John Theodore Phelan

British Columbia, Canada

John Theodore Phelan
b- Dec 5, 1859, Quebec City, Quebec
d- Oct 15, 1929 in St Joseph's Hospital, Victoria BC, age 69
son of Joseph (Lawrence?) Phelan and Margaret Phelan, nee ?

married Ola Marguerite (Etta?) Phelan, nee Mix, Dec 24, 1888, in Carleton, ON
b- Sept 18, 1870, ON
d- Aug 26, 1924, Vancouver, age 53
daughter of Joshua J. Mix and Minnie Mix, nee ?

son- Harry Lawrence Phelan
b- Nov 5, 1889 (1890?) in Ottawa ON
d- Sept 25, 1949, Shaughnessy Hosptial, Vancouver BC, age 59
Electrical Engineer when he enlisted in one form
Nov 11, 1914 shown as a Law Clerk in another attestation form
He was a Captain in WWI. Reg # 75215

then 4 daughters

Ola Margaret Phelan
b- Sept 28, 1892
married William Dalton Tippens, Railroad Agent, Nashville, Tenn, USA
father's obit says she married a Harry Scott, living in Chilliwack in 1929

Iona Lavina Phelan
b- Apr 19, 1894
married Augustus Bailey, lived in Berkley CA, in 1929

Malvena Marie Phelan
b- May 18, 1896
married John William E. Nicholls, Mining Engineer,
b- London England
He lived in Prince Rupert in 1929

Irene Simmons Phelan
b- May 18, 1897 in Ottawa ON
d- 1968
married Rowley Cruit, Mining Engineer, June 9, 1920 St. Paul's Church, Vancouver BC
b- ca 1890, Liverpool England, (age 30 when he married)
son of William Cruit, cattle importer, and Annie Cummings
divorced Rowley
remarried William Gordon Stephen Mar 26, 1928 in Victoria BC
He was age 39, she was 26
Manager of J. M. Dent & Sons, a wholesale book store.
He lived in Vancouver in 1929
She was an author, She wrote under the name, Pamela Stephen

1901 family lived in Ottawa ON

Phelan family lived at 1800 Haro St., Vancouver, WWI period

Entered the Government service about 30 years before he died in 1929

ca 1910- On Board of Directors of Canadian Financiers Ltd., head office Vancouver BC
shown as Superintendent of Yukon Telegraphs

When his wife died in 1924 he went into a comatose state, unconscious for 6 days, when one of doctors,
suggested they install a telegraph instrument by his bed.
“PN” his private telegraph call ticked off.
When the ticker ticked off
“Every day in every way” he opened his eyes and smiled.
Then the ticker reported he should drink a little milk, and Phelan reached out and took his first drink in 6 days.

Enoch Roscoe Lukens Jones mentions writing to Phelan for years until he died.

He would have been Enoch's Boss.

Phelan Station on the GTP porobably named after this man.

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