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Prince Rupert, British Columbia, Canada

Archive Photos- Page 6

Postcards 1-3 below courtesy Grant Walker, CA

2nd Ave, Prince Rupert BC
5th st on left
photo by Patrick Joseph “Paddy” Ryan

Left side:

  • 1st building- ?ORE. LIMITED,
  • on front of that same building, a faded sign says“Walker's Music Store”, owner George C. Walker, address 505 2nd ave in 1921
  • 2nd building- Canadian Bank of Commerce
  • Prince Rupert Club Ltd., built on top of a huge rock bluff in it's day. These rock bluffs were all over Rupert, most were blasted away. Like this one, gone.

In it's day, belonging to this Club was considered very prestigious.
1910 Executive of The Prince Rupert Club
President- Vernon W. Smith
Vice-President- John F. Brandt
Sec- James M. Christie

Vernon W. Smith was the Chief Accountant and Pay Master for Foley, Welch & Stewart

John F. Brandt of Christianson-Brandt Co., Real Estate and Insurance Agents.
partner with John Christianson, business on 3rd ave bet 5th and 6th Sts.

James M. Christie was Manager of Bank of Commerce

Right side of photo:

  • Rupert Hotel, (shape of an E from the top)
  • further right- St James Hotel

between the 2 of those you can see part of the Central Hotel, the Central Hotel burnt down in 1947, so we know this is before that
My Hotel History page has some info on these hotels

Little white building on right is where Tim Horton's is today (2017)

Caption- Where There`s a Will There`s a Way
5th Street and 2nd ave corner, Prince Rupert BC
Photo taken from around Tim Horton`s today (2017)
another Fred Button photo, no 514

6th St. Prince Rupert BC
Taken at 2nd Ave. looking up to 3rd ave and on

Left side:

  • “Orme, The Pioneer Druggist” sign on Left, Cyril H. Orme's business was located at 639 2nd Ave.
  • J. G. Melvin, Watch Maker and Jeweller. John G. Melvin, 429 3rd ave.
  • Dr. Hall Dentist, William S. Hall, 19 Alder Block, 634-636 3rd ave.
  • Fit-Rite Clothing
  • The Prince Rupert Real Estate and Insurance Co., they were in the Exchange Block in 1910
  • Catholic Church on 5th ave can be seen up on the hill

Right side:

  • “Prince Rupert Steam Laundry” delivery truck, J. Cameron- Prop. 5th ave, near Fulton st.
  • “The Pantorium Cleaners” sign at back
  • 6th st., between 3rd ave and Fraser St.
  • “Williams & Manson” “Law Office” 2nd floor on 3rd Ave. corner
  • Helgerson block, SW corner, 6th st and 3rd ave.
  • William E. Williams, BA, L.L.B.
  • Alex M. Manson, BA, Barristers, Solicitors, Solicitors for Union Bank of Canada
  • Clothing store DI? on same building
  • Cigars and souvenirs sign, Cigar- Tobacco, Stationary-Fruit, H. G. Smith was at 215 6th st, same place?
  • Dominion Gov't Telegraph Office- F. W. Dowling Manager- Opera block

Prince Rupert Bird's Eye View
Credit: Canada. Dept. of Mines and Resources / Library and Archives Canada / PA-021448
Note-This is a Copyright Protected Picture

George C. Walker
b- ca 1888, age 33 in 1921, in USA
Immigrated in 1912
Father born in USA
Mother born in Germany
Merchant own shop in 1921

wife- Minnie Henriette Walker, nee ?
b- ca 1881, age 40 in 1921 in USA
d- Dec 23, 1940 in Prince Rupert
Immigrated in 1903
Father born in Germany
Mother born in USA

Haven't been able to find much on this family


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