Terrace- Watertowers

Terrace, British Columbia, Canada

Water Tower History

There was a 70,000 Gal. Wooden Stave Water Tower at Terraceview Lodge.
It was demolished Apr 16, 1981.

Demolition photos taken by Lorna Jefferis
submitted by Ric Jefferis, Terrace
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It was built in 1942/43 by the Dept. of Defence, to supply water to the new 300 bed hospital they built there.
Location shown in the 1943 map below, bottom left

They also built another 70,000 Gal Wood Stave Water Tower on the Bench above what was a military camp at the time

Water Tower shown as a W on this map
2- 70,000 Gal Water Tanks, located on Blocks 1 and 2, of DL 837, Range 5, Coast District.
The water tanks and outside sewer and water lines were bought by the Corporation of the Village of Terrace from the Govt. in 1947

The 27 year old Wooden Water Tower Located at Northwest Community College, was demolished July 26, 1991
It was built in 1964 when the BC Vocational School, now the North West Community College, was built.

Water Reservoir Above Skeena Sawmills on the Nisga Highway was a water reservoir for fire fighting purposes. I would guess down at the mill below.


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