PR- Post Office History

Prince Rupert, British Columbia, Canada

Post Office History

Prince Rupert Post Office- ca 1910
Photo taken by Charles M. Hays

Prince Rupert BC, Post Office, Center St., taken March 24, 1908
Mr. Robert Leck McIntosh, standing in front
Photographer E. A. W. (Ernest A. Woods)
Postcard courtesy Grant Walker, CA

Name of Office: Prince Rupert

Federal Electoral District: Skeena (BC)

Office Opened Dec 1, 1906 another source says Nov 23, 1906 it opened.

Postmaster Information:

Name of Postmaster Date of Appointment Date of Vacancy Cause of Vacancy
W. G. Russell 1906-12-01 1907-04-21
R. L. McIntosh 1907-04-22 1921-02-28 Resignation
James R. Morrison 1921-03-01
W. J. Burgess 1952-03-24
J. T. Kelly (PM in 1964-01) 1964-04-29
J. W. McElgunn 1964-04-30 1965-06-27
J. P. Schneider 1965-06-28 1967-11-30
D. B. Layton 1967-12-01 1969-07-21
D. G. Kerr 1969-07-22 1969-08-04
T. E. A. La Croroc 1969-08-05

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First Postmaster
W. G. Russell

I can not find any info on a W. G. Russell in Rupert in 1906/7
but I am now thinking Post Records have an error in the first Initial.
I think this is really E. G. Russell.
Mr Russell was a very important man in the area at this time, since he was a negotiator for the land here, and without his efforts, Charles Hays wouldn't have a City here.
The sad part of the story, besides the treatment of the Natives by the GTPR, is he committed suicide, on his way out of Rupert on a steamer, heading to Victoria and home.
Below is his Bio and info I found on his life.
I am having trouble finding his family, after his death.
Suicide in a family can be a traumatic thing to handle.

Edwin G. Russell
Edwin Gilmar Russell?
b- ca 1860 in St. George, Charlotte, NB (alt- St John, NB)
d- Apr 26, 1907, on Wharf, in Prince Rupert, ca age 47

Edwin G. Russell bio

Robert Leck McIntosh
b- Apr 30, 1865 York, ON
d- Aug 24, 1945 in Prince Rupert, age 80
buried in Kitsumgallum Cemetery
Attended Upper Canada College 1878-79
He was hired by Peter Herman to be the Post Master at Port Essington
First Stipendary Magistrate, First Notary Public,
and for 30 years, Warden of the First Church, all in Prince Rupert
son of William David McIntosh and Maria Leck
Married Amy Mcleod
Amy Dorrity McIntosh, nee McLeod
b- Jan 26, 1859 Cobourg, ON
d- Mar 31, 1952, in Prince Rupert BC, age 93
buried in Kitsumgallum Cemetery
He owned a place called the “Crossways” at Lakelse Lake

James R. Morrison

All others are getting into Privacy Issues
and I will not research them.


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