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Prince Rupert, British Columbia, Canada

Prince Rupert BC
Archive Photos- Page 5

All Postcards below courtesy Grant Walker, CA

Part of Business Section & Harbour, Prince Rupert BC Postcard
Corner Fraser St and 5th st in foreground
F. Button Photo no 494

  • Savoy Hotel 614 Fraser st. shown at bottom
  • SS Prince Rupert or SS Prince George sailing away in harbour heading to Vancouver
  • “Alberta Meat Market” sign just up from the horses and cartage wagon, located at 312 5th st., Peter Gamula prop. in 1921 he lived at 623 Fulton St.
  • “Rupert Inn” can be seen to the right of the ship, with 3 flag poles on it. It has the 3 sections, building looks like an E from the top.
  • Empress Theatre was at 705 2nd ave, Prince Rupert Amusement Co. Ltd. shown as the owner, Paul Aivazoff, Managing director (see archive page 7)
  • George D. Tite- Kaien Hardware Co.
  • Royal Hotel- corner of 3rd ave and 6th st
  • St. James Hotel
  • Stork Block

Also at the back of the picture, right below the bow of the ship, you can see a 3 story building, with some flag poles on top.
That was the Central Hotel on 2nd ave corner of 7th st., It burnt down Oct 1947

Prince Rupert Postcard, ca 1910
Denny Allen Photo

  • Prince Rupert Inn and Annex, aka Grand Trunk Hotel, 3 peaks visible, on First Ave, and Centre St.
  • Center st runs from left to right in this picture.
  • The small gauge Railway tracks can be seen in the wooden walkway.

Also visible Little building across from the hotel, with 2 white signs, on each side of front door, was Dr. John Oatts Reddie's Drug Store, on Center St.
1910 directory says it was on 2nd ave, near the Court House. Was the hip roof building next to it the Court House? Another view of this drug store on Archive page 4

  • Grand Trunk Wharf and Dock
  • Hot Baths .30

5th Ave West, Prince Rupert, Postcard No 70

  • Catholic Church visible at 635 5th Ave West, with Rectory on left of it. Catholic Church was built in 1909
  • United Church behind the Catholic Church, can be seen on left/ middle

All Postcards above courtesy Grant Walker, CA

Prince Rupert Catholic Church, and unknown lady (see Additional Info below) on a snowy 5th Ave. W.
note- photo incorrectly labelled Kitimat at the top
Photo courtesy Grant Walker, CA
Additional Info: Amazing as this sounds a lady from England contacted me Oct 22, 2018, and identified the lady in the photo as her mother!
Here is her story she sent me:
“The photo you have on your historical photos of Prince Rupert, page 5, of the RC Catholic Church, is my Mum.
She was called Nancy Marciniak. She lived in Kitimat from about 1954 to when my Dad, Mike Marciniak, died in 1960, and we returned to England.
Mum lived to be 91 and died in October 2010.
I have the original photograph.
Anne Hickinbottom (nee Marciniak)” \\


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