PR- Digby Island

Prince Rupert, British Columbia, Canada

Prince Rupert BC- Digby Island

Home of a Canadian Government Wireless Telegraph Station
British Marconi Systems.

Mar 23, 1910- C. P. Edwards (see bio below) Superintendent of Wireless Telegraph Stations, returned to Victoria, with news the station would be operating within a fortnight.

May 22, 1910- Mr. E. J. Haughton (see Bio below) returned to Victoria BC from a tour of the wireless stations in the north.
He was Superintendent of the Radio Telegraph Service, of the Dominion Government.
He was Superintendent of the placing of the cable, from Digby Island to the Kaien Island, and Prince Rupert.
This connected the new port of Prince Rupert, to the lower Mainland.
Cable location in map above.

Reginald Harris
and James Harker (bios below)

Of course Digby Island is the home of the Prince Rupert Airport. YPR In service in 1961.

Since 1970 Digby has been accessed by the Prince Rupert Ferry

Edward Johnston “Eddie” Haughton
b- Dec 6, 1871, Rathmines, Dublin Ireland, age 25 in 1897
d- Jan 30, 1940 in Victoria, age 68
buried in Ross Bay Cemetery, Victoria BC
son of James Augustus Haughton, a Chemist, and Mary Rogers
married (1) Minnie Mabelle Morrison, Aug 10, 1897 in Victoria BC
b- May 17, 1877, Red Cedar WI, USA, age 21 in 1897
d- June 6, 1910 in Victoria BC
buried in Ross Bay Cemetery, Victoria BC
daughter of Daniel and Ellen Morrison

son- Donald Augustus Haughton
b- Aug 15, 1898 in Victoria BC

daughter- Gertrude Barcroft Haughton
b- Nov 7, 1909 in Victoria BC

married (2) May Esther Shotbolt
had a daughter- Kathleen May Haughton
b- July 12, 1912 in Victoria BC

married (3) Jessie Stewart Laker, Nov 13, 1917 in Victoria BC
b- 1884, Adelaide Australia, age 32 in 1917
d- 1951
daughter of Benjamin Hamilton Laker, and Mary Stewart
they had 2 children

Reginald Harris
b- Oct 1887 in England
Immigrated in 1910
mother- Anna Harris lived with him, shown as a widow
b- Oct 1887 in England

James Harker
b- Jan 1887 in England
Immigrated in 1909

Charles Peter Edwards
b- 1885 age 33 in 1921, in Angletine
d- 1960
son of Peter Edwards, Contractor and Builder,
and Sarah Elizabeth Hughes married Ethel Maude Dickieson Oct 30, 1911, Ottawa, Carleton Co. ON
b- ca 1886 in ON
daughter of Matthew George Dickieson and Harriett Merrick

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