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Prince Rupert, British Columbia, Canada

Prince Rupert BC Archive Photos- Page 3

1-5 Postcards below, courtesy Grant Walker, CA, USA

Business Section of Fraser St., Prince Rupert
Fred Button, Photographer, No. 490

Centre Street, Prince Rupert

Little building past 2 story white building, close to the middle of the picture, plastered with white signs on all sides, was Dr. John Oatts Reddie's Drug Store, on Centre St.
1910 directory says it was on 2nd ave, near the Court House.

Dr. Reddie was the First Medical Health Officer in Prince Rupert

Dr. John Oatts Reddie MB, CM
b- Dec 22, 1858 in Stirling, Stirling, Scotland
d- Aug 29, 1912 in Prince Rupert, age 53.
buried in Fairview Cemetery, Prince Rupert BC
Grad Univ. of Scotland in 1884
Came to Prince Rupert from Colorado Springs in 1907.
son of David Rennie, and Jane Spittal
he was married to Mary Helen “Nellie” Reddie, nee Morrison
b- 1860, d- 1948
daughter of William Morrison and Lillias Stirrat

On right side of boardwalk, past Reddie's store, is a 2 story building, another view Picture 1, on Archive Page 9.
This was the Kelly-Carruthers Supply Co. Ltd., General Merchants
Robert Kelly, Manager Director -1910
also contained in this building the Dominion Telegraph Office
Frank W. Dowling, Local Manager 1910
It also contained Prince Rupert Hardware & Supply Co. Ltd.
James Carruthers, President (Montreal)
Thomas Dunn, Manager, Hardware and Ship Chandlery

Prince Rupert Postcard, July 29, 1911
McRae Photo
Sent to New York from Rupert

Note- I don't add the back of every card for bandwidth reasons

All the buildings in this postcard are so early hard to identify any of them

Last Part of 500 Block, and First Part of 300 Block, 3rd Ave, Prince Rupert
Paddy Ryan Photo courtesy Grant Walker, CA, Mar 15, 2016

First visible sign after the shoe store awning on the left, reads: “Canadian National Railways”
“Grand Trunk Pacific”, on top of store at 528 3rd st, on 3rd Ave..

Bank of Montreal
516 W 3rd Ave
Frank A. MacCullum, Manager- 1938

“Cut Rate Shoe Store” on left, with interesting Front Facade Design
Today this is the CIBC Bank on this corner, at 500 W. 3rd. Ave.
All the buildings on left after the show store became the Federal Building, which became the City Hall

“Grand Trunk Pacific”
on little sign that sticks out above the door.
1922 - Royden F. McNaughton was the District Passenger Agent working out of this building.

Latest in Street Lights!

Others in the Photo I can not read.

3rd Ave and 6th St, Prince Rupert BC, May 1928
Patrick Joseph Ryan Photo

Left side of Photo:
Orme's Drug Store, 638 W 3rd Ave., located in the 1909 Alder Block 636, W 3rd Ave. on corner of 6th st.
Cyril H. Orme, owner, “The Pioneer Druggist”

Billiard Sign on front of 2nd building, next to the Alder Block

Express and Baggage Truck, Company ?

St. Regis Cafe, 624 W 3rd Ave., -George Richmond

Boston Cafe, 604 W 3rd Ave.
George James, Thomas Carff, Harry M. Blake

unreadable but it is there somewhere between Orme's and St. Regis
The Commodore Cafe- 628 W 3rd Ave.
James N. Killas and Nick Christopher

Right side of Photo:

Acme Importers, 633 W 3rd Ave, managed by Abraham W. Lipsin

Royal Block - 617 3rd Ave.

I originally thought there was 3 children walking across the street. But looking carefully the one with the hat on was a Little Person.

Prince Rupert Harbour Views, ca early 1970's
photos from Brian Wolfe, Ladysmith BC
The right hand photo shows the old wooden ramp across the railway tracks, built by the GTPR.


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