Terrace- Archive Photos Pg 3

Terrace, British Columbia, Canada

Postcards below sent in by Grant Walker, Studio City, CA, USA

Government Building ca 1960's and 70's in Terrace
Became part of Anglican Church property

Skeena River Bridge, taken from the East,
entering Terrace on the right

Kalum St looking north from the R/R tracks
Old Terrace Hotel on right side

This is a view of the skeena river from the bench area, Ferry Island on left, George Little's pre-emption in foreground left, today, Marsh Cres.
Showing south side of Terrace, with a little more clearing than some pictures on Ferry island page
Empty Field in Center along the Skeena, is WalMart Today (2017)
Army buildings in bottom middle.

Terrace's Main St, Lakelse Ave.
Taken from the old Legion corner.
With the building of the new bridge the traffic on this roadway is limited to Thornhill residents,
as all the Highway traffic comes in on Keith Ave to the overpass.
This intersection is now changed.

Sleeping Beauty Mountain, North West of Terrace,
If the top picture above was clearer, you would look right at this mountain looking down Lakelse Ave


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