PR- Dodge, Hospital Island

Prince Rupert, British Columbia, Canada

Dodge Island
aka- Hospital Island

Federal Government built a 3 story Quarantine Hospital on this Island in 1912
Expecting Sick Sailors, or any Sick Immigrants that entered Prince Rupert.

Aug 1909 a Dr. Montizambert, and Dr. A. T. Watt, went to Rupert to pick the location a new Marine Quarantine Station.
They returned to William Head Quarantine Station. They had a Government grant of $35,000.00. They were initially looking at a 100 bed hospital.

Dr. Tremayne was This Hospitals one and only Doctor. It actually only housed one patient. (Bio Below)

Located on an Island between Prince Rupert and Digby Island

Dodge Cove separates the Island, from Digby Island.
There is a small Community living there. See history site below.

Dodge Cove Named after:
George Blanchard Dodge, DLS (Bio Below)
Department of Marine and Fisheries, Dominion Government Land / Hydrographic Surveyor, and Civil Engineer.

In 1906 Prince Rupert Townsite / Harbour was surveyed by George Dodge

b- Aug 18, 1873 in Halifax, Halifax, NS
d- Oct 4,1945 in Ottawa Civic Hospital, Ottawa ON
Dodge Cove and Dodge Island named after him.
He worked for the British Hydrographic Survey in Newfoundland for many years before transferring to the Canadian Hydrographic Survey. He worked for them for 5 years,
Then joined the Topography survey, Division of Dept of the Interior, In 1908 appointed chief of the Special Survey Division of this Dept.
Retired in 1936.
During the war he worked for Ontario Hughes Owen Co.

George married Grace Semple

George was the son of Dr. Stephen Dodge, Physician, and Florence Dodge, who were married Sept 15, 1864

b- Sept 6, 1873 in Wilton, ON (alt Sept 15, 1874?)
d- July 3, 1942, Kelowna BC, age 68
Buried in Kelowna Memorial Park Cemetery

First Doctor in Prince Rupert attended Upper Canada College, University of Toronto, 1895
Family came to Metlakatla BC from ON in 1905/6, and into Prince Rupert in 1906.
Appointed Medical Officer of Quarantine at Prince Rupert
Served in the Canadian Army
Jan 1924 he was a member of the Masonic Lodge in Prince Rupert
Oct 1924 he was visiting R. L. McIntosh, at the “Crossways”
he is shown with wife and 2 daughters.
1927 travelled with a regiment of soldiers to Terrace, he was shown as one of the officers, as Major H. E. Tremayne, Medical Officer.
Apr 9, 1928?, 1934?, appointed to the William Head Quarantine Station
wife- Ann (Annie) “Evelyn” Tremayne, nee Fletcher
b- Aug 1, 1877, in Frey? ON
d- Apr 11, 1950 in Vancouver BC
Buried in Kelowna Memorial Park Cemetery
First “White” woman to step foot in Prince Rupert
daughter of Robert E. Fletcher, b- ca 1850, Ireland, d- 1911
and Jane Ronald, b- ca 1850, Scotland, d- 1932

daughter- Dorothy Emily Tremayne
b- Mar 24, 1904 in Toronto Junction, ON
d- July 20, 1989 in Vancouver BC
married William Henry Hamilton

daughter- Ethel Marion “Roberta” Tremayne
b- Jan 24, 1906 in Metlakatla, BC
graduate nurse
married Richard A. Stiefel

son- Trevor Tremayne
b- Jan 1911 in BC
1911 family living on Center St, Prince Rupert

daughter- Francis I. “Frankie” Tremayne
b- Feb 3, 1913 in Prince Rupert
d- Jan 7, 2009
married a Goepel?

daughter- Audrey J. R. “Audie” Tremayne
b- Apr 14, 1916
d- Sept 28, 2000

brother- Rev. Herbert Ogilvie Tremayne
b- May 9, 1864
d- Nov 23, 1934
Buried in Christ Church Mimico Cemetery, Etobicoke, ON
attended University of Trinity College in Toronto, B.A. 1886, M.A. 1888
Rev. C of E, in Islington ON, ca 1893
He came to Christ Church in York, in 1907
brother's wife- Helen Alexander Webster,
b- May 17, 1862 Yarmouth, NS
d, Aug 13 1942
brother's daughter- Helen Isabel Tremayne
b- Mar 13, 1893
d- Dec 29, 1971

Herbert shown as a Clergyman in York ON in 1901 with his brother Henry living with him, single

Father- Rev. Canon Francis Tremayne, M.A.
b- 1829 in Sandwich, Kent, England
d- 1919, in Mimico, ON, age 90
Buried in Christ Church Mimico Cemetery, Etobicoke, ON
Attended University of Trinity College in toronto in 1852
became Rector of Christ Church, York in 1877

Mother- Emily Jane Kelly Geddes
b- Sept 10, 1836
d- Mar 24, 1896
Tremayne Bay, south end of Digby Island named after this man

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