PR- BC Govt Court House

Prince Rupert, British Columbia, Canada

Provincial Court House

1922- Provincial Government Court House was built.
It cost $150,000
Built of Reinforced Concrete, Tapestry Brick Veneer, and Stone Trim, inside has marble and mahogany panelling.

Court House ca 1930's
courtesy Grant Walker, CA
photographer J. W. (J. Wrathall)

Address: 100 Market Place

Designated a Heritage Building

Originally was to be built before WWI, but due to the war, construction was halted. Before it was halted the foundation was laid.
When it was built they moved the location forward of the already laid foundation. This old foundation was used by the US Army during WWII to store munitions. They built tunnels to access the bunkers. This whole area has become a beautiful sunken garden.

Tenders were closed Nov 25, 1920 for the existing building and heating of the BC Government Court House to be constructed at Prince Rupert.

J. H. McMullin was the Government Agent at Prince Rupert at the time.

Cost $450,000.00 Reinforced concrete with Tapestry Brick Veneer, and Stone Trim. The inside is Marble and Mahogany panelling.

Architect of the Court House- Henry Whittaker

Court House built by McDougall-McNeill Ltd, Contractors in 1923

Major renovations took place in 2014 / 2015

War Cenotaph, built in 1929, is located on the Court House Grounds

July 4, 1938, BC Police Officers, Sergeant Robert Gibson, age 50, and Acting Inspector W. J. Service, age 45 were shot and killed at the Prince Rupert, B.C. Courthouse
by Mike Gurvich, age 24, a Prince Rupert Taxi Driver. Shots were fired in the street between police and Gurvich.
Gurvich was later killed by police in a gunfight in the beer parlour of the Royal Hotel.
Constable G. H. Clark, Corporal Harold Raybone and Constable Terry Stewart, were involved in the shooting at the Royal Hotel.
They received Commendations for their bravery.

W. J. Service was the Commanding Officer of the BC Police Forces in Northern BC when he was shot. He came to Rupert a month earlier from Prince George.

Their widows received a pension of $25 per month until they remarried.

Earlier in the day Gurvich received a summons for improper Taxi Parking at the CN Steamship Pier.
Gurvich was reported to have been a patient at Essondale Mental asylum, 5 years before this. He was Mentally unstable for sure.

Firm of McDougall-McNeill Ltd.
General Contractors and Engineers
Head Office- 705 Birks building, Vancouver BC
Branches at Calgary and Edmonton

Alexander C. McDougall, President
James H. McNeill, Vice- President
E. G. McDougall- Secretary-Treasurer
B. C. McDougall, Paymaster & Timekeeper

By 1923 they had 1,000 men on payroll.

They also built the Essondale asylum, worth $650,000 and in 1923, a large 9 story, 300 room Hotel in Vancouver
It was located within a block of the Hudson Bay store, Located on corner of Georgia and Seymour.
It was to cost between $1,000,000 and $1,500,000
It was to be a CNR Hotel.
They built the Herald building, Canada Life, Southam, Lougheed Theatre, and various apartment blocks in Calgary AB

John Hugh McMullin
b- Oct 5, 1868 Madras India
d- May 11, 1943, Oak Bay, BC, age 74

Educated at Haileybury School, and an English University.

Shown as Lieutenant Colonel John Hugh McMullin

Fought in India and South African War.
Received Queen's medal and 4 clasps.
His 3 medals were just auctioned off for over $4,000.

1881- In Paddington, London, England, with mother, brother, and sister.

1891- In Paddington, London, England, with his mother and sister, shown as 2nd Lieutenant, 3rd Hussars, age 22

1905-1909 Government Agent at Fernie
1909-1910 Inspector of Police for BC
1910- appointed Government Agent at Prince Rupert
Held that position for 13 years.

Nov 8, 1922 was changed from Stipendiary Magistrate, Pr. Rupert, to District Registrar, Supreme court, Prince Rupert, Registrar of the County Court, and Clerk of the Peace

Feb 27, 1923- Appointed Superintendent of the BC Police Force when he and his wife and family were moved to Victoria.

Retired April 1939

Father- Colonel John McMullin
b- ca 1835, Brighton, Sussex, England, age 76 in 1911
d- Apr-June 1917, Westhampnett Reg Dist, Sussex, England, age 82
Colonel in the Indian Army
89th Regiment of Foot, Bombay
1911 living as a widow, Cranmere Ave. Rd., Summersdale, Chichester, England
son of John McMullin, Esquire

Mother- Isabel Constance Beauman Hammill
b- Aug 9, 1838, Liverpool, Lancashire, England, age 52 in 1891
d- before 1901 in England
daughter of John Hammill, Esquire, Barrister at Law, and Anne Elizabeth Preston
mother and father married July 15, 1865 St. Michael and All Angels, Church, Paddington, Middlesex, England
Father shown age 30, mother age 25

Siblings of John Hugh McMullin:

sister- Constance Mary McMullin
b- 1873, Madras, India, age 37 in 1911, living with her father
d- 1945

brother- Charles Horace McMullin
b- 1876, Madras, India, age 5 in 1881
d- 1905

John Hugh McMullin married Ellie May Pelly
b- May 1880 in Ireland
d- Mar 8, 1932 in Victoria BC, age 53
She Immigrated in 1887

3 children:

daughter- Constance Winonah McMullin
b- Nov 11, 1903 in Armstrong, BC

son- John Pelly McMullin
b- Sept 1905 in BC

son- Francis Hugh McMullin
b- Jan 12, 1909 in Armstrong, BC
d- Mar 17, 1942
Served in WWII, Air Observer, RCAF, Sergeant
Plane crashed into the sea, Reported missing, Body never recovered, assumed killed.

Alexander Clarence McDougall
b- Dec 21, 1873 in Bruce Co, ON
d- Jan 5, 1941 in Vancouver BC, age 68
He entered the contracting business in Winnipeg in 1891
4 years later he established his business in Calgary AB
Later on he established his business in Vancouver.
Occupation in 1891 shown as a Mason
1923 shown with firm McDougall & McNeill (see below)
lived at 3789 Pine Cres. Vancouver BC

father- Angus McDougall,
b- 1832 Scotland,
d- 1893
Father shown as a Mason in 1891
mother- Elizabeth Porterfield,
b- 1837 ON,
d- 1880

Married to (1) Susan Jane McQuoid, Jan 12, 1898 in Huron Co., ON
b- 1873 in Bruce Co. ON
d- Feb 7, 1931 in Vancouver BC, age 58

They had 4 children:

son- Elwin George Alexander McDougall
b- Jan 14, 1899 RM of Sifton, MB
d- Nov 9, 1979 in Vancouver BC

son- Bertram Campbell McDougall
b- Mar 30, 1901 in Crewe ON
d- July 31, 1959 in Vancouver BC

daughter- Ida Elizabeth McDougall
b- July 10, 1902 in Virden, MB
d- Apr 25, 1951 in Winnipeg MB

daughter- Edith Annie McDougall
b- Apr 16, 1910 in Calgary, AB
d- Sept 11, 1959 in Calgary, AB

Alexander remarried (2) Margaret Isabel McKenzie, nee McLean, Apr 7, 1932
b- Wingham ON
daughter of Archibald McLean and Mary Geddes

James Howard McNeill
b- Dec 24, 1876, in Belfast Ireland
d- possibly Dec 31, 1928, at home, in Vancouver BC, age 51

Served in WWI, rank Major
Living in Calgary in 1916 when he enlisted

Father- Rev. James McNeill, from Drumbo
Mother- Annie Elizabeth McKinstry

married- Eva Susanna Miskelly, May 25, 1908 in Winnipeg, MB
b- 1883
d- 1969
daughter of John Miskelly, Glenview, Castlereagh, Belfast

Henry Whittaker
b- May 15, 1885, Rio De Janerio
d- Aug 18, 1971 in Victoria BC

Came to Canada from England in 1913
Became Chief Architect for BC Public Works

William John Service
b- July 2, 1892 in Ballymena, Ireland (1893 on headstone)
d- July 4, 1938 in his Office, Prince Rupert Court House, age 45
Buried in Pleasant Street Municipal Cemetery, Thompson-Nicola Reg dist., Kamloops
He enlisted in WWI, in Vernon, Aug 24, 1915
Reg # 463561, Canadian Infantry, Army, 62nd Batt., Sergeant
Sept 3, 1913- Service joined the BC Police Force
Stationed in Prince George as Sergeant, before Rupert.
He also served in Smithers for s short time.

Father- John William Service
Mother- Jean Beggs

Brother- Corporal Samuel Service from Chemainous accompanied the body
taken on the train to Kamloops

married- Sarah Andrews, 1920 in Westmount Quebec
b- 1897
d- 1976

They had 5 daughters

Robert Gibson
b- Mar 5, 1888 in Greenock, Renfrewshire, Scotland
d- July 5, 1938 in Prince Rupert Court House, age 50
Buried at Fairview Cemetery in Prince Rupert.

Gibson joined BC Police force, June 1st, 1918, after he served in WWI, He joined the BC Police in Prince Rupert
He was Chief Clerk of the Division in Rupert.

Immigrated in 1908, same as his wife.
Apr 8, 1934 he traveled to Ketchikan AK on the SS Princess Norah

WWI Service- 7th Batt, CEF, Reg #463465
enlisted in Vernon BC, Aug 23, 1915

Father- John Gibson (1855-1896)
Mother- Grace Wood (1862-1935)

Married to Mary McAllister
b- ca 1889, in Dumbarton, Scotland
d- July 15, 1969 in Burnaby BC

they had 2 children

George Herbert Clark
b- Feb 13, 1894 Lancaster, St. John, New Brunswick
d- Sept 25, 1962 Edmonton AB

1941- Sergeant Clark, appointed as Warden, Prince George Jail
1944- In charge of Fort George Subdivision

Father- Ronald Frederick Clark
b- 1865 St. John, New Brunswick
d- Feb 21, 1948 in Vancouver BC

Mother- Mary Emily Pallen Harris
b- Oct 17, 1867, Halifax, NS
d- June 18, 1940 in North Vancouver BC

married (1) unknown, divorced

married (2) Violet Kathleen Rolph, June 17, 1927, New Westminster BC
b- June 27, 1898, York, England
d- Apr 23, 1962 in Edmonton AB
She was a Registered Nurse in Prince Rupert when married
daughter of Frederick James Rolph and Lillian Witheradge
born in Essex, and Devon England, respectively

Harold Raybone
b- June 1, 1902 Walsall, (Willenhall?) Staffordshire, England
d- July 4, 1976 in Victoria, age 74

Enlisted in WWI, Feb 2, 1916 in Victoria, Reg # 826098

1923- Deck Hand on “Spray” between Ladysmith and Seattle
Oct 1, 1926- Joined BC Prov. Police
Shown Master of the 75 ft diesel Police Boat based in Rupert
Transferred from Prince Rupert to Victoria BC,
His wife and 3 children accompanied him.
1940- Sergeant Harold Raybone, appointed Marriage Commissioner, and District Registrar, for the Clayoquot Registration District.
When he died he was shown as a Master Mariner.

Father- Enoch Raybone (Jr)
b- Oct 16, 1874, Willenhall, Wolverhampton Reg. Dist., Staffordshire, England
d- Dec 1, 1941 in Victoria BC, age 65
buried in Ross Bay Cemetery, Victoria BC
shown as a Railway Clerk in 1901
Served in WWI, Reg # 826097, 143rd Batt., Army, Canadian Infantry
enlisted Feb 19, 1916 in Victoria BC
occupation shown as an Accountant
Company Quarter-Master Sergeant
Next of kin, his wife- Florence, 1037 Fort St. Victoria BC
Shown as a Govt employee in 1940, in Victoria BC
Raybone family immigrated in 1910

Mother- Florence Lineham
b- bet Apr-June, 1877, Newark Reg. Dist., England
d- Aug 19, 1928, in Victoria BC, age 51
daughter of Francis Raynes Lineham and Eliza Trueman
Harold's Parents were married bet Oct-Dec 1899,
in Wolverhampton, Reg. Dist, Staffordshire, England
Enoch remarried in Victoria, as a widower, Dec 30, 1929, shown age 53
shown son of Enoch Raybone Sr., b- 1845, d- June 1927
and Elizabeth “Eliza” Constable
This would be Grandfather and Grandmother of Harold.

Harold married (1) Gladys Edwards, nee Clapham, Feb 7, 1925
in St. Andrews Church, Vancouver BC
b- ca 1902, England
daughter of Ernest Clapham, and Jessie Hutcheson

3 Children:
daughter- Norma
daughter- Susie
son- Billy

married- (2) Lily Seedhouse
she died before he did

brother of Harold- George Arthur Raybone
b- Sept 14, 1900 Walsall, Staffordshire, England

brother- Stanley Edgar Raybone
b- Oct-Dec 1904 in Wolverhampton reg dist, England

His Grandfather Enoch Raybone Sr. was a Lock Manufacturer, held at least 3 patents on locks, dated 1908, 1909 and 1913.
Manager and Owner of Enoch Raybone and Co.

Terence “Terry” Andrew Stewart
b- ca 1914, Saskatoon SK (age 24 when he married)
(age 2 in 1916 census)
d- bet 1970- 2013, No exact date known, but I know he is deceased

1921 Terry and his mother were living in Vancouver BC.
1940- Still in Rupert, living at 440 W 4th Ave.
1945- he was BC Policeman, in Nanaimo, married, living at 470 Union Ave
1957-58 he was in Esquimalt, shown as an RCMP, Staff Sergeant.
1950-51 he was Sergeant in Pouce Coupe, Dawson Creek. #16327
Became Superintendent of the RCMP

Father- Herbert Stewart
b- Oct 24, 1891, Blyth, Nottingham, England (shown age 23 in 1916)
d- before 1921
Immigrated in 1906
Steamfitter in a Law Office, in Saskatoon SK in 1916
Served in WWI, Mar 25, 1915 in Saskatoon
Reg # 440235
son of Robert Stewart, and Martha Louia Stewart

Mother- Isabella (alt-Isabel) Rooney
b- Ireland (age 36 in 1921)
She immigrated in 1905

Terry married Isabelle “Ella” Dick Steen, Nov 10, 1938, in First United Church, Prince Rupert
b- ca 1911, Motherwell, Scotland, age 27 when married
d- she is deceased, date unknown
Father- Howard Steen
b- Ayrshire, Scotland
Mother- Margaret Craig
b- Lanark, Scotland

Michael? “Mike” Gurvich
b- ca 1914, in Prince Rupert, Canada
d- July 4, 1938 in the Royal Hotel Beer Parlour, Prince Rupert
buried in Fairview Cemetery, Prince Rupert, plot E 7 4

Apr 9, 1930- he was on the SS Princess Norah
sailing from Prince Rupert to Ketchikan AK
shown as a Chauffer, age 18, born in Prince Rupert, Jugo-Slav descent

1937- shown living at 500 blk 6th st.
One newspaper article claimed he was an alleged Bootlegger.

Jan 13, 1938- he was on the SS Princess Norah
sailing from Prince Rupert to Ketchikan AK
Shown as a Truck Driver, age 23, single, Slovakian descent

Father, Nicholas “Nick” Gurvich Sr.,
b- Jan 21, 1867 in Austria
d- July 8, 1932, in Prince Rupert, age 65

Family came to Canada ca 1902
and to Rupert ca 1908.
1913- Nicholas Gurvich Sr owned the Servian Hotel, at 622 Fraser St.
Servian Hotel shows in business in 1911, but no owner's name listed.
This later became a rooming house.
1916- family shown living at 632 Fraser st in Prince Rupert.
1929- Father shown as Real Estate man in Prince Rupert
So this was an old family in Rupert at the time.

Mother- Christina Gurvich, nee Prlain
b- Oct 22, 1873 in Austria
d- Apr 2, 1937 in Prince Rupert, age 63
Shortly after her death, this terrible incident occurred.
both parents buried in Fairview Cemetery, Prince Rupert

Brother- John Gurich,
owned the #32 Taxi business, and his 2 brothers drove for him.
His Taxi stand was next to the Royal Hotel, corner 3rd ave and 6th st.
He was an excavating and Clearing Contractor, and owned Kaien Cedar Mills.

Sister Nina Gurvich- died in 1934, age 22.
All this death in his family, might have caused his mental problems.

Brother- Nick Gurvich Jr. shown as a prize fighter at age 18, heading to Bellingham WA.

2005 Pictures

Courtesy my son Terry Gent

Sunken Gardens behind the Court House

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