Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church

Bienfait, Saskatchewan, Canada

Photo donated by Marjorie Turton (nee Smerek)

1955 History Book Sketch

Church Located 1/2 way between Souris Ave and Carbon Ave on East Side of Main St

History below from the 1955 History of Bienfait Book

The first Greek Catholic Priest to visit the Bienfait District was Father Androchowich.
He held his First Mass in the School at the M&S mines.
Though the place of worship was not at church, but a school, Mass was held there once every three or four months for about 10 years.
Father Androchowich made trips down here from Winnipeg, the City which is considered to be “The Centre of Canadian Ukrainians”.
In 1921 it was decided to hold Mass at the Ukrainian Library in Bienfait instead of the M&S School.
In the same year Father Androchowich started to teach Catechism. With the help of a few Nuns,
he prepared the first group of children to receive their first Holy Communion in Bienfait.
Father Androchowich was also the one to perform the first Easter mass for the Greek Catholics in Bienfait.
Following Father Androchowich came Father Ritioshelo, followed by a line of Priests from different parts of Manitoba and Saskatchewan
until at the present (1955) there is Father Obarianyk
At the present time (1955) the Greek Catholic people of Bienfait have Mass usually the first Sunday of every month,
performed by Father Obarianyk at the Bienfait Ukrainian Library.
This year (1955) was the first time the Greek Catholic people of Bienfait and district went to a midnight mass at Christmas time.
In connection with the Greek Catholic Church there was a school organized for Ukrainians to learn to read and write in Ukrainian.
Also a music school was organized under the leadership of Mr. D. Metelsky.
This school was a great success as it attracted other children of different nationalities to join this band.
In time they became a very well known group in this District. Mr. Metelsky also organized a group of adults and formed a band.
At that time this was the only band of this kind in Saskatchewan.
When Mr. Metelsky left there was no one to take his place, the group broke up but it did its part in organizing the youths of that time.
At the present (1955) time there is no such organization connected with the Greek Catholic Church in Bienfait.
There is however a sort of re-organization that takes place every three or four years.
A special teacher or nun is sent to teach the children to read and write Ukrainian as well as prepare some children for their first Holy Communion.
Father Obarianyk does his best to be in Bienfait as often as possible.
He conducts lectures and tries to inspire the people to build their own church here in Bienfait.
This might be done in the near future.

Marjorie Turton (nee Smerek) donated the following 2 pictures to me, with Thanks!
She added this note about her Father:
Dan (Dmytro) Smerek helped build this Church. He designed and built the domes
and participated in the construction of the interior.


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