilson, (b- May 1867 in ON)
son- John James Wilson- (b- July 1898 in ON)
son- William Wilson, (b- Mar 1901, in ON)
shown in 1911 census in Estevan

F. Traxler….1911-1912
Rev. Pryor….1912-1914
W. O. Miller ….1914-1915
Miss L. Babcock….1915-1917
R. E. Slingerland….1917-1919
T. L. Fletcher….1919-1921
J. E. Ayre….1921-1923
Charles (Charlie) Brewer Garratt….1923-1926
W. A. Miller….1926-1929
F. M. Wees….1929-1930
D. S. Wartman….1930-1934
Neil McGugan….1934-1937
H. Whiting….1937-1938
B. Smith….1938-1941
A. Summers….1941-1946
J. E. Cowan….1946-1952
J. L. Walrath….1952-

United Church formed from the joining of the Presbyterian and Methodist congregations in Estevan

Aug 2009

First “Official” Church used by St Peter's Lutheran Congregation, the Methodist Church, later United Church

Postcards courtesy Grant Walker, CA

Old Church, corner of 12th Ave., and 3rd St.

New Church located at 1418 3rd Street

Front cover of the St. Paul's United Church, Estevan Young Ladies Club, Recipe Cook Book,
Contains image of the old church.

Image of a List of Officers and Members (not searchable until typed out),

Funeral of the Niece of United Church Minister, Rev. Charles Brewer (Charlie) Garratt
his wife- Margaret Catherine Garratt, nee Murphy
May 6, 1930
Miss Veda Blanche Garratt
I know the Gesell family rented the Garratt farm, which was down in the valley, just below where the ECI monument is today (2017). She must have been a close friend of my Aunt Rose Gesell, as it had a special place in her scrapbook.

External Link below, is NOT my site, and may or may not work in the future.
St. Paul's International

See history and photo above, under Methodist Church listing

Presbyterian Stone Church Postcard, No 410, E. R. Davis Photographer
Located on Lot 10 - Block 53, #1202 - 3rd St. Estevan SK
courtesy Grant Walker, CA
Note- in this photo, George Rooks home, builder of the Church, on right side, between the St Paul United Church, which is shown on extreme right corner.

Old Stone, Presbyterian Church, built in 1902, by Stone Mason George Rooks,

The Muirhead family donated the land for the Church.
The Church faces “true North” at the SW corner of 12th Ave. on 3rd st.

Dr. Carmichael officiated at the opening ceremony.
Rev. A. T. MacIntosh was the First Pastor.
1949- 1960's, it was the Salvation Army Church.
It has been home to a variety of personal businesses in there since then.

The Church originally had a Steeple on top which was damaged in a tornado that hit Estevan area Aug 26, 1931.
It came from a South-Westerly Direction, shortly after 6 PM.

Located at 930 3rd st.
Rev. Prof. Dr. Bryce visited Estevan to pick the site of the first Presbyterian Church and Manse.
He also wrote some articles on the town and the area.
Dr. George Bryce MA, LLB, LLD, was born Apr 22, 1844, at Mount Pleasant, Brant County, ON.
He died in Ottawa ON., Aug 5, 1931
Buried in Kildonan Cemetery in Winnipeg MB.
From Scottish immigrants that came to Canada in 1843, he was a very famous man for his time. His accomplishments, are mostly of course, involving the Presbyterian Church in the West, and are written about on various web pages, and trust me they go on and on. It's a shame he has been forgotten about in Canadian History actually.

Aug 20, 1892

Oct 22, 1892
Rev. Mr. McKibbin leaves for Winnipeg

Feb 23, 1903
Ladies aid of the Presbyterian Church held a social at the home of Mr and Mrs P.C. Duncan. Other names mentioned, Mr. Crosby, Mrs L.A. Duncan, Miss Tookey, and D. Murphy.

Estevan Gospel Chapel, 1202 2nd st.
Mar 2009, photo by Victor Tobias
SW Corner of 2nd St., and 12th Ave.

Link below is NOT my site, and may or may not work
Estevan Gospel Chapel

Stirling Baptist Church

First Held services in the Methodist church, see above.

Church #2- Actually the Baptist Church that they shared at the time my Aunt's Tillie and Rose Gesell's confirmation picture, in front of this Church.

As you can see in the photos above
it was on an angle facing the corner of the street.
same as the old Stone Church a block north, on opposite side of 12th ave.
Located at #1133 2nd St., Block 54, Lot 19A. NE Corner of 12th Ave. and 2nd St.
It is was built in 1909, dedicated Nov 16, 1909

Nov 10, 1909 article

Rev. Mr. Marshall of Brandon and Rev. Mr. Poole, held the first services, assisted by Rev. Mr. Glover, of the Westminster Presbyterian Church, and Rev. Mr. Harton of the Methodist Church.

The article above also describes the International Hotel, getting ready to be built by contractors Mr. McKenzie and Prevost.
The new Baptist Church was located on 12th Ave., NE corner of 2nd St. facing the west.
The right hand picture above, behind the car, shows the Estevan Catholic Church at that time, which was built in 1914.
My Mother was confirmed in this Church, as the Lutherans used this church until building their own.
Picture on the right is my Aunts Rose and Tillie's confirmation class. This was church #2 for the Lutherans.

In Sept 1931, Reverend Gordon Tolton, had a banner on the lawn of this Church,
In support of the Miner's on strike, and was ordered by the Mayor, to remove it.

Rev. E. J. Chave, resigned July 1911 and went to India to do Missionary work.

First Baptist Church

They Bought the old Roman Catholic Church and it was moved to corner of 11th Ave. and 3rd st.- ca 1955

They were in the old Stone Church, SW corner of 12th Ave., and 3rd St. in the 70's-80's?
Now they are located at 1017 3rd st. ca 2009

Located 140 King st.

Photo courtesy Kurt Phillips

This became a Public Library after being used as a Synagogue for many years.
The Bronfman family donated a religious artifact used in the Synagogue.

Plymouth Brethren
John McLeod was leader of this group.
This is a Conservative Evangelical Christian group

Unknown Church Picture taken by J. Hool
Postcard from Grant Walker, CA

All the other Churches in Estevan, I don't have pictures, or stories of.
If you do, please send me a copy, and I will add to this page.

Church of Christ - 1302 8th st.
Church of God Pentecostal -1920 Wellock Rd.
Grace Community Church- 100 King st.
Jehovah's Witnesses- 710 4th st.
Living Hope Community Church - 220 Perkins st.
Souris Valley Community Church- 1017 3rd st.
Victory Church- 518 King st.


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