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Prince Rupert, British Columbia, Canada

Grand Trunk Pacific First Through Train Arriving, Prince Rupert BC

First train from Winnipeg, arrived at 1:15 pm on Apr 9, 1914

Postcards below courtesy Grant Walker, CA

“All Change” Prince Rupert
F. Button Photo, No 463

Part of the huge ramp on right, leading across the tracks
GTP No2 building, and wharf on right.
Kelly Douglas Wholesale Grocery Warehouse building on left
Looks like GTP had a ticket or freight office under the wharf.
Small delivery wagon under there.

Arrival of First Through Train Prince Rupert, Apr 9th, 1914
McRae Bros Photo

F. G. Dawson Fruit & Produce, Wholesale Grocers warehouse visible (Bio Below)
In 1911 W. J. Millan & Co, Prince Rupert Limited, had a sign at this spot.

Pillsbury Home, roof visible

On right side edge is the Kelly Douglas Wholesale Grocer warehouse.

Frederick George Dawson
b- Aug 14, 1876, Blenheim Township, Oxford County, ON
d- Oct 27, 1929 in Prince Rupert, hit by a train at 4:10PM, age 53
buried in Fairview Cemetery, Prince George
CNR Director 1922-1929
President of Prince Rupert board of trade at various times.
President Prince Rupert Liberal Assoc.
Established F.G. Dawson Ltd. Wholesale Grocery & Dry Goods in Prince Rupert in 1908.
Father- Silas Dawson
b- ca 1841 in ON
d- Dec 27, 1921 in Prince Rupert BC, age 80
Mother- Heppzibah French
His father was a Merchant in Wolverton ON, b- ON
mother born in England

He was married twice
1911 and 1921 spouse shown as Florence M. Dawson, nee Rothwell
b- age 45 in ON in 1921
living 333 5th ave E. in Prince Rupert
Florence's sister Jessie J. Rothwell was a school teacher living with them in 1921, age 51
he had a son born ca 1928

2nd wife he married ca 1927
Olive Orpha Mills

He had gone to the station to meet the incoming CNR train but it was 40 minutes late, so he went over to his business, on returning he ran across the front of the train,
he was hit, and thrown against a baggage truck. His head hit the truck and he was killed almost instantly.

His mother and 2 sisters lived in Prince Rupert in 1929
sister- Margaret
brother- John Dawson, CPR Locomotive engineer in Calgary
sister- Mrs. J. Frank Ingram, London Bridge, Virginia
Mrs T. A. Barnes, Medina, NY
Mrs. S. E. Alexander, Vancouver BC


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