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Bienfait, Saskatchewan, Canada

A. M. Ellis
Bienfait Dray and Livery

Mrs. Thomas E. Mooney

Arthur Mortimer Ellis
b- Apr 4, 1877
d- Sept 24, 1954
He married Lily Gladys Williams

First Livery Stable in Bienfait was operated by the Ellis Brothers

1901 the Ellis family were in Estevan
father- John Ellis- b- Oct 30, 1843, d- Dec 21, 1931
buried in Estevan City Cemetery
mother- Mary Elizabeth Ellis, nee Hill, b- Oct 12, 1846
brother- John Alton Ellis- b- Mar 10, 1875
brother- Clarence S. Ellis, b- Aug 27, 1880
sister- Inzo Duff Ellis, b- Aug 27, 1880
brother- Simon G. Ellis, b-Sept 9, 1884
brother- William Adolphus Ellis- b, Oct 21, 1886, d- Mar 2, 1976
buried in Estevan City Cemetery
sister- Uila H. B. Ellis, b- Feb 20, 1890

another 2 sisters
Emily Ann Ellis, b- 1872
Mary Etta Ellis, b- b- 1874
all born in ON

Anora Josephine Mooney, nee Nelson
b- July 25, 1882, Finmarken Norway
d- June 8, 1958
married Thomas E. Mooney in 1911 in Minnesota USA
Moved to Bienfait in 1919
1928 moved to Estevan
Both her and her husband buried in Estevan City Cemetery

Bienfait Dray
Howard Enmark
Sinclair's Pool Hall
Mrs. Urich's Boarding house

Mary and her husband Henry Uhrich
lived on Lot 6, block 2 on Railway Ave.
in 1911, with their family
On this lot in 1915 maps shows as a Public Hotel

Fred Liskowich
General Merchant and Bakery
b- June 20, 1906
d- June 5, 1983
wife- Olga Chacula
both buried in Bienfait Cemetery

George D. McPeek
Violinist and Music teacher
Heintzman piano dealer

George “Dewey” McPeek
b- Oct 15,1897, Princeton, Blue Hills, MN, USA
d- 1991, Coronach, SK
father- James Alvin McPeek
mother- Grace M. McPeek, nee ?
Enlisted in WWI, enlisted in Regina, June 18, 1918
lived on a farm near Gravelbourg area, when he enlisted.
Reg #3352702
Grade 11 in Regina Central Collegiate 1926
1922 he gave a violin soloist concert in Regina
and got rave reviews.
He played Moskowski's “Adoration”
they called him a finished Master of the Violin.
in 1959 he was giving a performance in Coronach SK

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