Terrace- Archive Photos Pg 2

Terrace, British Columbia, Canada

Archive Photos Page 2

First 4 Pictures below are all ca 1960's Postcards sent in by Grant Walker, Studio City, CA, USA

Lakelse Ave looking East from Emerson St.
Sight & Sound on right
Hub News further down the street.

CNR station June 1966, with Caboose on left

Super-Valu Shopping Centre
Work Wear World (2013) occupied the lot where the 2 cars are until 2017. Gulf Service station, replaced with 7-11 store, now an empty parking lot. (2017)

Nov 1956 postcard
Lakelse Ave. Photographer- Catton Photo

Theatre in Terrace, Lakelse Ave. ca 1944
courtesy Lionel Desilets, Victoria, via McRae Collection, Terrace

Photos taken on side of old Terrace Hotel.

Aerial photo of Terrace
Photographer- Catton Photo

Working on CN bridge for Kitimat Railway

4 photos above from Grant Walker, CA

Some pictures do not have names
this is one of those “mystery” pictures
Can anyone identify this woman and her children.
Taken in Terrace in 1920.
A friend of the Rice family who lived at Eby's Landing
a short time and then near Kalum and Greig
(near a Chinese Laundry just being built.)


Army Testing Highway to Rupert
McRae Collection- Terrace

1921 article shows an early visitor to Terrace
Written in pencil on a cedar tree,

E. L. T. (date unreadable) 1873, Montreal Canada
now who was E.L.T.?

More Postcards from Grant Walker below

Farm near Terrace, I think Old Remo Farm

Unknown Fruit Tree Farm in Terrace

Cabin on side of Thornhill Mountain
This very well could be Michaud Brother's Mining claim Cabin

From Lanfear Hill
Photo by Wrathall

Late Gunnar Edlund's farm, in the mountains, behind old Kitselas, on the Kitselas road,
owned by Bill Penner, ca 2015.

Celebration at Terrace
This postcard from Grant Walker, CA
raises the question, what were they celebrating?
Empire Day with all the Union Jacks?
view is early 1920's
Terrace Hotel on left by the top of the power pole
Railroad running thru middle left to right.
note the old photographer in the middle.
also note man in uniform reaching for the A
I think that is a BC Policeman uniform.
also note, light coming from the right, so a building was located there.
Photo taken looking north toward Kitsumkalum Valley.
location of photographer would be behind propane dealer ca 2015.


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