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Prince Rupert, British Columbia, Canada

Grand Trunk Pacific Train Station
Prince Rupert BC

Unloading 2 GTPR Steam Locomotives, in Prince Rupert, ca 1909
off of what I think was the “Georgian” which was a Railroad Ferry Barge

Left, coming off first, GTPR Locomotive #113, with Tender (see note 1 below)
Middle- coming off 2nd, GTPR Locomotive #112, with Tender (see note 2 below)
Right- Steam Shovel
Locomotives were 4-4-0 types, both built by Montreal Locomotive Works MLW, ca 1909
Exact date of postcard not shown on back, Photographer unknown, which is too bad.

Note 1- Locomotive GTPR #113 lead the First Trough train into Prince Rupert, Apr 9, 1914.

Note 2- GTPR #112- MLW 46089 7/1909, taken over by CNR as No. 386, scrapped May, 1937

This is a very historic photo
postcard courtesy Grant Walker, CA

The “Georgian” was used in May 1908 to bring in huge 2 steam shovels, and some small Davenport engines, plus some rolling stock.
It had 3 rows of tracks, which this barge has. The Barge was over 100 ft long.

June 14, 1911 First Train to leave Prince Rupert to 100 mile, near Kitselas
Credit: F. Button/Library and Archives Canada/PA-029859

House on hill with the hip roof is the Pillsbury Home.
2014 this is now a Guest Home. Built in 1908.
Wood to build this house was supplied by Cunningham's Sawmill, Port Essington BC.
Originally lived in by Joel Horace Pillsbury, who was GTP Assistant Harbour Engineer. (see below)

Joel was assistant to James H. Bacon.
b- Mar 1864 in Eastern USA, graduated from Harvard in 1882
James was married as well.
James resigned in Apr 1910, to go to private business.
They were in charge of building the wharves in the City, for GTPR.

1911 map showing Prince Rupert

First All Passenger Train leaving Prince Rupert
GTPR Locomotive #111
photo taken by McRae Brothers
postcard photo courtesy Grant Walker, CA

Wharf Railway Construction, Pillsbury house visible on right, up on hill
Photo taken from or near the GTP Rupert Inn & Annex
Credit: H.N. Topley / Library and Archives Canada

Joel Horace Pillsbury, C. E.
b- May 4, 1874, Kansas City, Mo.,
alt- b- Feb 23, 1874, Kansas City, Missouri, USA
d- Apr 20, 1958 in Richmond BC, age 84
son of Samuel L. Pillsbury and Martha (Georgia?) Dix
Joel married Amelia Florence Hall, Mass.
They had one son and 3 daughters.
Daughter Alice was the first born white girl in Prince Rupert,
and received a prize from President Charles Hays of the GTP
Joel was assistant to James H. Bacon.
Mr. Pillsbury was a Civil Engineer,
Located in the Exchange Block, Prince Rupert.
1894- Educated Massachusetts Institute of Technology
1894-1899, Engaged in highway and municipal engineering in Mass.,
1899-1906, connected with river, harbour and fortification works in Florida
1906-1910, came to Prince Rupert as GTPR Assistant Harbour Engineer
One of half dozen pioneer citizens of Prince Rupert;
In 1909 he became a Naturalized Canadian.

Prince Rupert Station
built in 1921-22
Now a Canadian Historic Site
Elevation- 19 ft above sea level


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