Dr. Starling Morris Photos

Bienfait, Saskatchewan, Canada

Photos below from Mr. Paul Morris, sent to me Aug 11, 2010 with Thanks!
He wrote “My grandfather, for a short time, was a young doctor at one of the mines in the Bienfait area during the 1920's (around 1924).”
Photos taken by his Grandfather Starling Omer Morris.

Starling (Star) Omer Morris, 1917

Starling served in WWI, Reg #542011, enlisting in Kingston ON, on Apr 8, 1916
b- Sept 21, 1893 in Athens, Leeds County, ON
Father- Joseph Morris, Irish Nationality, Farmer
Mother- Margret Morris, nee Fortuna

After WWI he returned home to re-enter medical school at Queens University in Kingston. After graduation he practiced medicine in Bienfait/Estevan area Coal Mines.
He later worked in hospitals in Kingston, Orillia and Cobourg, ON.

Hail Storm on Main St Bienfait, Aug 3, 1924
King Edward Hotel (White's Hotel) in background, today (2010), called the Coal Dust Saloon

“C H” Baseball Team
What does C H stand for?
Looks like names on the right, but film overexposed.
see below

can you figure these out?
P= Pitcher- G reen?
C= Catcher- ? Elma?
1-B= 1st Base- ?
2B= 2nd Base- ? Hook?
3B= 3rd Base- ?
SS= Shortstop
RF- Right Field- possibly Yardley, (dley is end I think)
CF= Center Field- Bill or Bell?
Left Field? not shown, nor is there 9 players shown??
outside guys look like coaches to me

Back Side of 2 postcards above

Tennis anyone?
Location and persons unknown

Hunting on the Prairie
Persons unknown
Why the clip board?

now the following photos we thought were ca 1924-25 in Bienfait area, but since this locomotive was built in Sept 1945, now we know it isn't.
Now we know this locomotive was in Kenora in 1959, so is this a mine etc in Kenora area? We know Mr. Starling Morris was in Kingston ON area.

CPR Steam Locomotive #1210
#1210 was a 4-6-2 Pacific G5b Class Locomotive
Scraped in April 1964 thanks to info from Ray Verdone.
These Pacifics were built by Montreal Locomotive Works (MLW),
and had 70-inch drivers and 20×28-inch cylinders
MLW was owned by ALCO, in the US

Unknown Coal? Mine
Could also be a power plant burning Bienfait coal?

If you know any of the persons or locations here, please contact me.


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