Rosswood, British Columbia, Canada

Locality on North end of Kalum Lake

Unincorporated place

Coast Land District of BC

Latitude - Longitude 54° 48′ 0″ N, 128° 46′ 0″ W

As early as 1918, (probably earlier), they had a Government built wagon road, connecting this area with Terrace, 25 miles to the south.
I see an article where Joe Belway built a trail through this are before Jan 1911. He was also shown building 80 miles of telegraph line here.

Population was 25 in 1918.

Goverment Reserve was opened up Dec 8, 1905 for land.
Feb 1907 there were 17 settlers in the Kitsumkalum valley, on around 8,000 acres.

Map showing Rosswood, Maroon Point, Kitsumkalum Lake, Wesach Mountain (alt-goat Mountain), Wesach Creek,
Maroon Mountain not shown, on left middle,
Below it Mt. Garland, not shown on right bottom
Goat Creek at bottom, Kitsumkalum Park at bottom, shown.

The Dominion Telegraph Line ran through this area to Stewart, from Kitsumkalum station at Eby's Landing. A 175 mile line.
It was built and completed ca July 1911. Travelling thru the Nass Valley, Nass river, and connected up to the mining camps on Observatory Inlet and the Portland Canal.
Line Foremen John Albert “Jack” Thorne on Kitsumkalum end, and William Blackstock (see bio below) on Stewart end, were building the line Oct 20, 1910.
Foreman Thorne had 14 men working for him on the Kitsumkalum end.
Thorne History on Usk site
Superintendent at time of construction was John Theodore Phelan
In 1914 Thorne was the Superintendent, and Foreman Blackstock, were building a telegraph line to Smithers.
At some Stations the Operator, was also the lineman. Some had both. Looks like Rosswood only had the one man.
I remember in the early 1970's seeing the wire and insulators, running on the trees, behind the famous “Peeing Tree”
I had trouble tracing the Telegraph Operator's names or Telegraph Lineman they used in this area.
Until I found H. Rowlands was Telegraph Operator in 1920 & 1921, but can't find any more info on him.
Then I found Walter Warner was Telegraph Operator at Rosswood in 1921
b- Nov 13, 1878, Yarmouth, Suffolk, England
d- Feb 27, 1961 in Terrace BC
buried in Kitsumgallum Cemetery.
Immigrated in 1894 per census, but 1904 per other articles.
2nd wife- Christina Warner, nee Allard
b- age 42 in Cowichan BC
d- ?
1934 Walter Warner walked from Rosswood, following the Government Telegraph Line, to Alice Arm, to relieve J. C. Studdy the operator there at that time.
He was still shown as operator at Rosswood at that time.
1907 there was an early settler, Walter Warner farmer on Porcher Island. Same fellow? see info below

Rosswood Post Office

Settlers tried to get a Post Office with Mrs. Annie Ross appointed as postmistress, and they succeeded with a sub post office there.

Name of Post Office: Rosswood
Federal Electoral District: Comox - Atlin (BC)
Office opened Sept 1, 1912
Office closed July 31, 1917

Postmaster Information:

Name of Postmaster Date of Appointment Date of Vacancy Cause of Vacancy
Mrs Annie Ross 1912-09-01 1915-05-18 Resignation
Mrs Marie Freckmann 1915-07-01 1915-11-06 Resignation
Mrs Annie Ross 1916-08-01 1917-07-31 Closed

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Rosswood was named after Annie's family.
She made her home at the north end of Kalum Lake.

Sarah Anne “Annie” Ross, nee Kenna
b- May 15 1863, (possibly, or a week earlier),
in Minnesota City, Winona Co., Minnesota, USA
d- June 26, 1944, Seattle, King Co. WA, age 81
buried in Evergreen Cemetery, Everett, Snohomish Co, WA
From all I have read, this was one tough lady.
She left Terrace Aug 1924 to travel to Lowell WA
where she met her daughter Miss Inez E. Ross, and then travelled to Miami FL.
Inez Ross travelled to China in 1924
Annie is in 1900 census without her husband
in Index Precinct, Snohomish Co. Washington, shown as a Hotel Keeper.
shown as a widow, but Robert didn't die until 1910?
Father- Michael Kenna, Mother- Sarah Campbell
Father shown as born in Ireland, mother in Canada
Father and mother show surname as Kennay
Per another source she left Minnesota as a widow.
With 5 small children, Tom, May, Bob, Inez, and Frank.
She ran 2 restaurants, and a lodging house (Hotel) in Index WA.
They moved from Index, to Everett then Lowell WA.
She had a nephew Henry Conroy helping by cooking in the restaurants.
1911 she is shown in Kitsumkalum age 48 with Thomas and Frank.
She is listed as Anna Ross, Widow, Rancher, immigrating in 1908
and naturalized Canadian in 1910, Roman Catholic.

husband- Robert Ross
b- 1844 in Blackville, Northumberland Co., NB, Canada
d- Oct 4, 1910, Pine Co., Minnesota, USA, age 66
buried in Hay Creek Cemetery, Pansy, Wisconsin, USA
son of William Ross, b- 1796, (1798, 1805) Cape of Good Hope, Africa,
I believe Jan 28, 1885 he burned to death in his house in Blackville NB.
1851 shows him as a Hotentot, Farmer, Prop, in a Log House
and his wife Bridgit Mulligan, b- 1809, Ireland
I believe she died Jan 17, 1886 in Blackville NB
married 12 Sept. 1828, St Pat, Nelson, Northumberland, New Brunswick
They entered the colony in NB in 1819
Robert's siblings, all born in NB
Elizabeth Ross, b-
John Ross, b- ca 1831
Bridget Ross, b- ca 1833
Mary Ross, b- ca 1835
James Ross, b- ca 1837
William Mulligan Ross, b- ca 1839
Thomas Ross, b- ca 1841
Sarah Ross- b- 1 mo in 1851
1871 and 1881 census shows more possible siblings.
Delia Ross, age 48 in 1881
Catherine “Kate” Ross- age 10 in 1871, age 21 in 1881
Robinson Ross, age 19 in 1881
Family immigrated to Minnesota after the American Civil War.

son- Thomas Winslow “Tom” Ross
b- July 23,1885 in Gransburg, (Grantsburg?) Burnett Co., Wisconsin USA
enlisted in WWI while living in Terrace, Roman Catholic, Teamster
Enlisted in Vancouver Aug 5, 1918
next of kin mother Annie Ross, at Lowell PO, WA USA
Military Service act number 320265
Reg #2024916
shown in 1911 in Kitsumkalum, Teamster, Portage
shown in 1921 census age 35, teamster hauling logs.

daughter- Mary L. “May” Ross
b- May 1887 in Wisconsin USA
she might have married a Frank L. Buckley, May 1, 1907 in Snohomish Co.
but that is only a guess

son Robert H. “Bob” Ross
b- Sept 7, 1888 in Wisconsin USA
d- Nov 12, 1980 in Vallejo, Solano, CA, USA, age 92
worked for the Dominion Government Telegraph
in the Terrace area from 1910, for approx 10 years,
last known to live in CA.
1929 he lived in Everett WA
1930 shown as a Certified Public Accountant
living in Lowell Precinct No1, Snohomish, WA
wife- Margaret A. Ross, nee ?, b- Oklahoma, age 39 in 1930
daughter- Margaret M. Ross, b- Washington, age 6 in 1930

son Francis “Frank” Theodore Ross
b- May 11, 1891, Granceburg, (Grantsburg?) Burnett Co., Wisconsin, USA,
d- Oct 2, 1972 in his home at 910 Federal Highway, Lake Park, FL
buried Royal Palm Memorial Garden, Palm Beach Co, FL
age 25 in 1916 when he married
son of Robert Ross and Annie Kenna
Father shown as a lumberman
Frank lived in Terrace at one time.
Enlisted in WWI in Toronto, Oct 1, 1917
lived in Clarkson ON when he enlisted. Reg #2498851
Occupation shown as a lumberjack
Frank was working in Puerto Rico when he registered in WWII
Arundel corp.
Frank married Marjorie McIntyre Fairbairn, June 27, 1916
in home of Thomas J. Marsh, Terrace BC
b- Toronto ON, age 25 when she married
She was a teacher in Terrace, abt 1917
daughter of John K. Fairbairn, and Margaret Alexander
Father shown as a Merchant, Baptist
Frank had a daughter Elizabeth Ross
July 22, 1932 him and his daughter went from Canada to US
at Niagara Falls, age 41, shown as a carpenter
His wife was at Kelsey City FL

daughter- Inez Emily Ross
b- Feb 24, 1894, Brainerd, Crow Wing, Minnesota,
d- Apr 23, 1987 in Everett WA
age 36 in 1930 census, in Seattle WA
father shown born in Canada, mother in Minnesota
She was a stenographer with a steamship co, which explains
the trip to china possibly
1911 in Everett WA phone book

Only other Post Mistress, Mrs. Marie Freckmann

found a Herman Freckman, a Danish Widower,
b- Dec 21, 1879, in Callenburg, Denmark
d- Dec 5, 1958 in Terrace BC, age 78
He was a pole cutter, up to 1948
living on Airport Rd when he died.
1920's he was in the Lakelse Lake Valley.
He is buried in Kitsumgallum Cemetery
but isn't listed in the index online.

There is a Annie Mary Freckman
buried in Terrace Pioneer Cemetery
b- 1882
d- 1931
is this Marie?

Matt Allard- Mining (See Kalum Lake Valley Page)

Joseph “Joe” Belway- Mining (See Kalum Lake Valley Page)

Ralph Michiel Cory- Farming
b- Sept 30, 1890 Sussex, England
d- Mar 5, 1961 Terrace Hospital, age 70, single
Came to Canada ca 1911 father- william Henry Cory
mother- Lila Parnell
both parents born in England
Cory Rd in Terrace, I would think was named after this pioneer.

T. Cowdy- Farming (doesn't show up in 1920 directory)
can't find anything on this man yet?

T. Friekman- (see Freckmann above) -Mixed Farming

Alexander McLaren- Mining (See Kalum Lake Valley Page)

Charles Newnham- Mixed Farming (see below)

T. Ross- Mixed Farming (see Tom above)

William Treston- Mining (See Kalum Lake Valley Page)

Herbert Tyler- Mixed Farming
b- Mar 15, 1893 in Deal, Kent, England
d- Oct 23, 1971 in Upper Hutt, Wellington, NZ
son of Stephen Berwick Tyler (1850-1934) and Ann “Annie” Mummery (1849-1908)
Lived in Terrace in 1920 when he was married
1921 shown as a horticulturist, logging in Terrace.
married Alice Harrison, Aug 6, 1920 in Prince Rupert BC
b- Sept 15, 1892 in London, England
d- Sept 11, 1945 Harrow, Hendon, Middlesex, England
daughter of Charles Wilbur Harrison, and Elizabeth Hans
Herbert emmigrated to NZ in 1962 with his daughter.
They had a daughter Lily Doris Tyler

John “Jack” Arkle
b- age 52 in Ireland
immigrated in 1889

Walter Warner
b- Nov 13, 1878, in Yarmouth, Suffolk, England
d- Feb 27, 1961 in Terrace and District Hospital, Terrace BC
buried in Kitsumgallum Cemetery, Terrace
Government Telegraph Operator
Retired Telegraph Lineman, 1936
immigrated in 1894
son of Robert Owen Warner, b- Suffolk, England
and Ellen Butler, b- Norfolk, England
married first- ?
married 2nd- Christina Warner, nee Allard, may 24, 1921 in Terrace
b- age 42 in Cowichan, BC
daughter of Narcisse allard , b- France
and Christina Lovervay, b- Vancouver BC

info below submitted by Lenore Hudson, Apr 14, 2019- “Walter Warner was my great uncle by marriage and I personally knew him as 'Uncle Walter”. He lived his later life in Terrace, BC. yes, he is the early settler viewed on the censuses. He was with his 1st wife Rosa Hudson who married 1st Malcolm Laverne Hunter and had two sons then divorced. Walter is shown in the censuses as married to Rosa and raising with her his two step-sons, Leon and Clyde. Her maiden name was Hudson. I have found no marriage records but they have stated themselves as married in the censuses and Walter declares himself as Widower on his marriage registration to Christina Allard. They also lived at Port Essington. Ranching adjacent to the Warners are the Hudsons. Edward Aaron Hudson was born in Beaver, Pennsylvania and moved to Nebraska after the Civil War then to Snohomish Washington with his parents and siblings. He settled on Porcher Island, became guardian to his orphaned nephew Richard Edward Hudson shown together in census with housekeeper Ellen Short who was related to Richard's mother Annie Short. He married Emma Louise Elstermann and they had children William Otis, James Leslie, Rose Leona, Floyd Percival (my Dad), Frederick, Walter Charles, Harry Clyde and Edith Janet. William died in infancy, Harry as a toddler, James drowned in St. Claire tugboat accident 1948 unmarried and no children, Rose married Walter Philip Herman son of Peter Herman and Jane Spence no children, Floyd married Matilda Thompson from Lewis Island and they had 2 daughters,Frederick died as young teenager and Harry as a toddler, Walter married Elsie Mathie and had two daughters and a son, Edith married Gordon Robinson and had 3 daughters and 4 sons. Adjacent to their property was Friedrich Wilhelm Bernardt Elstermann von Elster who married Jane Woods and were the parents of Emma Louise. They also had daughter Amelia Marie who married Byron Dewhurst and had 3 daughters, Lenora who disappears in records, and adopted son Frederick William Bernard Elstermann. Emma explained with the Hudsons above. FWB SR. and his family are also seen on Lawyer Island where he was light house keeper. I will send you further info on the Herman family at a later date.“

Oscar Gendron
b- age 48 in MB
see above

John “Jack” Couture
b- age 58 in Quebec

Oscar Olander

Paul Brodin

see Oscar Olander / Paul Brodin page

August Wickshaw
b- age 61 in Sweden
immigrated in 1897

Edward Craig Booth
b- Feb 10, 1878 in Memphis Tennessee, USA
Prospector in 1921
served in WWI, enlisted in Vancouver, June 15, 1916
Reg # 258434, Canadian Infantry
married to Annie Booth, Leavenworth WA
shown as a printer
June 3, 1919 he arrived in White Rock BC
shown as a farmer, heading north to take land
1930 he was in LA, CA

D. Wheeler Austin
b- age 51 in USA
Own ranch, clearing land

Samuel C. Fredericks
b- age 54 in USA
Own ranch, clearing land

Charles “Charlie” Newnham
b- age 64 (54?) in England
homestead, clearing land

Alfred “Alf” Egan
see above

John Monier “Jack” Hoar
b- abt 1891, New York, USA
he arrived on SS Prince Rupert from Seattle to Vancouver, Mar 1922, heading to Terrace, shown as a Mine Superintendent
both parents born in England
manager of the Chiro Mining Co.

Joseph Harp
b- age 24 in USA

Thomas “Tom” Snell
b- May 6, 1879, age 43 in 1921, in Cornwall, England
d- Oct 1933 in California, USA
immigrated in 1890
1901 Miner in Rossland
CNR Construction in 1921
Killed in a mine accident in CA
He started at Zinardi Bridge,
then superintendent for D. A. Rankin at Pitman
when construction was over he went logging and prospecting.
Lived at Pacific, Usk and Terrace
wife- Mary Snell
b- age 45 in USA

William Duncan Blackstock (from above)
b- Jan 28, 1876, Peel, ON,
d- Aug 30, 1946 in Hazelton BC
1901 shown as a Telegraph Lineman, living in Victoria BC
1911 Telegraph Foreman at Goose Bay, Portland Canal
1921 Telegraph Lineman in Hazelton
son of James Blackstock and Flora Hunter
he married Kathrine Harris, and had a son William Duncan Blackstock in 1922

As a personal note, I was part of the BC Tel crew, that worked on phone service into Rosswood in 2001, just before I retired.
Knocked on everyone's door, and they were sure excited about when they were to be connected to the rest of the world.
Before this they had a Radio Pay Phone at the General Store. Some areas were able to use radio phones, at a high cost.
BC Tel History for Rosswood

See Geier Photos and Information

See Kalum Lake Valley Section

NOT my sites.

Rosswood General Store-
Opened by Wilf Geier in 1983 (1953-2010) https://www.facebook.com/RosswoodMall/

Excellent history article on this area.


Rosswood community Association- Campground- volunteer group


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