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Bienfait, Saskatchewan, Canada

King Edward Hotel

Gordon White Proprietor
This is one of the few businesses in all these ads, that is still in business today, under a different name

Gordon White
b- Mar 1891 in ON
d- Sept 28, 1958
Irish, Presbyterian
1911- Occupation- Barber, single

wife- Bertha White, nee Brundage,
b- May 24, 1898
d- Apr 23,1984
Headstone, Bienfait Cemetery

Old Bill the Barber
W. Carr the Magazine dealer
and E. J. Sinclair, candy, smokes etc.
All at the Bienfait Pool Hall!
Where all the days business was taken care of,
especially in the back room!

Edward J. Sinclair
b- Sept 1879 in ON
d- ?
wife- Selina Sinclair, nee Drummond
b- Mar 24, 1885 in ON
d- bef Aug 17, 1941
buried in Bienfait Cemetery Aug 17, 1941
Married Dec 25, 1907, Victoria, MB

1915- Edward J. Sinclair Implements, #160 Main St.., Lot 14, Block 2
living on lot 7, block 4 in 1911, Machine Agent, Scotch, Presbyterian
Owned his own Coal Mine

Sam Lischinsky
General Merchant

moved from the settlement at Hirsch ca 1920's

Possibly Sam's son, or brother?
Solomon Aaron Lischinsky,
b- Mar 27, 1908 in Montreal, Quebec
d- Jan 26, 1985 in LA, CA
Born to Jewish parents, from Odessa, Russian Empire.
Doctorate from Univ of Toronto
Worked for the State Department in USA
Moved from Washington DC to a farm in Virginia
then to LA, California
Owned a furniture factory in LA
Manufactured the Tyne-Tot Weaning Cup for babies

Thomas Ellis ad
Pioneer shopkeeper it says

2 choices:

Thomas Ellis
b- Jan 1885 in ON
Irish, Methodist, Farmer in 1911
Farm on Tsp 2, Rge 7, W2

Wife- Edna Ellis-
b- Dec 1873 in ON

or Thomas Ellis
b- 1848
d- Apr 1, 1931, age 83

not sure which is the guy

Tony's Store
Meats, Groceries etc

Anthony (Tony) Shpyth
b- May 14, 1896
d- Oct 11, 1979
wife- Carolina Shpyth, nee Elash
b- June 20, 1909
d- Feb 11, 1995
both buried in Bienfait Cemetery
As far as I know, they had 2 sons
and a daughter, Rose Marie Shpyth
This store was south of the Post Office
First store in Bienfait was built by A. J. Milligan
on the lot now occupied by Tony Shpyth in 1955.
This General Store was operated
by Mr. Milligan and A. E. Watt,
it opened for business in 1905.

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