1957-2007 50th Anniv.

Estevan, Saskatchewan, Canada

City Proclamation Trivia

Estevan was the 9th city in Saskatchewan, Mar 1, 1957
It was Exactly 51 years a Town.
It was the smallest of the 9, with a population of 5,230.
Yorkton was made a city in 1928 and was the last before Estevan
The population nearly doubled only a few months later.

Present at the Signing Ceremony

In the Premiers Office, Legislative Buildings in Regina SK.:
Premier Tommy C. Douglas (first to sign the Order In Council)
Lieutenant - Governor, Hon W. J. Patterson (first to sign the Proclamation)
Mayor Harry William Nicholson (Jan 16, 1889-1982)
(I believe Harry was the longest serving Mayor Of Estevan, ever! 28 yrs.)
John Sinclair
James Neville Dyer (Mar 3, 1914- May 22, 1989)
Harold J. Clasky (1905- Sept 6, 1975)
Edward Ernest Pettigrew (Mar 31, 1910- Jan 10, 1966)
Frank Marwood
Theodore Charles Brookes (June 22, 1909- May 11, 1970)
Miss Norah Mather (City Clerk)
Kim Thorson, MLA
Thomas McLean- Vice President Estevan Board of Trade
and approx 30 other Residents, (not named)

Also at the signing for the Order in Council portion
Deputy Provincial Secretary, Leo J. Beaudry
and Deputy Attorney-General, J. L. Salterio

Document was signed at exactly 11:30 AM MST

Land occupied Mar 1, 1957:
NW Sec 14, all of Sec 22 and 23,
West half of Sec 24 and 25,
all of Sec 26 and 27,
All in Township 2, Range 8, W 2nd meridian.

Estevan's 50th Golden Anniversary 2007

Milestones reached in the Area

Estevan became a City Mar 1, 1957

Estevan Bruins -50th Golden Anniv. September, 2007

Royal Bank in Estevan celebrated 50th Golden Anniv. in 2007

The World Boy Scout Movement was 100 in 2007

All of the above was Celebrated June 30, 2007 at the 50th Golden Anniversary Party

1957 Newspaper Ads from Barry Dies

M. Mandel and Co. - Macreadys

Whitby's Hardware - Trout Motor Products

Tisdales Dry Cleaners, Peggy & Murray Tisdale - Citizens Lumber, Tom Jevons Manager

General Hardware & Appliances - Holley Motors

Irvines Drug Store - King Drugs

McBrides Store, E. H. Chapman - Moss Groceteria

Orpheum Theatre - Perry Hardware

Sask Power - Spence Credit Jewellers

George Symons Businesses, Symons Grocery, City Bakery & Coffee Bar & Symons Dray
Staff listed:
Violet Solie
Helen Samson
Carron Hanson
Marlene Nelson
Rita Marklinger
Vivian Kristianson
Marlene Erick
Francis Zieglgansberger
Tony Frank
Jack Frank
Charlie Lees
Stan Grandberg
Creighton Symon
Bill Forgrave
Cliff Gosselin
Joe Gosselin
Hans Lampe


Bienfait became a Town, Mar 1, 1957. 50th Golden Anniversary Party was held July 1st, 2007


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