PR- City Halls

Prince Rupert, British Columbia, Canada

City Halls

Originally they used a Temp City Hall, at the foot of Center St.

Alfred Stork was the First Mayor of Prince Rupert in 1910

Alfred “Fred” Stork
b- Apr 11, 1871 in Bolton, ON
d- Mar 16, 1945 in Brampton ON, age 73
Hardware Merchant in Rupert, in Stork Block, on 2nd Ave,
and also a Hardware Merchant in Fernie BC
son of James Stork a Druggist,
and Hannah Stork, both born in England
He was Mayor of Fernie BC in 1904, where his 2 children were born
Represented Skeena as a Liberal MP, 1921-1926
married Emily Parkinson
b- Aug 1875 in Bakeys, (Bakup?) Lancashire, England
son, Douglas Powell Stork
b- Aug 30, 1900 in Fernie BC
daughter- Kathleen (alt-Catherine) Stork
b- Sept 1906 in Fernie BC

Then a Permanent City Hall was built in 1912, on 4th st / Fulton St., East corner of the Fraser St. Lane.

Postcards below courtesy Grant Walker, CA

City Hall, with Wallace's store on left side, postcard
Patrick Joseph Ryan photo

2 postcards below showing a July 1st Parade, 1927 in Prince Rupert
First Permanent City Hall on right, draped in flags and banners

Old Firehall on Fulton St, is on the left
also see Fire Department page
on right hand side, tall building, was the Second City Hall, and Police Station, in Rupert.

Next to City Hall was Wallace's Dept Store, at 475 3rd Ave West. This building still exists today.

Today (2016) where the City Hall was, there is now a Totem Pole, and a parking lot there.
I do not know what happened to the old City Hall building.

Bottom postcard shows a Ship? float with a couple guys dressed as sailors in the back
Old truck behind that is a Cartage and Express Truck
Behind that can be seen the corner of a float names Santa Maria,
and inside that can be seen a man dressed as Columbus.

Interesting the side of the “ship: float has a banner 1867- 1926?
yet picture says 1927 on front?

Photos taken from Fulton st. part way up the hill to 5th Ave..
Corner of a lane there, part of Fraser st?

Then the 2nd Permanent City Hall is the one used today on 3rd Ave.

The Art Deco building originally built as a Federal Building.


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