PR- Albert & McCaffery Ltd.

Prince Rupert, British Columbia, Canada

Albert & McCaffery Ltd.

1918 Directors:

  • M. Albert
  • M. P. McCaffery
  • R. Davies- Secretary

Business located at 2nd Ave. West in 1918
Westholme Theatre Block
P.O. Box 94

Prince Rupert Land leases
Nov 29, 1917- Albert & McCaffery Ltd.- Wharf- Coast District, Lot 2, Block F
Jan 19, 1918- Albert & McCaffery Ltd. Coast District, Lot 3, Block F
May 17, 1918- Albert & McCaffery Ltd. Coast District, Lot 4, Block F

Albert & McCaffery, Ltd, Prince Rupert Ad, ca mid 1920's

M. P. McCaffery, of the firm Albert & McCaffery, and McDougall, and McNeill, the Contractors, that built the Prince Rupert Court House,
which was officially opened Jan 24, 1928, at a cost of over half a million dollars.

Albert & McCaffery operated a building supply store in Terrace in late 1960's and 1970's on Highway 16.
Located across from the Ambulance Station, where the old railroad building is now located, housing Shames Mountain Co-op.
The building was all torn down right after it closed.

The Company closed in 1982

b- abt 1874, in Russia
d- no idea where he went, or died

1910 He applied for a liquor licence at his hotel called “The McBride” located on Lot 31, Block 17, Section 1, in the City of Prince Rupert

1911 census shows him age 38, immigrating in 1909, naturalized in 1910, shown Manager of Westholme Lumber Co.,
who had the contract to supply timbers and wood for the sidewalks in Prince Rupert.

Mar 1914- M. Albert, of Prince Rupert, was planning on building a 3 story hotel in Prince Rupert, 100 x 100 ft at 5th Ave and Fulton St. A Prince Rupert architect was used.
1916 this hotel was underway.

July 1914- M. Albert and George A. Sweet applied for a license to build a hotel, in a central location, it was to have at least 100 rooms

1916- Manager Westholme Lumber Co. 201 1st Ave E.

Oct 1916, he was at the Hotel Vancouver looking for men to join his contracting crew. He had the contract to build an 18 mile rd from salt water to the Dallvewadden Mine.

1917 he left Hong Kong, arriving in Vancouver Mar 5, 1917 travelling on the Empress of Asia, heading to Prince Rupert, shown as a Contractor, having been in Canada in 1908.

Jan 1917 he was heading to Japan and Petrograd Russia, as a Managing Director of the Russian-American Railway Development Company, he had just formed. It was in regards to a heavy timber oder Russia was to soon place. They were going to build a new mill in Russia. He was going to be a way for months, retaining his Rupert interests.

Sept 1921 he was part of a syndicate with D. Tredway from Edmonton, and others, in the Fiddler Creek Gold Mine at Dorreen, formerly owned by the then deceased Louis Knous.

Shown as a wealthy Vancouver Broker, Coal and Lumber Agent at Prince Rupert, and joint Contractor on the Rupert Court House, was charged with running over a woman in Vancouver,
but was exonerated by a jury, Jan 1922.

Michael Patrick McCaffery in wife and son's death certs
Michael Peter McCaffrey in other sources, which was name of his son.
Michael P. McCaffery on headstone
b- Oct 4, 1872 in Leeds, Quebec
d- Oct 27, 1941 in Vancouver BC, age 69
buried in Fairview Cemetery in Prince Rupert BC
Irish ancestry

came to Prince Rupert in 1908
1916- Mayor of Prince Rupert

1916- President- McCaffery, Gibbons & Doyle Brokers- 605, 3rd Ave.
Insurance, Real Estate and Financial Agents

July 1925 the McCaffery Family, were holidaying at Hill Farm in Terrace

son of Peter McCaffery and Mary Ford

married Ellen Elizabeth Wilshire
b-Nov 15, 1876, Bangor, Maine, USA
d- Dec 19, 1967 in Prince Rupert BC, age 91
buried in Fairview Cemetery, Prince Rupert BC


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