Terrace- Town Plan Info

Terrace, BC, Canada

 1911 Townsite Plan

BC Land Surveyor - Captain Maitland Lockhart Gordon

  • DL 361 and DL 369
  • North of Grand Trunk Railway, today CNR tracks
  • West to East- L/R: Emerson St, Kalum St., Atwood St., Clinton St., Apsley St.
  • South to North- Bottom to Top: Greig Ave, Lakelse Ave, Lazelle Ave., Park Ave

From the Land title Record books, we find the truth to when these lots were sold, so they were obviously surveyed before March 1906.

Lot # Date Buyer File# Acerage Purchase $
DL 360 29.3.1906 William L. Polson 3776/06 383 $671.00
DL 361 29.3.1906 Truman Smith Baxter 3770/06 320 $520.00
DL 362 29.3.1906 Margaret Durham 3770/06 489 $1089.00

DL 361 that became Terrace, was first registered to a T. S. Baxter which would be Truman Smith Baxter from land titles above.

Captain Gordon (above) also surveyed DL 362 that was put in Margaret Durham's name

Roger S. Greene Jr.surveyed other lots in the area, Roger's parents were in Seattle.

A 40 acre and a 60 acre lot, from DL361 was sold to Lazelle & Little (Lazelle was married to Helen Little - George's sister) but it seems $190.90 came from Little for ties, and $803.38 from Lazelle for the land. (Frank Lazelle Bio) $88.45 was paid for taxes.

The $905.83 was divided between Albert D. Durham- $ 542.00, Truman Smith Baxter- $ 113.23 and the same $113.23, to Charles Durham, (Usk) James Darius Wells (James Darius Wells Bio)and Roger S. Greene Jr. for a total of $905.83.

There were some dealings like this on Lot 362 also, Only James Darius Wells was not included. (He was a mining partner of C. Durham at Kitselas at the Golden Crown)So now we are looking for A. D. Durham.

more mysteries to research.

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