Carlyle Rusty Relics Museum

Carlyle, Saskatchewan, Canada

Front View
Rear View

Carlyle Rustic Relics Museum and Tourist Information Centre
Located at 3rd St W. & Railway Ave, Carlyle, SK S0C 0R0
Located in the 1909 Carlyle Railroad Station, moved to this site from the south part of Town.

Carlyle has done it right, using this Historic building for Historical Artifacts. You do not use a new building for a museum, seems simple, but I see it all the time. Then they demolish their old historic buildings? Makes no sense to me.

I visited this Great Museum June 12th, 2017. These few pictures below, do not do their display justice. Not only is a neat old railroad station, the artifacts are well displayed, clearly identified, and no clutter, except in the Large equipment Shed out back. Once that area is sorted out and labelled. They will have a first class little museum and hopefully this will encourage everyone to visit this Museum, and others, and leave a few $$'s in the donation jar to keep these Museums going.

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