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Terrace, British Columbia, Canada

Terrace BC, School Archives

Opened in Aug 1914
Converted to Coast Mountain School District offices/ storage.

School Built by John H. Hilditch, finished early July 1914
He went on to build the High School in Prince Rupert after this.

John Henry Hilditch
b- Jan 31, 1869 in Crewe, Cheshire, England
d- June 29, 1924 in Prince Rupert BC, age 55
buried in Fairview Cemetery, Prince Rupert
He Immigrated in 1886 per 1921 census
He came out of Dawson July 1900, with $8,000 in gold dust
Or did he? Him and his partner, who also had gold dust, went on board one ship in Skagway, locked their gold up in a cabin,
then went back into town only to buy a ticket on a different boat by accident.
It wasn't known if they ever caught up to the other boat.
I have heard of folks missing planes after spending a little too much time in the airport bar,
and maybe a bar in Skagway was the cause of this mishap?
1902 shown as a miner, Dawson Yukon
He arrived in Prince Rupert in 1908.
John Hilditch was elected one of the First Alderman in Prince Rupert, May 19, 1910
He was a Building Contractor in Prince Rupert,
His business office was in the Federal Block,
which was located on 3rd Ave. between 2nd and 3rd St.

father- Robert Hilditch,
b- abt 1832, in Ireland
d- July 3, 1891, age 59
mother- Margaret nee McKenzie,
b- 1841, Scotland
d- July 3, 1891, age 50
Father and Mother had 4 sons, 3 daughters.

He married Jeannette Lucy Smith (alt first name- Jeanette)
b- in USA, age 36 in 1921
Immigrated in 1894
she remarried John Joseph Dore, June 29, 1927 in Vancouver BC
He was the Superintendent of Telegraphs in Prince Rupert at that time.

son John Edwin “Jack” Hilditch
b- May 30, 1907, in Dawson, YT
d- Apr 10, 1990, Manchester, hartford, Conn., USA, age 82
Sept 1938, Age 31 he was a fur buyer, living in Vancouver BC
single in 1940, married in USA to a Mary A. Moriarity, who died before him.
1946 became a naturalized US citizen in Connecticut, USA
he had 3 sons and a daughter.

daughter- Florence Nelda Hilditch
b- ca 1912 in Prince Rupert BC
d- May 7, 1997 at her home, Suffield
buried in St. James Cemetery, Manchester, Hartford Co, Connecticut
she married Azariah Russell who died before her.

family living at 313 3rd ave in Rupert in 1921

John's siblings
Sister- a Mrs M. Downing living in Vancouver BC in 1916

Margaret Hilditch, b- 1862 in Scotland
Margaret Hilditch- b- Oct 7, 1866 in Liverpool, Lancashire
William Blades Hilditch, b- 1867 in East Indies
Thomas McKenzie Hildidtch, b- 1872 in Ireland
Benjamin Hilditch, b- 1877 in Ripley
Elizabeth Hilditch, b-1880 in Nottinghamshire
Robert Hilditch, b-1881 in Nottinghamshire, England

Kitsumkalum School 1928, Grades 5 and 6

Photo above courtesy Peter Daykin, Norfolk, UK (see Exstew page)

“Attached is a photo of some of Terrace School Grades V and VI children from 1928 according to the notes my mother has made on the back of the photo.
She is sitting on the front row, 3rd from the right. ”

“I note from one of the newspapers dated June 1928 the names of the children at the Kitsumkalum school are listed.
I also have an original text book “The Canadian Readers - Book V”
Issued to Norah Diggles of Exstew in Nov 1927.”

We are trying to add names to the picture.

Front row- Girls- L/R- (13 total, couple are partially hidden)

  • 1-
  • 2-
  • 3-
  • 4-
  • 5-
  • 6-
  • 7-
  • 8- (partially hidden)-
  • 9- (partially hidden)-
  • 10-
  • 11- Norah Diggles
  • 12-
  • 13-

Back Row- Boys, L/R- (14 total, 1 hidden)

  • 1-
  • 2-
  • 3-
  • 4-
  • 5-
  • 6-
  • 7-
  • 8- (almost totally hidden) unidentifiable
  • 9-
  • 10-
  • 11-
  • 12-
  • 13-
  • 14-

Please contact me if you know the names


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