Terrace- Grand Trunk Pathway

Terrace, British Columbia, Canada

Terrace Grand Trunk Pathway
aka: Millennium Trail

Official Pathway Logo

Built originally in 2000, from Eby St. to the Nisga'a Highway.
called the Millennium Section. 1.6 km long.
Now (2013) it has been extended East to Emerson St.
It was extended further west in 2017.

The path followed Highway 16 when it was first built.
now it extends along Greig Ave.

Terrace Beautification Society were the push to build it, as far as I know.

Along the path are Historical Information Display Stands.
First Nation and European history, in both photos and stories, make a great place
to learn about the local history.
Will include a few photos of these stands here, taken Apr 21, 2013.

A Gazebo built by the Rotary Club makes a great place to take a break in the rain or hot sun.

Across from Eby St, is the Kwinitsa Road Foreman's House.

Not far west of it is the Pullman Railroad Car, used by the Skeena Valley Model Railroad Association.
(see article and picture link below)

This is a Dog Leash “ON” Park
Pick up you Dog's Poop!
Bags are even provided!

Pick up you garbage, lots of garbage cans are available .

This is a great place to socialize your dog, before taking them to Ferry Island

Gazebo, Spirit Bear and Terrace Song Board

Birth of Terrace

Gold and Freighting

Kitselas Canyon



Highway 16




Terrace Airport

Historical Display Stands
All pictures above come from these displays

View from Parking lot West

View Eby St. West

Spirit of Terrace Song

Music Festival signs

Example of the Benches

Tina Anderson

Elizabeth Metzmeier

Murray D. Kennedy

Al Purschke

Bob and Lois Long

Rose and Oskar Farkvam

Ed Fairless

Bill and Helene McRae (Anniversary)

Spirit Bear, Luna's Pod

Dedication rocks

I am going to add one personal comment on here.
If I had anyway to stop placing political election signs in any of our Parks and Recreation areas, I would do it.
Is there any reason for an Election Sign every 40 ft? For now these have been removed all of a sudden.
Are we blind?, we need a 4ft x 4ft sign, 6 ft in the air?
This is a Public Park, yes the Highway right of way is there, but there is lots of other places for them.
I don't care what party it is doing it, STOP!
No “For Sale” Signs, NO Signs period!
This is a PUBLIC Park. Some folks are not political.
I urge all parties get together and STOP putting signs in any City Park, including Sports Parks.
When I took the photos above, I had trouble not getting any of these signs in the picture, in fact some had to be seriously cropped.
Tourists see this! I say enough is enough! Each end of the Overpass, and the 4 way stop out in Thornhill, should be the only places they are allowed.
If folks want them on private property, that is their choice, but the size should be limited as well.
I have seen 4 ft sq signs on front lawns? why?
The one with biggest sign wins? I don't think so!
It is eye pollution to many people, including me!
Everyone but the candidates and their entourage hate them.
They couldn't even wait till the election was called this year.
A month isn't long enough to pollute our PUBLIC Parks?
Ads in newspapers and hand outs should be enough.
If you agree with me, call City Hall and demand a bylaw to stop it.
Tough to get politicians to quit sticking their name and photos all around town. Big Ego trip?
This Includes City Council and School Board Elections.
I think one person running for council last time, came forward and said he was not putting up signs.
There is one smart one out there somewhere!
It has to start slowing down, and Local City Bylaws are the only way.
Use your common sense Candidates!
Before bylaws are passed and all hell breaks loose.
Remove the signs and tell folks you did.
Now that is a Candidate I could vote for, and respect!

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Note- Not my pages

Model Railroad Assoc. Car

Interior Pictures of Railroad Club Car


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