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Prince Rupert, British Columbia, Canada

Archive Photos - Page 7

Postcards below courtesy Grant Walker, CA

500 Block, Third Ave W., Prince Rupert Photo- ca 1928+
W.W.W. ( Wrathall ) Photo

Right side of photo:

  • Smith Block- 533 3rd ave, corner 5th St.
  • Rupert Pharmacy
  • MillBank Vogue Cigarrette sign
  • Brunswick Records
  • upstairs Smith Block- V. E. Fisher, Barrister, Solicitor Notary
  • Heilbroner Block
  • Optician, no name
  • Brown ?
  • Winchester
  • Gas Pump out front
  • Capitol Theatre Building, 515 3rd Ave. W

Opened in 1928, closed in 1981
had 740 seats, 1 screen
1929 directory shows A. A. Easson as the Manager
1930-1934 directories- S. P. McMordie- Manager
Today this is retail space now, called Capital Mall
Paul S. Aivazoff, I believe built this Theatre, as his name was at the top facade.

  • Wallace's, corner of 4th St. and 3rd Ave.

Left side of Photo 1-

  • CNR Telegraph and Tickets
  • Victor Orthophonic Victrola sign, first introduced in 1925

Provincial Government Buildings, Prince Rupert BC, date unknown.
between 2nd and 3rd st. on 2nd ave.
Patrick Joseph Ryan photo Postcard from Grant Walker, CA, no writing or date on back.

  • Post Office building would be located in foreground today (2017). At one point it was located where the Prince Rupert City Hall is today.
  • Provincial Govt. Land Office in front center with 2 white pillars on porch
  • Right front, first door, “Assessor and Collections”,
  • And above right door, “Land Registry”.
  • Wallace Co. Ltd. building, flat roof building where Union Jack Flag pole is.
  • American flag in front of 3rd house from left, on upper bench area.
  • Fire Hall which was on Fulton st on right edge, with square structure on top.
  • Frizzell's Meat sign, on 3rd ave., can be seen on right side.
  • also back there “Overwai” is visible, the original “Overwaitea” store location.
  • In the background, just to left of large flag pole, the building with a flag on top, side showing, is the First “Permanent” City Hall.
  • Denny Allen Co, Stationary & Crockery
  • Unknown Business, Motor Transfer truck

Prince Rupert Halibut Fleet Landing 500,000 lbs, Apr 12, 1926 W.W.W. (Wrathall) Photo

Fishing Boats in the Prince Rupert Harbour
Photo by J. Wrathall

Paul S. Aivazoff,
b- May 24, 1882 in Russia
d- aft 1960- bef Jan 2, 1978, place unknown
1922 shown as a Hebrew Merchant in Prince Rupert.
Directory shows him as co-owner of Prince Rupert Billiard Parlour, at 628 3rd Ave. W.
and Managing Director of the Westholme Opera House and Empress Theatres.
Paul lived at 607 3rd Ave. W.

1922 he is shown living in the Savoy Hotel in London England with his wife.
1960 he was living in the Washington Hotel, Curzon St. London, shown as a Manufacturer
Paul Aivazoff, married Armande Parsegan,
b- June 12, 1905, in Armenia,
d- Jan 2, 1978, Vancouver, age 73
buried in Masonic Cemetery

So he was in the Theatre business before this one.
A Mrs. M. L. Embleton was co-owner of the Billiard Parlour.

Empress Theatre- 705 2nd Ave.
Prince Rupert Amusement Co. Ltd shown as the owner.

Westholme Opera House- 627 2nd Ave.
Prince Rupert Amusement Co. Ltd shown as the owner. Built in 1911

Majestic Theatre- 628 3rd Ave.
in Prince Rupert as well in 1913.
George W. Delasala, Manager
1903 he was a candy maker at 305 Georgia St, Vancouver
He married Sophia Marziali, May 31, 1900 in Winnipeg MB
son- Oscar John Delasala
b- Feb 22, 1901 in Vancouver
daughter Frances Sophia Grace Delasala
b- Jan 10, 1903 in Vancouver
she married Joseph Celeste Laberge Sept 21, 1921 in Winnipeg MB


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