Enoch Roscoe Lukens Jones

Kitselas, British Columbia, Canada

Enoch Roscoe Lukens Jones
b- Nov 28, 1877 in Harrisburg, Dauphin, PA, USA
d- Oct 20, 1968, San Francisco, CA, age 90
buried Oct 24, 1968, in Golden Gate National Cemetery, San Bruno, CA, USA, Section Z, Site 2534

Came to Kitselas in 1908 to work on the Dominion Telegraph
July 1910 found an article that shows him as Publisher of the Big Canyon Weekly Newspaper in Kitselas,
He was also interested in mining.
He was preparing to open a Mining Broker's office in Prince Rupert.
He was going to make the mines on the Skeena, and at Alice Arm, his specialty.

Served in Spanish American War, US Signal Corps, Enlisted July 23, 1900 in Harrisburg PA,
arrived in China Abt. Sept 14, 1900.
Discharged in Manila Philippines, May 19, 1903
Received a Commission to serve in Philippines Constabulary

Shown as a Publisher in 1911 Canada census, in Hazelton BC

Veteran 1st Lieut., US Army, WW1, enlisted Aug 14, 1917
when he enlisted he was a Telegraph Operator for Western Union at Pine & Montgomery, in San Francisco, race- White
Lived at 1527A Jones St., San Francisco.

Member of The California Society of the Sons of the American Revolution, # 52627
Descendent of Williams Jones of Cumberland Co Militia, Pennsylvania, USA

1920, 1930 and 1940 US census, family in San Francisco
Enoch shown as a Telegraph Supervisor, Western Union.

In his own words he describes his work experience
“I had previous experience that Phelan (John Theodore Phelan) himself did not know about, that fitted me specially for that work.
spanning rivers in North China with Submarine Cables, building telegraph lines through jungles in the Philippines,
3 years head instructor of the Philippines Division Signal Corps School at Calapan, Mindora, where my standing force was 85 men,
Train dispatching in Pennsylvania etc. all that experience was under my belt before arriving up there. In mining business in Wyoming 1906-1908
and lost everything in the 1907-1908 panic. I quit Wyoming, and went to Seattle looking for employment. Nothing there.
I was advised to go to Vancouver, where it was claimed there were mining opportunities, going hungry for men who knew the game.
Over there through the merest chance I met Phelan. With no recommendation than that I was a telegrapher, asking nothing about my background, he sent me up to Port Essington.
Then on to first boat to Kitsumkalum, and the moment I landed there, ordered me to Kitselas to relieve Bill Wrathall,
who wanted to relieved so he could go to Victoria and be married”

When Enoch arrived in Kitselas it took 3 days for a telegram from Rupert to get to Vancouver. With his ability, and cooperation of other telegraph operators they fixed the line.
For this work Phelan appointed him Circuit Manager.

son of Enoch Beale Jones
b- Mar 29, 1835 PA, USA
d- May 16, 1904 in Sellinsgrove, Snyder Co. PA
son of Rev. William McCord Jones and Elizabeth Coffman
and Sarah Ann Jones, nee Lukens
b- Apr 1832, PA, USA
d- Aug 23, 1907
daughter of David Lukens and Elizabeth Sunderland

Enoch Married Sept 19, 1903 in the Philippines

wife- Remedios Jones, nee Ponce de Leon
b- Jan 24, 1886 in Cuyo, Palawan, Mimaropa, Philippines
(1867 in some documents, but 1886 in Enoch's letter)
d- June 5, 1964 in San Francisco CA, USA
race- Filipino
mother's maiden name- Acero,
buried June 10, 1964, in Golden Gate National Cemetery, San Bruno, CA, USA, Section Z, Site 2534

She was a descendant of the Spanish Explorer, The First Governor of Puerto Rico, and First European Discoverer of Florida (1512), Juan Ponce de León.
Her Ancestors went to the Philippines late 1700's from Spain.
King Carlos sent Don Antonio Ponce de Leon to the Spanish Colony the Island of Cuyo.
The Ponce De Leon's were the leading family of the Island of Cuyo.
They were shown as one-fifth Native Blood.
American Governor Phillips, of the Island of Cuyo, taught Remedios English.
Within 3 months she was in charge of the English School he had set up there.
Lieutenant Jones who was a resident of Lewiston Junction PA, was made Telegraph Inspector for the Island ca 1900.
He boarded with 1st Lieut. of the Island, Lemuel E. Boren.
He had already married a Ponce de Leon girl.
This is where he met his wife.
She learned basic Telegraph, and they sent messages of love to each other.
His father got ill, living in Selinsgrove, by the time he got to America, his dad was dead, and his Mother moved to Williamsport.

first 3 children as of 1911 census, all in Hazelton:

daughter- Mariano Jones
b- Aug 10, 1904
d- Aug 10, 1904

son- Rev. Enoch “Roscoe” Lukens Jones Jr.
b- Sept 8, 1905 in USA
d- Feb 26, 2001 in Cotati, Sonoma, CA, USA, age 95
buried in Cypress Lawn Memorial Park, Daly City, CA, USA
Veteran LCDR, US Navy, WWII
found an article from 1966 saying he was a retired Navy Chaplain., in Los Angeles, ( this could be Sr.?)

son- John Ponce deLeon Jones
b- Aug 10, 1907
d- Sept 23, 1907

above Immigrated in 1908 from US to Canada

daughter- Remedios Jones
b- Jan 1909 in Kitselas, BC
d- ?
1930- Copy Clerk, Telegraph Office in San Francisco

daughter- Isidra “Suzy” Jones
b- Dec 1910 (5 1/2 mo old time of census) in Kitselas, BC
d- ?
married Colin Spangler, divorced by 1940
she had a son

son- Daniel J. Jones
b- Abt 1913, Puerto Princesa, Palawan, MIMAROPA, Philippines
married a Chris and had a daughter

son- David Mifka Jones
b- July 11, 1915, in Philippine Islands
d- Feb 2, 2005 in Elkhorn, Douglas, Nebraska
married Virginia Marie Waller, had 2 children

The family arrived back in US, ca 1918 from Philippines

Son- Benjamin Selin Jones
b- May 28, 1919, San Francisco, CA, USA,
age 14 1/2, Feb 1934,
d- Feb 3, 2010 in Harrisonburg, Harrisonburg City, Virginia
married Francis Marie Rapp, they had 2 daughters.

daughter- Esperanza Jones
b- Abt 1921, CA, USA age 13, Feb 1934

Son- Jacob Gilbert “Jake” Jones
b- June 1, 1922, San Francisco, CA, USA, age 12, Feb 1934
d- Sept 20, 2011, San Francisco, CA

Daughter- Consuelo Jones
b- Abt 1925, CA, USA, age 10, Feb 1934

Note- Frank White was a lodger with the Jones family
in 1911 census (see below)

1910- Big Canyon Weekly Newspaper changed it's name to Inland Colonist, so there was a newspaper printed at Kitselas
June 1911 the paper moved from Kitselas to Hazelton
Frank S. White shown as a printer of a newspaper in Kitselas in 1911
His dad was an orderly at the Foley & Stewart Hospital
Frank S. White
b- Dec 1885, in England
father- Frank White
b- Nov 1869 in England
brother- William G. White
b- Jan, in England
Waiter at the hospital
brother- Harold G. White
b- Dec 1901 in England
family immigrated in 1910

Additional info on Big Canyon Weekly paper from Helene McRae, Terrace:
“Note you have a mention of a printer of the Big Canyon Weekly, did you ever hear of Enoch R. L. Jones, the Owner?
A very interesting fellow, was in the Spanish American War. He had a couple children while at Kitselas.”
some additional info from Helene:
“Enoch kept in touch with the North, He corresponded with my Aunt until they got too old.
I later corresponded with one of the sons, Benjamin, until he was too old to write.
Enoch sold a Lot in Kitselas for $625 and with the money purchased the Press, for the Big Canyon Weekly,
Later moved it to Hazelton, sold it, and returned to the U.S.
Press later came back to Terrace as the “Omineca Herald”.
Lots were first sold for $50.00
but when word of the Railroad was received, they jumped in price.”

Now I do Helene! Thanks for the info, he was an interesting guy!

Today Apr 18, 2013 heard from Enoch's Great Grandson Greg Jones, and hopefully he will get something from this page and Helene's info.
Greg told me Enoch was interested in boxing. He also gave me permission to use the photo above.

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