PR- Knoxville

Prince Rupert, British Columbia, Canada


Knoxville, Prince Rupert Postcard
courtesy Grant Walker, CA

Charles L. Katz, cigars tobacco and stationary

Prince Rupert Employment Office, J? N. Johnson

Dominion ? Hotel? underneath says Rooms, ?, bunks?
I know there was a Dominion Hotel in Knoxville, so this must be it.

General Merchandise store in background

Knoxville was named after John Knox, miner
b- July 1861 in Scotland
d- ?
Immigrated in 1881
age 49 in 1911 in Prince Rupert, shown as a miner

The land that was to be within the boundaries of the Townsite, ca 1908 were Knoxville, Baconville, and Vickersville
The Grand Turk Fraction and Cariboo Mineral claims were in the Knoxville area.
Baconsville was at the GTP Wharf area, and permission to build, or do business there, had to be obtained from Frank Watrous Morse in Montreal.
Apr 1908, In Knoxville there was 2 small hotels, beds and meals provided.
plus 2 restaurants.
meals were 35-50 cents ea.
beds 50 cents to $1
board by the week was $6-$7

Knox Hotel was located in Knoxville, see Hotel History for more info on it.
Today it is the Oceanview Hotel


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