1942-1943 Photos

Estevan, Saskatchewan, Canada

These photos were taken possibly by a Serviceman in 1942-1943. They ended up in England for decades.
Then recently were bought by Nathan Dies, son of Barry Dies, in July 2017, and donated for viewing here.
All but a couple photos, show one heck of a blizzard on 4th st, and 12th Ave. These photos show lots of business names, some unknown before, and some exact location not known, until we compare them with known buildings.
These photos fill in lots of those historical blanks.
If you mouse hover over the photos, in most browsers, you should see a Caption for that photo.
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Any additions or corrections, please contact me.

Barry Dies tells me the “Tale That is Told” history book, shows a picture of Mitchell's store, with caption, “After a 5 day Snow Storm in 1943.

Hotel Clarendon, Airport Cafe, unknown Cafe name, in foreground, all on South side of 5th st, East of the Empire Hotel, looking East from 12th Ave.  Original clarendon was on north side and burnt down in 1936 La Bella Beauty (Salon) on left, taken on 12th ave, north of 5th st. It was in the Davies block, where Dr. Davies had his pharmacy.  "4th" or "The" Avenue Tailors, Jewelers just below that Taken in front of Mitchells and Shoe Shine Store, on North side of 4th st, between 12th ave and 13th ave. Top of Perry's Hardware can be seen on 4th st. Mitchell's Grocery Store, Lot 44, 1217 4th st. originally John "Mcleod's Meat Market", after Mitchell's, became George Symon's "City Grocery", 1957 became "Woolworths" In front of Mitchell's Grocery, which was at 1217 4th St. at this time Mitchell's Grocery store, Lot 44, 1217 4th st Quist's Store, in the window, The Reflection of the Old City Hall and Water Tower behind it. Building just east of Avenue News, per Frank John Mitchell's Grocery Store, Lot 44, 1217 4th st. Patten Printers, Perry Hardware, McBrides, (later, moved to the east side of Perrys), then some ??? Market, The Avenue Tailors, ??? Jewellers, Shoe Shine, Mitchells, Coffee Bar, This was the Campbell Block, left side, Harold J. Clasky's Store, Right side, H. McLeod Co. Insurance & Financial Agent, Middle business unknown, this building would have stood where B of M stands today 2017, it stood south of the Smith Block On 12th ave just north of 4th st, Princess Cafe on right, small building behind the Empire Hotel the rear of which is shown on the left. International Harvester Crawler Tractor pulling a large wagon style sleigh, full of local folks Princess Cafe on East side of 12th ave, in Creighton Block, 4th st would be on the right Crawler tractor and Scraper clearing snow on 12th ave. across from the Campbell Block, and Harold J. Clasky's store, on end of building on right, and H. McLeod Company, Insurance & Financial Agents on right side. This building sat where B of M sits today, 2017, south of the Smith Block. Taken from NE corner of 12th Ave and 4th St. Campbell block, and Harold J. Clasky's store, on left, Smith Block on right, all on West side of 12th Ave.  Campbell Block, and Clasky Store building would be on corner, where B of M is today.  History books say this was an empty lot.  Not true obviously. 12th ave looking north from 5th st. CPR station in distance, Left West side- Mercury Office, Victoria Cafe, Right East side, Star Cafe, Bergstrom Hotel, Rooms for rent 12th ave looking north from 5th st. CPR station in distance, Left (West side)- La Bella Beauty (salon), Mercury Office, Victoria Cafe, on right (east side)- old Creighton Hospital, West Annex, apartment block today, Star Cafe, Bergstrom Hotel 12th ave looking north from 5th st. CPR station on right, Left (West side)- La Bella Beauty (salon), Mercury Office, last building on left, Victoria Cafe Taken on 4th st, North side, ? market, McBride's, Perry's Hardware, Patten Printing, then 12th ave, then big building in the snow fog, is Quist's store Mar 15, 1943, We believe it was the metal bridge on Hwy 47, by Woodlawn Park On 4th st taken from 13th ave., Dominion Electric Power Co. First on right, D.L. Irvine Drugs next.  Canada Cafe sign, further down the street. Great White Way lights visible, they were later sold to Brandon MB, Perry Hardware visible on extreme right side.


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