Pacific, British Columbia, Canada

Pacific BC

Unincorporated area
Railway Point
in Range 5, Coast Land District

Latitude- 54º 46' N
Longitude- 128º 15' W

Established in 1909

Area Homesteaded by Jens Anderson from Asase Denmark

Originally called Nicholl BC, changed to Pacific by GTP

Nicholl named after the Superintendent at the Pacific Terminus, George Alexander McNicholl

Pacific Grand Trunk Pacific Railway Station, ca 1915
Credit: William James Topley/Library and Archives Canada/PA- 011225

There is a Nichol BC closer to Prince George, so imagine they changed the name because of confusion in the mail to each of these places.

an article I found claimed Mr. Anderson, who owned the land at Mile 119, was going to call the new Townsite Amundsen
Anderson sold his land to the GTP, and what he didn't sell to them, he sold to Charles W. D. Clifford and F. Jones.
They were preparing to auction the lots off down south. Propsed townsite had room for around 150 lots.
GTP roundhouse was built for 12 engines

Pacific Station
120 mi from Rupert
Elevation- 372 ft above sea level
1626.7 miles from Winnipeg
First Divisional Point on the GTP
Government Telegraph Station.
Railroad Round houses, Machine shops etc.

Headquarters for the Lorne, Fiddler, Chindemash, Hardscrabble, Carpenter, Legate and Oliver Creeks. All of these were within 11 miles of Pacific

1926 they had a tennis court in Pacific.
R. G. Gammon was Secretary of the Tennis club

Pacific shown top of this map

Post Office History

Name of Office: Pacific
Federal Electoral District: Skeena (BC)
Office opened as Nicholl BC Mar 1, 1913
Office name changed to Pacific Jan 1, 1914
Office closed Apr 14, 1958

Postmaster Information:

Name of Postmaster Date of Appointment Date of Vacancy Cause of Vacancy
Thomas Hazle McCubbin 1913-03-01 1939-02-08 Death
John Carmichael McCubbin 1939-02-09 Acting
1939-03-10 1941-11-06 Resignation
Peter Mark 1941-12-31 Acting
1942-04-07 1948-08-30 Resignation
Hans William Sorensen 1948-09-23 Acting
1948-12-27 1958-02-22 Resignation

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or with the endorsement of the National Archives of Canada. The source of this material is the National Archives of Canada

Thomas Hazle McCubbin
b- Nov 14, 1877, Ayr Scotland
d- Feb 8, 1939 in Prince Rupert, age 61
son of John McCubbin and Elizabeth Stevenson
married Elizabeth Shirra Dougall June 18, 1912 in Prince Rupert

John Carmichael “Jack” McCubbin
b- Apr 7, 1913, Prince Rupert BC

McCubbin History see link below
plus a great history article on Pacific
Please refer there for further info on this family

Peter Mark
b- Dec 24, 1895 in Denmark
d- Aug 14, 1977, at MSA General Hospital, Municipality of Matsqui BC
He lived in Aldergrove BC when he died, retired CN Railway worker
Section Foreman when he married
son of Andres Peter Mark, b- Denmark
and Johane Krestine Andersen, b- Denmark
married Hilda Kilgour Styan Apr 8, 1931, at Longworth BC
b- Sept 3, 1908, Vancouver BC (age 22 when she married)
d- May 9, 1990, Langley Memorial Hospital, Langley BC, age 81
Teacher when she married
daughter of Charles Leopold Styan, b- Newcastle, England
and Lillian Kilgour, b- Tynemouth, England

Hans William Sorensen
b- Nov 9, 1907 South Lourup, Denmark
d- Dec 4, 1965 at Yale Rd. E. , Chilliwack BC, age 58
Storekeeper and Railway worker
CNR Section Foreman
son of Niels Peter Sorenson and F. Fredrickson
married to Jean Langlois

I will add some history on John Walker “Jack” Paterson here.
Co-Owner of the Nicholl Hotel
Confused here as Postal Record for Kitselas
says surname was Patterson, same as other history articles,
but other vital records say Paterson? with one t,
note in 1911 census, family name shown as Paterson
Headstone for his wife says Paterson
Wedding Certificate says Paterson,
ad in a newspaper shows one t,
but 1898 BC voter's list says Patterson
I am going with one t.

John Walker “Jack” Paterson
b- Oct 1864 in Aberdeen Muie, Scotland, (1862 in 1911 census)
d- Feb 29, 1936 in Vanderhoof, age 72
Immigrated in 1868 per 1911 census
General Store Merchant in 1911
He was also Deputy Mining Recorder in Kitselas
He was age 46 when he married, living at Kitsalas Canyon
son of John Paterson and Elizabeth Walker
married to Eveleen Paterson, nee Fenwick, Nov 12, 1909, at Port Essington BC
b- Sept 1880, in Westmoreland Rd., Newcastle upon Tyne, England
birth registered Jan-Mar 1881 in Newcastle upon Tyne
d- Apr 2, 1980 Florence Nightingale Private Hospital, Surrey BC, age 99
she is buried in Vanderhoof Municipal Cemetery
but her husband is not in the index there?
strange since he died there, but many years earlier?
Immigrated in 1907 per 1911 census
daughter of John Mack Fenwick,
b- Apr-June 1849 Newcastle upon Tyne, England
and Lydia Hills, who were married Jan-Mar 1873, Newcastle on Tyne, England
b- England
she was age 29 when she got married, living in Vancouver

They had a daughter-
Marjory Paterson
b- Nov 1910 in BC


Jens Anderson- Nicholl Hotel Prop.
b- June 26, 1877, Asase (Aalborg?) Denmark
Served in WWI, Enlisted Feb 18, 1916 in Prince Rupert
Reg # 703741
Private 102nd Batt., Canadian Infantry, Army
next of kin, wife, Marie Anderson
Hotel Keeper when he enlisted

F. A. Widemow- GTP Agent
J. Donahue- Section foreman

Edward “Ed” Barnes - Car Inspector
b- Aug 3, 1882, Calton Notts, England
d- Feb 3, 1958, at home, CNR Junction, Kamloops BC, age 75
Immigrated 57 years before he died
38 years as Car Inspector, retired in 1948
son of Arthur Barnes and Alice Sheppard
both born in England.
married Edith Hilton
she died before him.

W. H. Barnes- Pump Inspector
Dave Ross- Machinist
H. J. Matthews- Lather

W. J. Taper- Locomotive Engineer
son?- Robert Henry Taper
b- ca 1912
d- Nov 7, 1918 in Pacific, age 6
daughter?- Lillian Taper
b- ca 1912
d- Sept 16, 1930 in Tranquille BC, age 18

Prospector / Miner
J. Brand- Prospector
J. Baruba- Prospector
J. N. Gillis- Miner

Harry Jones- Prospector
b- Birmingham England
d- Drowned breaking thru ice prospecting,
ca Jan 1931 Summit Lake dist. Sioux Lookout, ON
He left end of May, 1926 to the new gold fields there.

Mack Orr- Prospector
b- age 51 in 1921, b- in USA

Karl Whitmore- Prospector
(1931 he was in Sioux Lookout, ON area.)
b- age 37 in 1921, b- in ON

Dominion Telegraph
E. H. Fagerlund- Telegraph Operator

M. Brown
J. Burns
Steve Colway- Labourer

Christopher “Chris” Combes- Cook
b- ca 1881, England, (age 40 when he married, living in Smithers)
son of John Combes, b- Edinburgh, Scotland
and Elizabeth Gates, b- England
married Ethel Coombes, May 18, 1921, St. James Church, Smithers BC
b- ca 1890, Perth Scotland, (age 31 when she married, living in Smithers)
daughter of George Charles Coombes, b- England
and Alexandra Robertson, b- Scotland

E. Caspinson (E. C. Casperson?)
F. G. Forest- Clerk
W. Kane- Labourer

Thomas William Wilson Littlefair- Blacksmith
b- Oct 5, 1877, Middlesborough, Yorks, England
d- Aug 27, 1953, Tranquille BC, age 75, from TB,
buried in Hillside Cemetery in Kamloops BC
Immigrated to Canada in 1905
Permanent residence, Prince Rupert,
retired Longshoreman when he died.
Served in WWI, enlisted in Prince Rupert, July 18, 1916, not married
next of kin, Mrs. T. Muse, his Aunt, Wall, Northumberland, England
son of William Littlefair and Jane Tweddal
a relative of Thomas tracked down a patent #110530, he applied for
ca Aug 1907 in Portage La Prairie MB,
re: Bridles for Railroad Track Laying.
If you know anything of this man, please contact me.

C. D. Little- Restaurant
S. Meaney- Labourer
J. Miller- Labourer
C. O'Malley- Labourer
Thomas Hazle McCubbin- Storekeeper (see above)
R. G. Shively- Farmer
A. E. Smith- Bricklayer
A. Smith- Carpenter
F. A. Stewart

Nels Thompson- Contractor
b- May 28, 1880, Gorum, Denmark
d- Aug 18, 1972, Skeenaview Hospital, Terrace, age 92
buried in Terrace Cemetery

J. Vernon- Cook
George E. Warwick- Hostler


some are same names above and below

J. O. Melville- Farming

Roy Moore- Mining
Optioned his MK Group claim on Legate Creek
Had a brother Tom Moore, both in Kitwanga ca1926

Thomas Snell- Mining
Feb 1924 moved to Pitman
1925 he was cutting ties and poles at Chiminess Creek
then rafting them to the USK siding.
He was married

Miss Mary Teeple- School Teacher
(1923 she returned to her home in Vancouver BC)

A. A. Hutchinson- GTP Agent

Population= 50
They had Public School
Anglican and Presbyterian Missions
Sub Recorder for Omineca Mining Division
Government Ferry
CN Telegraph


Central Skeena Prospectors Association

James Bell- Prospector

John Burns- Prospector
b- age 53 in 1921, b- in Ireland

Alexander “Alex” Halliday- Prospector
b- age 49 in 1921, b- abt 1872, in Scotland
Immigrated in 1905

Harry Jones- Prospector
James W. McPherson- Prospector (at Lorne Creek in 1918)
Thomas McMananon- Prospector
Roy Moore- Prospector
Mack Orr- Prospector

James Brown- Prospector
b- ca 1866
d- Jan 3, 1927 Pacific BC, age 61
Jim Brown was Ferryman at Pacific in 1926


Samuel Alger- Section Foreman
(See Usk Page)

Sydney George Gardiner
- CN-GTP Car Inspector
b- age 51 in 1921, b- in England
daughter- Doris Annie Louisa Gardiner
b- ca 1906 in ON

W. B. McDonald
- CN - GTP Lineman

Frederick A. Rogers
- Locomotive Foreman
b- age 30? in 1921 in ON
wife- Hilda Rogers, nee ?
b- age 34 in 1921, b- in Quebec

Robert Taper
- CN-GTP Watchman
age 32 in 1921 born in PEI
wife- Barbie Louise Taper
age 31 in 1921 in PEI
son- Charles Daniel Taper
b- ca 1912 in PEI
daughter- Lillian Jeanette Pearl Taper
b- ca 1913 in PEI

Robert Hurrell Gammon
b- Dec 3, 1875 England
d- July 14, 1946 Prince Rupert General Hospital, Prince Rupert, age 70
buried in Fairview Cemetery, Prince Rupert
Immigrated ca 1912
Car Inspector for 29 years, single
son of Bentley Gammon and Frances Hurrell
Brother lived in Wilkie SK in 1946

W. W. Noonan- CN - GTP Agent
William Winson Noonan
b- Jan 28, 1884, St. John, Newfoundland
d- Oct 4, 1956 near Kwinitsa, CNR, age 72
buried in Telkwa BC
son of John Hyacinthe Noonan and Annie A. Winson
Dominion Telegraph Operator in 1911 in Kitselas
Lived in Telkwa when he died.
Operator, CNR Telegraph, over 50 years in the business
never did retire.
Married Annie Elizabeth Leaver, Nov 3, 1913, Kitsumkalum BC
b- age 28 in 1921 in ON
daughter- Frances C. L. Bates, nee Noonan
daughter- Mary Elizabeth Noonan
b- ca 1915 in BC
daughter- Louise Jean Noonan
b- ca 1918 in BC


Humphrey “Harry” William Clark
- CN Telegraph Operator
b- age 30 in 1921, b- in ON
married- Edith Elizabeth Clark, nee Buchanan, Aug 16, 1913, Lorne MB
b- ca 1995 in MB
daughter- Mildred Emma Clark
b- ca 1914 in MB
son- Roy Victor Clark
b- ca 1916 in MB
son- Arthur Purald? Clark
b- ca 1920 (age 11 mo in 1921) in MB

Nicholl Hotel
- Mrs. Jens Anderson Prop


Norman Barker
- Manager, Restaurant
b- age 37 in 1921 b- in ON
wife- Minnie Helena Barker
b- age 38, in 1921 in ON
daughter- Phyllis Margaret Barker
b- ca 1913 in USA

BC Exploration Co. Ltd.- Mining

J. A. Colbert- School Teacher

Thomas H. McCubbin-
General Store, PM, Mining Recorder (see above)


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