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Prince Rupert, British Columbia, Canada

Prince Rupert BC
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All Postcards below courtesy Grant Walker, CA, USA

First July 24th Celebration in Prince Rupert, 1910, on Centre St

From what I can figure out Centre St became 4th st. today
All this would be where the Rupert Mall sits today.
It has been very difficult to figure out the exact location.

Welcome to Prince Rupert sign on Arch

On right side, with flag obstructing part of roof, was the “Prince Rupert Inn & Annex”, aka “Grand Trunk Hotel”

Small Gauge Rail line can be seen running up the hill, Used to deliver freight and goods to the stores up the hill.

I believe that was the Premier Hotel, up on the hill in the background, it existed in 1908

Little building below the Union Jack, close to the middle of the picture, plastered with white signs on all sides, was Dr. John Oatts Reddie's Drug Store, on Center St.
1910 directory says it was on 2nd ave, near the Court House.
Dr. John Oatts Reddie MB, CM
b- Dec 22, 1858 in Stirling, Stirling, Scotland
d- Aug 29, 1912 in Prince Rupert, age 53.
buried in Fairview Cemetery, Prince Rupert BC
First Prince Rupert Medical Health Officer.
Grad Univ. of Scotland in 1884
Came to Prince Rupert from Colorado Springs in 1907.
son of David Rennie, and Jane Spittal
he was married to Mary Helen “Nellie” Reddie, nee Morrison
b- 1860, d- 1948
daughter of William Morrison and Lillias Stirrat

Right front, was the First City Hall, based on writing on another postcard I have seen online,
This building later became the Bank of Commerce, flag pole on dormer.
1910 directory says the City Hall on Center St was Temporary.
I thought the City Hall on Fulton st.,shown on my Archive page 3, was the first, then the Art Deco one on 3rd ave, originally built as a Federal Building, Post Office, in 1938, was the 2nd.
But it appears they were 2nd and 3rd.

First Post Office

June 3, 1925 View of Prince Rupert
Photographer name, Patrick Joseph Ryan

First Firehall on Fulton can be seen near middle, with tall bell portion visible

In the distance, top of roof at water level, is the new BC Govt. Court House.

White Building on the left is the Borden St School

First Perm. City Hall on Fulton St.

Catholic Church

Prince Rupert's First Parade, July 1, 1910,
View on 2nd Ave, between 6th and 8th st.

Lots of things shown in this photo, on 2nd ave.

Business Buildings on left:

1. Dentist sign, W. B. Clayton, (William B. Clayton)
( in old Westenhaven Block, South side, corner 2nd Ave, and 6th st)
(Charles C, Westenhaven and John D. Westenhaven, Real Estate agents owned this block)

2. “W. J. McCutcheon” “Drugs and Chemicals” Store
(William James McCutcheon, owner)
(Business was in the Opera Block, SW corner 2nd Ave. and 6th st.)

3. The Owl Cafe, (Gustav George {Chef}, and Charles Malassis Props.)
(also see a Martin Zadielovitch, as Prop)

4. Exchange Grill (2nd ave, bet 6th and 7th st.)
(George Milner and F. T. Bowness Prop.)

5. Baths

6. “Hotel Stockholm, Rooms, then price” sign on side of building, not listed in any directories which is strange?
with a sign on front “The Stockholm Cafe”.
(2nd ave. bet 7th and 8th st, George Broderious, Prop.)

Business buildings on right:

7. Rupert Cigar Store

8. Barber shop before the cigar store, barber pole outside.

9. Oyster Bay Cafe, Meals, Lunch all Hours (2nd ave, near 6th st)

10 Large sidewalk sign, Sheet Metal, Fred Stork, Gurney's Oxford Stoves, & Ranges
(Gurney Foundry Co. Ltd., Toronto ON)
(Stork Block, North side, 2nd ave. and 6th St.)

11. Royal Bank of Canada building

12. “The Optimist” newspaper sign on side of building. (2nd Ave. and 7th st,) One of the first newspapers in Rupert.

13. away at the back, shows a “Furniture” store sign.
(This was F. W. Hart & Co., located on 2nd Ave and 6th st.- see Funeral Directors (It was called “The Big Furniture Store”)

14. Further down, sign not visible, the “Washington Cafe”
(North side, 2nd ave, bet 7th and 8th st, William F. Carpenter, Prop.)

CNR Garden's, Prince Rupert BC,
near CNR Station, ca 1938, picture no 48

At one time there were numerous Totem Poles in this Park.
Top of hill, 2 of these can be seen.

Darkest one on left, was the Haida Chief's Totem Pole

Tallest of the 2, was the Wolf Totem Pole

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