Salvus Station

Salvus Station, British Columbia, Canada

Salvus BC

Unincorporated area,
Railway Point

Salvus Station
Elevation- 40 ft above sea level

1688.0 miles from Winnipeg 58.1 miles from Prince Rupert

Latitude- 54º 19' N,
Longitude- 129º 20' W

Flag Station

Possibly named after Peter J. Salvus, who had a Railroad Construction Camp in this area.
Peter John Salvus
b- May 4, 1877 in St. Paul, Ramsey, MN, US
d- Feb 2, 1950, Seattle WA, age 72

Peter J. Salvus came in 1908 to Canada
Peter J. Salvus- 1900 shown as a Timekeeper for GNRR, living in St. Paul, Ramsey, MN
Peter Salvus was a contractor on the GTPR for Foley in 1909
1910 census shown in Spokane WA
Salvus & Company were working on the railroad at Lytton BC in 1914
P. J. Salvus was a road builder in Rossland in 1920
1920 US census he was in Seattle WA with his family
1940 still in Seattle shown as a Cement Contractor

Peter married Magdalena “Madeliene” “Lena” Sophia Holl,
Oct 28, 1901, in Kalispell, Flathead, Montana
b- Oct 15, 1880, in MN, US
d- Sept 7, 1947, Gray's Harbour, WA
daughter of John Frank Holl and Sophia Clementina Lutz

Peter and Lena's children:

daughter- Eleanore (Elenore?) (Elinor?) Marie Salvus
b- Dec 10,1902 in Ramsey, MN, US
d- June 19, 1988 in Bellevue, WA

son- Fredrick “Fred” L. Salvus
b- Dec 24, 1908 in Spokane City, WA, US
d- Oct 17, 1995 in Bellevue, King Co., WA
1940 shown as a Teller, Savings Bank, Seattle, WA., US.
age 31, living with his parents.

daughter- Mary Margaret Christine Salvus
b- June 1, 1914, in Seattle, WA, US
d- Jan 29, 2003 in Olympia, WA

son- John Edward Salvus
b- Aug 15, 1917, in Seattle, WA
d- Apr 27, 1986 in Seattle, WA
1940 shown age 22, Machinist Apprentice, Tool Factory, at home with parents.


Father- Peter L. Salvus,
b- June 1847, French Canada
Carpenter and Builder in 1900 in St. Paul, Ramsey, MN
Mother- Christine Lavallee,
b- Dec 1850, Minnesota US

Peter John Salvus's siblings

Harry F. Salvus,
b- Apr 1880
1900 Hardware Clerk

Paul Louis Salvus,
b- Nov 1881
d- Oct 24, 1933 in Seattle WA
1900 Trackman GNRR

William “Willie” Joseph Salvus
Was Salvus really named in Memoriam after William Joseph Salvus?
b- Feb 1884 in Minnesota US
d- May 21, 1910, at Mile 143 railroad, age 26
William Joseph Salvus was killed by a falling rock, from a dynamite blast, 2,000 ft away from him.
It broke the arms of 3 other men as well.
Peter travelled with his brother's body, back to WA. in 1910

George Anthony Salvus,
b- Nov 1885,
d- May 23, 1936 in Seattle WA

Frank “Frankie” Joseph Salvus,
b- Feb 20, 1888, St. Paul, Ramsey, MN

William Edgar Horwill
b- June 17, 1888 in Exeter, Devon, England
d- July 22, 1958 at Vancouver BC

Immigrated in 1910 per 1921 Canadian census.
1911 UK census, shows he was living with his brother in England
Thomas George Horwill, and his family, in Ellacombe, Exeter, Devon.
William shown as a gardener at this time.

William shown in attestation papers WWI,
Enlisted Aug 28, 1916 in Vancouver, BC
Reg #1039496, living in Kerrisdale PO area, BC
Occupation shown as a Bridgeman at this time.
1921- Lineman, Dominion Government Telegraph at Salvus
Went to England on a holiday to see his wife in 1922
His wife was living in Torquay at that time.
ca 1935 He became the Store owner at Dorreen BC

Father- Francis John Horwill
b-Sept 1850, Exeter, Devon, England
(shown b- City of London in 1861 census and freeBMD )
d- Dec 1899 in Newton Abbey, Devon, England
Occupation in 1881 shown as a Mason.
Mother- Emily Howell, married Sept 1874 Newton Abbey, Devon
b- Dec 1899, Torquay, England

Grandfather- Thomas Horwill
b- 1813 in Exeter, Devon, England
1881 census a Commercial Merchant in West Teignmouth, Devon, England, age 68
Grandmother- Elizabeth nee Ball?
b- abt 1812- St Luke, Middlesex, England
shown age 69 in 1881

William married Florence Dennis, July 9, 1921, St. James Church, Vancouver BC
b- Apr 8, 1890, Torquay, England, age 32 when married
d- Mar 9, 1970 in Nanaimo BC, age 79
She was the daughter of James Dennis,
a Gen Merchandise Carter in 1911, age 69
1861 census he was in Cornwall, a Carter at a vicarage house, age 18
2 possible sisters, Mary age 15 and Sarah age 20 in same place
both born in Ashwater
b- ca 1842 Ashwater, Devon, England
and Eliza Chifton
b- Warrington, Cornwall, England

Lewis Morris
b- ca 1883 in USA
CNR Section Hand

Harry Henry Schulz
b- Oct 20, 1893, in Cuming, West Point, Nebraska, USA
d- July 24, 1955, North Bend, Oregon, USA
GTP/CNR Section Foreman
paid $1360.00 per year
father- William F. Schulz,
b- Nov 20, 1842 in Germany
mother- Louisa Wendt
wife- Elva Ellen Schulz, nee McCormick
b- Mar 11, 1893, in Portland, Oregon, USA
son- Elma Russell Schulz
b- Apr 22, 1918, in USA
All immigrated June 14, 1920

Yee Mah
b- ca 1888 in China
immigrated in 1911

Jork? Joe?
b- ca 1893 in China
immigrated in 1911

Phillip Thomas Chesley (Thomas Philip Chesley)
b- Oct 1864 in ON
d- July 21, 1927, age 65
1911 he was a Prospector in Lakelse Valley
1921 CNR Watchman in Salvus

Benjamin Stanwood
b- ca 1863 in ON

Joseph Dunstan
b- ca 1881 (or ca 1876?) in USA
Immigrated in 1921
Sawmill Labourer

Jan 1924 a Mr. Burdett from Vancouver was establishing a new saw and veneer mill at Salvus, They were going to produce cottonwood veneer

At Salvus Camp, 50 miles from Rupert,2 Montenegrins, names unknown, drowned in a small boat, with total of 3 men, and a load of dynamite capsized in a snag. sorry forgot to record the date?

Palitti Lorenzo
b- age 33 in Italy
immigrated in 1908
Section Hand CNR

Frank Cellini
b- age 40 in Italy
Immigrated in 1911
Section Hand CNR

Dominic Gare


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