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Prince Rupert, British Columbia, Canada

Prince Rupert BC
Archive Photos- Page 1

Note- these are Prince Rupert Photos, Donated to me from various Private Sources,
They are NOT from the Prince Rupert Archives and Museum.
I do NOT use their Photos!

All Postcards below courtesy Grant Walker, CA

Prince Rupert BC, Steamship passing in the harbour
photo watermarked courtesy Canadian National Railways,
plus it has my watermarks to stop copying to facebook etc.

Stork Block Building, 708-712 2nd Ave., can be seen on left side
First Mayor was Alfred Stork

  • George D. Tite Furniture
  • Kaien Hardware building, located on 3rd ave between 5th and 6th st.
  • 1909 Alder Block, located on NW corner of 6th st on 3rd ave

General View of Prince Rupert

H. S. Wallace Co. Ltd.
Howard S. Wallace- President and Manager

Prince Rupert Wharf, ca 1911, Steamship at Dock

  • Kelly Douglas Warehouse on right edge
  • Pillsbury House visible, between the roof of the GTPR No 2 building and the warehouse.

Prince Rupert BC I believe this photo was originally taken by the RCAF

Grand Trunk Pacific Wharf and buildings, in foreground, are all gone, today (2017, This is now the location of the Kwinitsa Station.

  • GTPR Wooden Ramp, Located on the left, half way up, built down from the Bench area, and across the tracks.

My Grand Trunk Pacific Page 2 shows views of this ramp.

  • Pillsbury House can barely be seen at the top end of the ramp, Today this is on Bill Murray Drive.

Note they had a walkway from the hotel down to the tracks, Location of this would be the back of the Rupert Mall.
Rupert Mall location would have wiped out a lot of historical areas.

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