Terrace- Rieberger Postcards

Terrace, BC, Canada

All postcards on these pages were donated by Darren Rieberger, Brentwood Bay, BC, with thanks!

These Postcards are from Terrace, Lakelse Lake, Kalum Lake, and the area around here.

As a tip you can click on the individual Postcards to enlarge a little bit in a new window.

Note- any Errors or Corrections to my Captions on these, please contact me, Any additional info is always welcome as well. Each page is titled, and each pictures on each page are numbered for reference, for corrections, or additional info.

Rieberger Postcard Index
Terrace and Area Page 1
Terrace and Area, Page 2
Terrace and Area, Page 3
Old Skeena River Bridge
Lakelse Lake Area Postcards


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