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Prince Rupert, British Columbia, Canada

Prince Rupert BC Archive Photos -Page 2

All Postcards below courtesy Grant Walker, CA

May 1911, 3rd Ave. between 5th and 6th St.
Allen Photo

A few Business signs I can read on left, and names of the buildings if known:

  • Palace Meat Market- strange but can't find much info on this one
  • Law - Butler Building, 619 3rd Ave.
  • Brown & Fullington, Haberdashers (small sign)

Law Butler Co. advertized in Oct 1909 issue of Popular Mechanics
William M. Law and Hubert O. Butler, Real Estate and Insurance Agents

Thurmond Brown, Manager

Christopher Chadwick Fullington
b- Mar 20, 1878 Johnson, Vermont, USA.
d- not sure where this fellow died
Attended Dartmouth College, BL 1902, M.C.S. 1903
1909 he was a clerk in Newark, NJ
Came to Canada in 1909
1914 he was Asst. Sec. Prince Rupert Real Estate Exchange.
1910 directory says they handled Men's Furnishings.
Located on 3rd ave between 5th and 6th Sts
Mar 9, 1915, On SS Princess arriving in Ketchican, age 36, Accountant, single
1918 he was in Thane AK, age 40,
He was a Supply Dept. Clerk for Alaska Gastineau Mining Co.
He shows up in 1920, age 41 in Juneau, AK.
1930 & 1940 shows up as a Warehouse Clerk,
at a Copper Mill, at Hurley, Grant, New Mexico.

Father- Birney S. Fullington
b- Feb 16, 1845, Cambridge, Lamoille, Vermont
d- July 10, 1918 in Lamoille, Vermont, USA
buried in Lamoille view Cemetery, Johnson, Vermont
Birney served in the Civil War
Merchant when Christopher was born
Birney was the son of Bradbury Fullington,
b- Mar. 24, 1815, d- Sep. 30, 1882
and Electa A. Wallbridge,
b- Nov 11, 1815, d- Apr 8, 1888

Birney married Helen Mary “Nellie” Chadwick, Aug 9, 1870, Johnson, Vermont
b- Aug 3, 1841, Cambridge, Vermont
d- Sept 15, 1885 in Vermont
buried in east Cambridge Cemetery, Vermont
Birney married 3 times, Nellie was his first wife.
brother to Christopher, Harry Chadwick Fullington, b- 1873
lived in Seattle and died there Jan 17, 1931, age 58

William M. Law
b- Sept 26, 1863 Provincetown, Barnstable Co., Mass, USA
d- 1934
buried in Gifford Cemetery, Provincetown, Barnstable Co. Mass.
He sailed on the SS Humboldt from Prince Rupert to Seattle, Sept 11, 1909, heading to Portland Oregon, shown as a Merchant, Single.
Came to Canada in 1896
May 1896- to July 1906 in Greenwood BC
1898 he was a General Store Owner in Anaconda in the Boundary District
June 1908 to Oct 1915 he lived in Prince Rupert
His wife was deceased in 1916
Mary Ethel Law died May 28, 1916 in Alice Arm, age 41, wife?
Brother Louis Atwood Law was a next of kin in 1916
His mother, sister and brothers lived in Provincetown, Mass in 1916

siblings in 1870 census:
Emma F. Law
b- Aug 6, 1853 in Provincetown, Mass., age 16
Emma married Edwin Walter Smith, July 29, 1875, Provincetown, Mass

Ida Smith Law
b- Aug 31, 1855 in Nova Scotia, age 14
d- Sept 14, 1878 in Provincetown, Mass.
other records say b- Provincetown, Mass.
Ida married John Edward Jordan, May 23, 1875, Provincetown, Mass

Elizabeth “Lizzy” W. Law,
b- July 24, 1857 in Provincetown, Mass., age 12
married David H. Powers, Jan 15, 1896 in Provincetown, Mass.

William B. Law
b- 1859
d- 1860

*William “Willie” M. Law, (see above)

Anna B. Law
b- ca 1865, in England, age 5
Mammie B. Law born 1866, died Jan 7, 1873, in Provincetown, same father/mother

Female, Infant, Law
b- ca 1870 in Mass., age 1 mo.
can't find her name or more info

more siblings added to family in 1880 census:

Edward “Eddie” Morris Law
b- May 15, 1870, in Barnstable, Mass., age 10
d- Sept 14, 1944 Rockport
member of Ashler Masonic Lodge, occupation- manager
married Mertie Josephine Hopkins Aug 14, 1895 Provincetown, Mass.

Lewis “Louie” Atwood Law
b- Dec 16, 1871 in Provincetwon, Mass,
(shown age 4 in 1880 census?)
d- Oct 4, 1956 in Provincetown, Mass.
buried in Gifford Cemetery
Member of King Hiram's Masonic Lodge, Occupation- Merchant
married Nellie N. Allen, June 16, 1897, Provincetown, Mass.

William remained an American Citizen
He left the US on Mar 1916, arriving in Alice Arm, Apr 1916
where he had a Mercantile business.
He had a small store in Alice Arm, and got his stock from Ketchikan AK
1920 shown living in Seattle WA, shown as a Merchant, Commission

Father- William H. Law
b- 1828, Portland Maine
d- 1886
Shown as a Seaman in 1870

Mother- Methittoble “Hattie” Wett
b- 1831 in Liverpool, Nova Scotia
d- 1919

Hubert Ormond Butler
b- Jan 23, 1870 ( in San Francisco, CA) death index says other country?
d- Jan 10, 1951 in San Francisco, CA

1898 shown as a Chemist in San Francisco
1910 he lived in Nome Alaska
but doing business in Rupert at Law-Butler Co.
Druggist in Wenatchee
1902-03 he was on the Nome Public School Board
1901 he had a license as a druggist and cigar seller in Alaska

1914 shown as a Druggist in Wenatchee WA
Wenatchee Drug Co.
wife shown as Anna

1920 shown living Alameda CA, as a Import & Export Broker.

1930 shown as a District Pharmacy Manager in San Francisco

1940 family in LA, CA he is shown as a Salesman

married Anna May Johnson,
b- Dec 11,1883 Peterborough ON
d- Dec 1984 in WA, USA
She immigrated in 1880 to US

daughter- Helen F. Butler
b- ca 1902 in Alaska

son Hubert Ormond Butler
b- Sept 12, 1911 in Canada
d- Aug 24, 1959 in LA, CA

Hubert Sr.'s Father born in England
Mother born in Illinois

  • Exchange Block- 633-639 3rd Ave.
  • Royal Block- 701 3rd Ave.
  • Royal Hotel, then New Royal Hotel located here.
  • MacIntyre Block, 709-715 3rd Ave, built in 1910, see next picture for better view

3rd Ave. W. Prince Rupert, ca 1911, taken from middle of 700 block
looking towards 6th and 5th sts, looking NE
McRae Bros Photo

Buildings on Right:

  • 1910- MacIntyre Block, 709-715 3rd Ave

Alex A. McIntyre was on the First Rupert City Council

  • MacIntyre Hall- 713 3rd Ave. ca 1912
  • Part of MacIntyre block, Frizell's Meat Market.
  • After the MacIntyre block, Royal Hotel, then 6th st
  • Royal Hotel, 701 3rd Ave. corner 3rd ave and 6th st

Royal Hotel, The only Steam heated Hotel in the city in 1913
1913- Stewart A. Corley & Charles E. Burgess, owners

  • General Paint store on Royal Hotel corner ca 2014
  • Furniture store on left is City furniture, ca2014

same view but taken much earlier, below

Next corner before flag, Exchange Block.
Exchange block was destroyed by fire.

Notice the American flag flying on the right.
It was a day of celebration, maybe July 1st or 4th?

Exchange Block Occupants in the early days:
Grand Trunk Pacific Engineering staff:

Joel Horace Pillsbury, C. E
b- May 4, 1874, Kansas City, Mo.,
alt- b- Feb 23, 1874, Kansas City, Missouri, USA
d- Apr 20, 1958 in Richmond BC, age 84
son of Samuel L. Pillsbury and Martha (Georgia?) Dix
Joel married Amelia Florence Hall, Mass.
They had one son and 3 daughters.
Daughter Alice was the first born white girl in Prince Rupert, and received a prize from President Charles Hays of the GTP
Joel was assistant to James H. Bacon.
Mr. Pillsbury was a Civil Engineer,
Located in the Exchange Block, Prince Rupert.
1894- Educated Massachusetts Institute of Technology
1894-1899, Engaged in highway and municipal engineering in Mass.,
1899-1906, connected with river, harbour and fortification works in Florida
1906-1910, came to Prince Rupert as GTPR Assistant Harbour Engineer
One of half dozen pioneer citizens of Prince Rupert;
In 1909 he became a Naturalized Canadian.

William Archer Casey, C. E.
b- Feb 12, 1887, St. Thomas ON
alt- b- Apr 14, 1887 in Fingal, ON (alt birth date from Attestation form)
d- Sept 8, 1916, in France, age 29
buried in Somme France
Reg # 16843, Army, 7th Batt, BC Regt.
Rank- Major
son of George E. Casey, ex-M. P., and Sarah Isobel Casey.
Part of Pillsbury & Casey, Civil Engineers,
Located in the Exchange Block, Prince Rupert.
Educated private and public schools, Belleville;
Age 18, Graduate of Upper Canada College.
1904- Engineer for G. T. P. North Bay branch,
1906- He conducted the First Survey of the ground
drew the plans and Supervised the First Sewer System in the City
Resident Engineer and Superintendent
for Municipal Improvements Commission, Prince Rupert.
He enlisted in WWI, and was wounded Apr 16, 1915
He was wounded in the I. W. W. riots in Prince Rupert.
He also laid out the first sewer system in Esquimalt.

Left side of Picture 2 :

  • Bar Sign, unknown hotel
  • Second Hand Goods

unreadable underneath, unknown store.

Bird's Eye View of Prince Rupert

  • The Savoy Hotel, 614 Fraser St. in left foreground
  • The Central Hotel, can be seen in the background, lighter top 2 floors
  • The Stork Block, at 708-712 2nd Ave., was the round shape roof building, to left of Rupert Hotel in this photo
  • The Rupert Hotel, in the shape of an E from the top
  • The St. James Hotel, 112 6th st.
  • On the left background, the Oceanview Hotel can be seen.
  • Exchange Block, corner of 3rd ave and 6th st
  • Royal Hotel-corner of 3rd ave and 6th st
  • Helgerson Block- corner of 3rd ave and 6th st

see Hotel History page for more info on the Hotels.

3rd Ave. W. Prince Rupert, ca 1911,
taken from middle of 700 block, looking towards 6th and 5th Sts, looking NE
Later view photo above

  • MacIntyre Block, 709-715 3rd Ave
  • MacIntyre Hall- 713 3rd Ave.
  • Brin Furniture Ltd. 3rd ave between 5th and 7th st.

Harry King Brin- Manager in 1911
Arthur Brin, Bernard Brin, Isaac J. Brin, and Leonard K. Brin,
all working here in 1911

Father- Isaac J. Brin
b-Sept 1844 in Maine in 1900 census (age 65 in Poland, in 1920 Seattle WA Census)
immigrated to US in 1863
Shown as a merchant in 1900 in Sterling, IL
mother- Esther Brin, nee Koenigsberg, married 1877
b- June 1860 in MN in 1900 census (age 59 in Poland in 1920 Seattle WA census)
she immigrated in 1866 to US
son- Harry King Brin
b- Nov 1881 in MN, USA (age 38 in 1920 census)
d- Feb 9, 1958 in Seattle, King Co., WA, USA
son- Leonard K. Brin
b- Dec 1883 in MN, USA
d- Apr 21, 1939 Seattle, King, WA, age 54
1900 Brin family living in Sterling, Whiteside, IL, USA
son- Arthur R. Brin
b- Dec 1885, in MN, USA (age 34 in 1920 census)
d- June 30, 1947 in Tacoma, Pierce Co, WA, USA
daughter- Hattie Brin
b- Apr 1888 in WI, USA
married Alfons Schwarz oct 19, 1915 in King Co. WA
daughter- Leona Brin
b- Apr 1890 in WI, USA
son- Bernard B. Brin
b- July 6, 1891, in IL, USA (age 27 in 1920 census)
d- Sept 1983 in WA, USA

  • After MacIntyre Block, Royal Block, (Royal Hotel), then 6th st
  • General Paint store where Royal Block was on corner- ca 2014
  • Furniture store, on left, is City Furniture, ca 2014
  • Exchange Block

Main Roads were wood planked 24ft wide, and side roads planked 16ft wide.

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