Dorreen, BC, Canada

Heritage Day, Terrace BC, 2019
Saturday, February 23rd, 2019, 1pm - 4pm
Opening Ceremonies at 1:30pm
Terrace Arena Banquet Room
This year’s theme - “Heritage: The Tie That Binds Us”
Presented by Terrace Regional Historical Society

Free Genealogy Lookup Offer,
For Those that Attend the Event

I plan on attending again this year, please stop and say Hi
This year I will be taking submissions of Names, and any known Information on those Names,
And I will do free lookups for as much info I can find for those names.
No Promises on what pops up, if anything.
One name per person please, and I will tell you up front if I think I have a chance on locating any info.
I specialize in England, Canada and US, but some other countries can be looked at,
But language barrier for me, makes that less of a chance to find the person.
Note- I do not research names from last 50-60 years usually, as due to privacy reasons there isn't much available.
But old newspapers might reveal something on them?
I will research the names at home, after the event, and send what I find, if anything.
So bring your name to search, and email address
That I will then Digitally send the Information I find to.

This might include census pictures, etc, so an email address that will handle the larger files would be great.
Never know what I might find!
And there will be $0 cost to you no matter what.
You will get a good couple hours research from me in any event.
See you there!


  • 125 mi from Rupert on GTP, now CNR
  • 6 miles East of Pacific, 3 miles East of Lorne Creek
  • Latitude- 54º 50' 35“ N,
  • Longitude-128º 20' 41” W
  • Elevation 423 ft.
  • Located at mouth of Lorne Creek

Strawberries at Dorreen, 1915
Credit: Topley Studio / Library and Archives Canada / PA-011222

Dorreen named after:

Mr. Ernest James Dorreen

  • Resident Civil Engineer on the GTP Railway
  • b- Oct 13, 1876 in Hampden, New Zealand
  • d- Dec 3, 1934, New Zealand
  • son of James Nilson Burcham Dorreen (1848-1922) and Agnes Brown McCormack (1854-1922)
  • He enlisted in WWI in New Zealand
  • married Margurette Dorothy Dorreen, nee Moore, 1910 in New Zealand
    • b- Mar 1882 in New Zealand
    • d- 1966 in New Zealand
  • they had a son James Westland Moore Dorreen
    • b- Jan 11, 1916 in New Zealand
    • d- Jan 6, 1992 in Surrey England
  • 1911 Ernest and his wife both in Dorreen's Camp on the Skeena River
  • He was married, living in Quesnel in 1915.
  • 1917 Ernest was on WWI reserve list, 2nd Division, living at 56 Antigua st, Christchurch, NZ.
  • He worked for the Hokitika Survey Department for 8 years.
  • They had a going away party at the Hokitika Aquatic and Cycling Club, the Mayor of Hokitika, Mr Michel attended.
  • He belonged to the Hokitika Operatic Society.
  • He left New Zealand in 1903, to South Africa first.
  • He accepted a job with the Railway Department there.
  • I have seen his surname as Doreen as well.
  • 1911 census says he immigrated in 1903, so he didn't stay long in SA
  • He lived in Vernon BC, returned there Apr 21, 1920 from New Zealand via Sweet Grass Montana, on the CPR
Clarence Edward Cadden
  • b- ca 1891, age 30, in 1921, in BC
  • d- Nov 9, 1942, in Port Alberni BC, age 47
  • Both parents born in Ireland
  • Dominion Telegraph Operator in 1921
  • married Helen Marie Mercer, Apr 14, 1929 in Prince Rupert
T. Bolton
  • Prospecting
Charles Edgar Carpenter
  • - Farming, Prospecting
  • b- Grindale ON, age 49 when he married
  • d- Nov 21, 1935 in Prince Rupert, age 67
  • son of Edgar Higginson Carpenter, and Mary Jane Gilliland
  • married twice:
    • 1- Nanie Blestowe, nee Coffman, Jan 11, 1917, Vancouver BC
    • 2- Annie Graham, Aug 10, 1921, Methodist Parsonage, Prince Rupert BC
Henry Follie
  • - Mixed Farming (see Foley below)
Graham Brothers
  • - Farming
G. Harmon
  • - Chicken Farming
Paul Gerhard Ludwig
  • - Farming (Cook in 1910)
  • b- ca 1872, Saxony in Germany, age 43 in 1915
  • d- Dec 23, 1926, in Prince Rupert, age 54
  • son of Henry Rudolph Ludwig and Christina Schultz
  • Owned 120 acres Lot 5072, Range 5, Coast District, North side of the Railroad, 2 miles east of Dorreen.
  • He married 3 times:
    • 1- Lizette Wright, May 2, 1910 in Vancouver BC
    • 2- Caroline VanHeurck, Nov 25, 1915 in Lorne Creek BC
    • 3. Jennet Dellaronde, Apr 4, 1926 in Prince Rupert
Roderick McDonald
  • - Farming
Arthur Michael
  • - Farming
Charles Taylor
  • Farming
Thomas Howard Walsh
Henry Foley
  • b- ca 1883 in Belgium
  • Immigrated in 1906
  • Farmer
Clarence Edward Cadden

-see above

Peter Syrnyk
  • b- July 11, 1885, in Poland (Galicia?)
  • d- Cedarhill Hospital, Langley BC, age 85
  • Immigrated in 1902
  • CNR Section Foreman
  • son of Michael Syrnyk and Maria Doskocz, both b- in Poland
  • wife- Anna “Nellie” Syrnyk, nee Kuczma
    • b- ca 1896, in Galicia Austria
    • d- before her husband
  • Immigrated in 1913
  • son- Walter Syrnyk
    • b- ca 1915 in MB
  • daughter- Minnie Syrnyk
    • b- ca 1918 in MB
  • Olha Syrnyk
    • b- ca 1920 in BC
Tony Buck
  • b- ca 1883 in Russia
  • Immigrated in 1907
  • CNR Section Hand
John Caudak? (Grudak?)
  • b- ca 1893, in Austria
  • Immigrated in 1907
  • CNR Section Hand
Peter "Pete" McNicol
  • b- ca 1886 near Toronto, ON
  • d- Sept 12/13, 1949 at home in Dorreen BC, abt 87
  • buried in Kitsumgallum Cemetery, Terrace BC
  • Carpenter and Prospector
Charles Edgar Carpenter
  • -see above
Roy Albert Paine
  • b- Oct 12, 1897 (1898?) in Viole, Idaho, USA
  • d- Oct 8, 1978 in Monterey CA
  • Father- Ulyses Grant Paine
  • both parents born in USA
  • CNR Section Hand
  • enlisted in WWI, in Kamloops BC Jan 21, 1918
  • reg # 2138509
  • living in Trapp Lake BC when he enlisted
  • 1940 he was married, Private in US Army
  • enlisted in WWII in Monterey in 1946
George Washington Graham
  • b- Aug 10, 1900, in Langenburg, SK
  • d- Jan 1, 1933 Prince Rupert BC, age 32
  • CNR Section Hand
  • son of Herliest Graham, and Mary Annie McFadyen
  • both parents born in ON
  • married Anna Elizabeth Beran, July 5, 1927 in Prince Rupert BC

Post Office History

Name of Office: Dorreen
Federal Electoral District: Skeena (BC)
Office Opened- Jan 1, 1925 in General Store
Office Closed Mar 31, 1967, due to no Post Master

Postmaster Information:

Name of Postmaster Date of Birth Date of Appointment Date of Vacancy Cause of Vacancy
Branscombe Redman Ord 1898-04-30 Acting
William Edgar Horwill 1888-06-17 1925-01-01 1958-07-22 Death
Mrs Florence Horwill, nee Dennis 1890-04-08 1958-07-22 Acting
“ ” “ 1890-04-08 1958-10-16 1961-02-27 Resignation
Branscombe Redman Ord 1898-04-30 1961-07-25 1967-01-02 Resignation

This reproduction is NOT represented as an official version of the materials reproduced, nor as having been made in affiliation with,
or with the endorsement of the National Archives of Canada. The source of this material is the National Archives of Canada

Postmaster Bio and Genealogy

First Postmaster- Branscombe "Redman" Ord

  • b- Apr 30, 1898 in Toronto ON
  • Attestation paper says born Apr 30, 1897 in Toronto ON
  • Marriage record to Linda Rydings, shows he was born in Miami Fl, USA
  • Travel form shows he was born in St. Augustine, USA
  • 1901 census says he was born in US, immigrated in 1900
  • 1911 shown born in USA again as a student.
  • d- Nov 15, 1988 in Enderby BC
  • son of Lewis Roscoe Ord, Faircross, Barrie, ON
  • and Brance A. “Bianca” Ord, nee ?
    • b- Sept 21, 1872 in ON, she was with Redman in 1901 census boarding with a Jopling family
  • he enlisted in WWI Nov 1915
  • Reg # 407118, Rank- Sapper, 2nd Can. Div. Signal Co.
  • 1917 Involved in a military court martial for 20(2) Offence.
  • married Linda Marion S. Rydings, May 28, 1922, York ON
  • they had 5 children
William Edgar Horwill
  • b- June 17, 1888 in Exeter, England
  • d- July 22, 1958, Shaughnessy Hospital, Vancouver BC
  • buried in Terrace Cemetery
  • son of Francis John Horwill and Emily Horwell
  • Also see my Salvus page
  • married Florence Dennis (below) July 9, 1921 St James Church, Vancouver BC
Mrs. Florence Horwill, nee Dennis
  • wife of William Edgar Horwill (above)
  • b- Apr 8, 1890 in Torquay, England
  • d- Mar 9, 1970, Nanaimo Regional Hospital, Nanaimo BC
  • buried in Royal Oak, burial Park, Saanich BC
  • daughter of James Dennis

Fred, Frances, Audrey, and Rosa Diggles

Fred worked on the Railroad in this area, and the Diggles family lived in the area, from 1926-1934. Some of these years were spent in Exstew and Terrace
Rosa Doreen Diggles was born in 1927. Photo and info from Photo above, sent to me Jan 31, 2016, by Peter Daykin, Norfolk, UK.
Photos taken by his mother, Norah Daykin, nee Diggles. Norah passed away in 2015, age 96. More pictures and information of this family on the Exstew page

Picture 1, 2 and 3, (left /right)
Photo above courtesy Peter Daykin, Norfolk, UK
If you can identify any of these children / adults, please let me know.

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