Lakelse Lake Valley

Lakelse Lake, British Columbia, Canada

Lakelse Valley has European history going back to same era as Terrace and Kitsumkalum.
Obviously the Native population were there first.

Lakelse is the Tsimshian Native language word, for Fesh Water Mussel, found in the Lake and River.

Lakelse Lake Post Card

Lakelse River Postcard, ca 1957 Postcards above courtesy Grant Walker, Studio City, CA

The Kitamaat Wagon Road went from Copper City, through this area, on to Kitamaat Village. see map below

Today Furlong Bay Provincial Park Campsite is there, in the Lakelse Lake Provincial Park, and Lakelse Lake Wetlands Provincial Park, on south end of lake, habitat for Trumpeter Swans,
the Lakelse Picnic site area, Grouchy's Beach on north end of the lake, are all Government operated facilities.
Private operations at Water Lily Bay, still exist, as well as the Mount Layton Hot Springs Resort, which I believe is now closed due to water chlorination issues.
Chlorinating a natural hot springs? makes you wonder?

This page is a history page, not geared to the new facilities.

Lakelse Lake is fed by 13 small creeks.
Outflow is the Lakelse River, which flows to the Skeena River.

Lakelse Lake is located approx. 10 KM S. of Terrace on Highway #37
Elevation- 72 Mtrs.
The lake has a maximum depth of 31.7 Mtrs, and a mean depth of 8.5 Mtrs.
Its surface area is 1460 Hectares, and the shoreline perimeter is 26.8 KMs.

This page covers the lake as well as the valley around it.

Some names and historical events as I find them

M. C. Kendall is credited as the First European who discovered the Lakelse Hotsprings.
He was a Prospector who travelled from Kitimat Arm to Kitsumkalum on the Skeena River.

Milo Cecil Kendall
b- Jan 16, 1873 in Toulon, Stark Co., Illinois, USA
d- ? ,bef July 1926, Drowned, but I don't know where, Yet!
He might have drowned in the Goat River area, Cariboo.
son of Zelotous (Zelotas?) Kendall, and Nancy Wolf
Immigrated in 1894
Naturalized in 1900
1901 census shown in Lorne Creek, b- 1850, age 51, occupation- miner
He enlisted in WWI, Feb 12, 1916, in Prince Rupert, Reg #703723
Army, Canadian Infantry, 102nd Batt.
married Ida “Elizabeth” Holcomb, Jan 30, 1906, Red Oak Montgomery, Iowa
b- Feb, 1864, in Scott Co. Iowa, USA
d- ?
daughter of Jededia Loomis Holcomb and Jan McMellen
1911 both living at Kitselas Hotel, in Kitselas
Terrace Area War Memorial
He had Placer leases that his wife sold after he drowned.
Nov 10, 1906 he was in charge of the Toulon mine at Kitselas
and had 7-10 men working all winter on it.
Shows as Toulon Mine Superintendent in 1914/15 Mining Report.
M. C. Kendall was Ferryman at Usk, in 1920

Preempted Lot 1,004, Coast District, Range 5, Preemtion Record No 154, dated May 25, 1906

Mining report Map

1920 There was a Government Fish Hatchery, and Lithia Water, Hot Springs, at Lakelse.
(see Hot springs link below)
16 miles south of Terrace.
Had a Telegraph Office.

C. Carter- Rancher
(shows in 1919 directory as well)

Joseph “Joe” Cook- Fruit dairy farming
(shows in 1919 directory as well)
1928 Mr. and Mrs. J. Cook were at their ranch across the river? visiting from Anyox

B. Corbett- Ranching
(shows in 1919 directory as well)

C. W. Harrison in charge of Dominion Hatchery
(shows in 1918 directory here as well)
(see bio below)

Ernest “Ernie” Hoult- Ranching
b- May 1884
d- Feb 22, 1930 in Vancouver, age 46
1911 he is shown as a Prospector, cutting trail for road gang.
immigrating in 1907.
(shows in 1919 directory as well)
In 1926 he left with Frank Phiscator Jr. (see Terrace Hotel History)
to the Williams Creek Country to prospect there.
In 1923 they wrote Ernie Hoult was one of the best known Ranchers and Prospectors in the area.

William Hoult- Ranching
George William Hoult?
he died Feb 6, 1949 at Red Cross Hospital, Terrace, abt age 60
shown as a fur trapper
(shows in 1919 directory as well)
Hoult brothers, Ernie and William above
and their father, Charles Hoult,
came to the district, ca 1911, from England.
Their father, Charles Hoult committed suicide
near his cabin in the area, Sept 19, 1928, age 76

July 1929 they were worried about road conditions in the area,
Hoult Hill was one problem area, bridge near Joe Cooks another,
congestion on Lakelse Road, and Parking problems, in 1929!

Eli Knutson- Ranching
b- Feb 1864 in USA, immigrated in 1903, Norwegian
d- Oct 16, 1919, in Terrace BC, age 54
(farm labourer in Lakelse Valley in 1911)
(shows in 1919 directory as well)
He died late 1919 so collecting info for the directory
was quite a while before printing date.

Layton & Waugh- Ranching
(shows in 1919 directory as well)

1911 map

View of Lakelse Lake and the Valley from Copper Mountain
courtesy Brian Wolfe, Ladysmith BC

Mount Layton Hot Springs named after Mr. R. B. H. Layton.
Mount Layton near Williams Creek, on Old Lakelse Lake Rd
Mr. Layton lived at it's base, where he had a pre-emption.

Mount Layton
Range 5, coast Land district Lat- 54º 25' 8“ N, Long- 128º 28' 35” W

Found a R. B. Layton in 1918 Terrace directory, Mixed farming
also in 1919 and 1920 directory as R. B. Layton, small fruit and vegetables.
He isn't shown in 1921 Directory or later.
For someone this famous, he should be known.
He finally shows up in 1921 census

Richard Beaumont Huntington Layton
b- bet July-Sept 1882, in Stamford, Lincolnshire, England
d- Oct-Dec 1941 in Finsbury Reg Dist, London, England, age 59

He immigrated in 1914 to Canada
his Grandfather-
Richard Layton
b- age 76, in 1891, Peterboro, Northants
Teacher of music in 1871
retired organist at St. Martin's Church, Stamford
his Grandmother-
Eliza Layton, nee ?
b- age 70, in 1891 Peterboro, Northants

Children of Grandfather and Grandmother,
Richard and Eliza:
daughter- Martha E. Layton, b- age 19 in 1871 in Stamford
daughter- Emily Layton, b- age 16 in 1871 in Stamford
son- Richard J. Layton-
b- bet Oct-Dec 1853, age 7 in 1861 census, in Stamford, Lincolnshire.
d- May 21, 1926,Kesteven County Mental Hospital, Rouceby, in Sleaford Reg. Dist, Lincolnshire England, age 72
I am 99.9% sure Richard J. Layton is our Richard's father
in 1891 his father is shown as a patient in an asylum in Bracebridge, shown married.
his occupation was a Piano tuner.
1911 his father was still a mental patient

mother- Alice Mary Huntington
b- age 18, in 1881, Rayleigh, Essex, England
parents married July-Sept 1880,
Reg Dist Barrow Upon Soar, Leicestershire England

sister- Florence Eveline Layton
b- age 7, in Stamford in 1891
she married Walter Henry Palmer
and she inherited her dad's meagre estate.

I found a record of a Richard B. H. Layton
heading back to England from New York in July 24, 1924
arriving in Southampton on the SS Majestic.
shown as a draftsman here.

Living with his grandparents at 15 Bath Row, Stamford in 1891

have 2 Waugh's to chose from as his partner:
found a George Waugh in Stewart in 1911,
b- Nov 23, 1885 in Scotland,
d- Mar 13, 1962 in Shaughnessy Hospital, in Vancouver BC, age 76
He Immigrated in 1907, labourer, not married.

and L. W. Waugh, in Prince Rupert, a Telegraph Operator
also shown in Anyox.
Leo Walter Waugh
b- May 1882 in Halifax, NS, Canada
age 31 when he married, Asst Supt Government Telegraph.
son of Richard Joseph Waugh, Superintendent of US Cable.
and Sarah Josephine Fougere (1858-?)
married Florence Agnes MacDonald, Dec 8, 1916, at Holy Rosary Church, Vancouver BC
b- PEI, age 28, when she married
daughter of Joseph Ronald MacDonald, a merchant, and Florence Blanche Murphy

A. Martin- Mixed Farming
(shows in 1918 and 1919 directory here as well)

F. Matison (Fabian Matson?)- Ranching
(shows as F. Mattson in 1919 directory)

Michaud Brothers- Fruit and Mining
James Albert Michaud
b- Oct 1871, USA, immigrated in 1904,
(farmer in 1911 in Lakelse Valley)
and Edward Michaud
b- Mar 1854 in USA, immigrated in 1904,
(farmer in 1911 in Lakelse Valley)
(show as Meechaud Bros in 1919 directory)
1927 directory shows Albert and Alfred Michaud brothers.
Michaud is the correct spelling Michaud Brothers

Frederick “Fred” Nelson- Ranching
b- July 1859, Sweden, immigrated in 1901
(farm labourer in Lakelse Valley in 1911)
(shows in 1919 directory as well)
Aug 7, 1926 his body was found in the Skeena River, near Remo
and suicide was suspected. age about 75
He was in the Rupert Hospital for a leg injury, prior to his death.
Known as a well known Terrace Resident at the time.
Came to the Valley in 1908.
His cane and hat were found first on the river bank.
Relatives in SK and Pincher Creek AB, were thought at the time.

Andrew Olson- Mining Operator
b- Apr 1874, Norway, immigrated in 1905
(shown as a Prospector in 1911)
(1919 directory shows him operating own Gold Mine)

C. Olson- Ranching
(shows in 1919 directory as well)

Roy Pearson- Dairy Farming
(shows in 1919 directory as well)
Miss I. M. Pearson was a school teacher
at Lakelse Valley School, Aug 1933
Her brother R. L. Pearson was in Vanderhoof

W. J. Sanson- Ranching
(shows in 1919 directory as well)
1927 he was part of the hatchery staff
Dec 1928 he took over the Terrace Hotel
while Mr. Gordon went to Seattle on a holiday.

Thomas Turner (Sr.)- Ranching
b- Jan 1869, in Scotland,
d- July 9, 1941 in Terrace, age 72
(farm labourer in Lakelse Valley in 1911)
(shows in 1919 directory as well)
Had a son Thomas Turner Jr. in the area as well.


A Mr. Albert Cote had a great crop of Tobacco in the Lakelse Valley.
Yield 1/2 lb to one plant. This is the first time I have read Tobacco grows here.

Ross & Clacker Sawmill operated in the valley.
A Mr. Dan Clacker lived at Remo, same guy?

J. Kirkpatrick shipped a car load of lumber.

Fred & Bert Michaud had gone trapping Michaud Brothers

Herman Freekman had a poultry farm in the valley
Herman Freckman, (see my Kalum Lake page)

Mr. Bailey was erecting a large house

Lakelse Hatchery, aka: Skeena River Hatchery, aka: Dominion Government Hatchery

Owned by the Dominion Government

Dominion Hatchery at Lakelse Lake ca 1911

Dominion Fish Hatchery photos taken by Doug Foster, Terrace, Mar 15, 2020
As you can see it is a large cement structure.

Skeena River Hatchery in operation since 1894

Mr. Thomas Whitwell, was the First Superintendent

My guess for this fellow is
Thomas James Whitwell
b- May 25,1851 in Hull, Yorkshire, England,
d- Jan 26,1920 in Victoria, BC.
He married Susan Jane Mann Dec 26, 1887 in Victoria, BC
daughter of James Mann and Mary Maynard.
b- June 26, 1854 in Stoke Damerel, Stoke, Devon, England,
d- Dec 6, 1943 in Victoria, BC
with him passing away in 1920 that coincides
with Mr. Harrison taking over.

Granite Creek Hatchery built in 1903 in another article, on Granite Creek, which later was called Hatchery Creek enters the lake 1/2 mile north of Oli's place.

Apr 17, 1903, Mr. Thomas Whitwell of Victoria BC, returned from the Skeena River Hatchery, located at Lakelse Lake, on the steamer Danube.
He was there for 10 months prior to this date. He was in charge of the hatchery at that time.
He reported a severe winter, snow 7 ft 6 in on the ground, Feb 9, 1903.
He left Apr 2, 1903 with assistants, Mr. Pretty and Mr. Noble.
They had to make 7 portages over ice on the Skeena River.
2 natives were with them, so imagine they were in a canoe.

Mr. Noble? can't find this guy

Mr Pretty might very well be A. W. Pretty
who shows up in charge of the Babine Lake Hatchery later

Apr 15, 1905, Mr. Thomas Whitwell shown as Superintendent of the Skeena River Hatchery
returned to Victoria with Mr. Hall and Mr. Pretty, his assistants, via canoe to Port Essington, going down the Lakelse River, for 10 miles, and 63 miles on the Skeena.
It took them 14 1/2 hours, then on the steamer Princess Beatrice. They placed 4 million sockeye eggs that season.

A Mr. Herman was also at the hatchery in 1905 (see below) as well as a Mr. Keefer, from the Public Works Dept.
who built a better dam on Granite Creek to supply the hatchery with a better supply of water. Only problem was the filtration of the water was poor.
Keefer surname is well known in the Dominion Public Works Dept.
Hard to tell which one was here.

Mr. Herman above, would be Peter Herman
Herman Lake near Remo was named after this man, and apparently Mount Herman, per GeoBC. Lat- 54°24'22“ N, Long-128°36'38” W

Peter Herman
b- Apr 4, 1864 (1862?) in Germany
d- Oct 6, 1907, drowned in a boating accident, Hextall River
son of George Herman

Peter Herman Family photo from his Great Grand-Daughter, Suzanne
Peter Herman, Kate Spence, Her mother, Mary Spence,
Bill Herman, Roy Valpy, Walter (baby) in Mary Spence's lap

Peter married Kate Spence, a Native, May 5. 1894 at Port Essington
He owned the Caledonia (Caledonian?) Hotel in Port Essington.
1898 voters list, fisherman in Port Essington
Dec 1898 he took out an application to build a wharf at P. Essington
Shown as a Merchant in the application.
He also operated a cannery there.
1903 he ran for the Provincial Liberals and lost.
Mar 15, 1904 sealed tenders were asked for by Simon Leiser & Co. Ltd. Yates St. Victoria, who held the mortgage on Mr. Herman's land etc.,
They were selling everything, hotel, cannery equipment.
Lots 1 and 2, block 3 at Port Essington.
Plus all the houses and cannery at Dundas Island.
This was the same company that was buying his canned fish.
His 7 year old child, named Peter Alexander Herman also drowned.
d- Mar 6, 1915 at Port Essington
Peter and his wife had 4 other children.
(see EXT link below for more info)

Mr. Hall= Richard Hall? just not sure.

In 1906, Hatchery location was described at the head of the Lakelse River. Sockeye Salmon Hatchery Operated until Oct 31, 1936

1907 in charge was Thomas Whitwell

The First Hatchery on Granite Creek, at Lakelse Lake, was put out of commission, by a flood in the Fall of 1917.

May 1919 plans were announced on building a new Hatchery at a cost of $30,000, at Lakelse Lake.
Lieut. Col. F. H. Cunningham Dominion Inspector of Fisheries, made the official announcement.

S. B. Johnstone was described as the First Superintendent, which would have been the “New” Hatchery, after which he went on to own the Lakelse Hotel (Lodge) (see bio below.)

1918- 1920 Directories- Charles William Harrison
was in charge of the Dominion Hatchery
b- Burbridge, Yorkshire, England, age 48 when he married
son of William Elliott Harrison, and Mary Ellen ? can't read last name
both born in England
married Kathleen Teresa O'Rourke, Mar 24, 1923
at Holy Rosary Rectory, Vancouver BC
b- at Victoria BC, age 29 when she married
daughter of Luke O'Rourke and Mary Ellen Walsh
both born in Ireland

James Catt-
Catt Point on Lakelse Lake, named after him
Lat- 54°23'06“ N,
Long- 128°33'51” W

James Catt
b- Mar 29, 1888 in Blandford, Dorset, England
Baptized in Spetisbury, Dorset, England
d- Sept 16, 1959, while fishing on Salmon River, a river in Alma, NB, age 71
buried in Fern Hill Cemetery
son of George Henry Catt, b- Sussex England, and Alice Maud Willis

by July 1923 he was Superintendent at the Hatchery, Aug 1923 he was promoted to “Inspector of Fisheries” in Eastern Canada, by the Dominion Government.
They even erected a memorial to this man's work, in the New Brunswick area. (see link below)
First wife- Noreen Madeline Orme, married in Dorset England
When he died he lived at 202 Duke St, Saint John, NB
2nd wife- Lois Annette Catt, nee Holly
He had retired in 1957, after 46 years in the Fisheries Dept.
showed as divorced when he married Lois.
He enlisted in WWI, Nov 10, 1914 in Victoria, reg # 77114
He was a Gun Officer in Royal Navy on HMS Britannia from 1903-1906
He was a member of some militia group in Prince Rupert
his dad was next of kin at Lytteton Lodge, Dorset, England
Trade shown as Fish Culture.
Very distinguished gentleman by the sounds of it.

Nov 1923- R. H. “Tim” Eaton was acting Manager of the Hatchery. 1924 he came to Terrace from the Hatchery on a visit

Roy Herbert “Tim” Eaton
b- Nov 4, 1885, Aurora, Hamilton Co., Nebraska, USA
d- July 3, 1961 St. Josephs Hospital, Comox BC
buried in Qualicum Cemetery
He lived in Qualicum Bay, single.
retired in 1950, Supt of Government Fish Hatchery, worked for 30 years
son of Joseph W. Eaton and Rachel M. Graham, both b- Indiana USA
Roy enlisted in WWI, Reg # 2115671, Oct 6, 1917 in Saskatoon SK
living in North Battleford SK when he enlisted. Rank LCP.
shown as a Car Salesman and Gas Engineer.
next of kin his mother in Chula Vista CA

1923- B. H. Symns worked at the Hatchery
Bernard Herbert Symns? my best guess

1926-1930 I see the name Mr. and Mrs. Charles H. “Charlie” Raven were at the Hatchery. Their original home, and farm, was at Kalum Lake.

1926- shown as an employee at the Hatchery
John Raven as a fruit grower. (father)

Charles H. Raven
b- Sept 29, 1894, Abbaccia, Cairo, Egypt,
d- Apr 28, 1949, Royal Columbian Hospital, New Westminster, BC, age 54
age 26 when he married,
when he died shown as a carpenter until 1948
son of John George Raven, b- 1862? or 1875?, Wrentham, Suffolk, England
and Miriam Small, b- Nunton, Salisbury, England (see both below)
Charles married Florence Louise Gibbons, Oct 8, 1920, at St. Matthews Church, Terrace BC.
b- Aug 19, 1895, Hounslow, England
d- Sept 18, 1963, Royal Columbian Hospital, New Westminster BC, age 68
she was age 25 when she married,
daughter of George Gibbons, and Eunice Cox, both b- England

Charlie's Sister- Rose Gertrude Raven,
b- Sept 12, 1902, Kilburn, England
d- Dec 11, 1963, Kootenay Lake General Hospital, Nelson BC
age 22, when she married Nov 12, 1924 in Terrace, to
Edward Hunter, age 26, Gunsmith, b- Indianapolis IN
son of Edward Hunter, b- Scotland, and Ellie Matthews, b- Ireland

another Sister of Charles- Edith Miriam Raven
b- ca 1898, Kilburn, England
d- Dec 28, 1985, Royal Columbian Hospital, New Westminster BC
age 24 when she married,
married Oct 31, 1922, Clergyman's home, Terrace
to Henry Stewart Creelman, Terrace Train Station Agent
age 34, b- Oct 11, 1886, Princeport, NS,
d- July 24, 1967, 8617 -11th ave. Burnaby BC, age 80
son of William Creelman, b- Princeport NS
and Catharine Wilson, b- NS
Henry retired as CNR station agent in 1951,
after 43 years in the business
Edith and Henry had 2 sons by 1928

Charles Father- John George Raven
enlisted in Prince Rupert, Feb 12, 1916, in WWI
reg #703722, Canadian Infantry, Army, Private
next of kin his wife- Miriam, 24 Gowing Rd., Isleworth, Misslesex, England
shown b- Dec 30, 1862, Wrentham, Suffolk, England
shown born in 1875 in enlistment form
d- Feb 23, 1929 in Prince Rupert ,age 68 makes 1862 more likely
Occupation- Joiner.

Charles Mother- Miriam Raven, nee Small,
b- ca 1863, Nunton, Salisbury England
d- Dec 24, 1932 in Terrace, age 69

1928 Directory- Charles Thams and J. Symnes (Symns?) worked at the Hatchery

1928- 1936 Major Charles Robert Thornley Hearn, Superintendent
b- Sept 13, 1886, Ireland
d- Shaughnessy Hospital, Vancouver BC, age 67
son of Charles Richard Mont Orgueil Hearn and Ellen Thornley
Civil Servant, Federal Government, Fisheries Service
for 34 years, ending in 1951
wife- Charlotte Madeline Mayne, age 30 in 1910
He was from a very well off family in Ireland.
1915 he was in London Gazette- 2nd Lieutenant,
3rd Batt., Royal Dublin Fusiliers.
He is still listed here in 1935 Directory
so obviously the last Superintendent here.
found info that he was the last one to leave, Oct 31, 1936.

Flood of 1932 washed their truck away and Granite Creek changed course a bit.
1923 they bought a new 1 ton Ford Truck for the Hatchery

1932, Mr. and Mrs. H. McPherson were in Terrace from the Hatchery

When the Hatchery was removed. George Little built a new Government wharf, where the hatchery had a float.
Referred to as Hatchery Bay, as it was a sheltered area.

picture link below

then I found this article and obituary on Mr. John Williams
John Williams, Able Seaman - John Williams, now 81, was a powder monkey on the line-of-battleship Nile in the Crimea. When he went to the Baltic on Nile he was a civil servant, and was enrolled as a 1st class boy. When the fleet anchored off Reval and parties were landed from the large ships, young Williams was, to his disappointment, unable to get ashore, being powder monkey on the forward gun. While he was on Nile one of the marines had his head blown off as a result of an accident. The Captain, when showing some ladies over the ship, accidentally fired a gun which was always kept loaded, and the marine, who was coming up a hatchway, had his head blown away. His 1st year in the Baltic was spent on Nile, and the 2nd year on the Duke of Wellington, another 2-decker, which carried 91 guns. After peace came in the Crimea he served a commission on HMS Boscawen at the Cape, being on that station 3 � years. During this time the Indian mutiny broke out, and he promptly volunteered, but was not accepted. Mr Williams was on HMS Jason in his 3rd commission on the W Indian station, and when at Tampico, where the warship loaded 70T of bullion, yellow fever broke out on board. The ship was ordered to Bermuda, where the sick were landed. The fever played havoc with the doctors, and he volunteered to nurse the sick, especially his bunkmate. He was not allowed to go on board, though, until more nurses were sent. Of the crew of 270 on Jason, only 70 went home; the remainder died. He later joined his ship at Halifax. With his medals Mr Williams should be wearing the bronze of the Royal Humane society also. When his ship was at Devonport being stripped, the commander, Captain Munday, fell overboard. He jumped over from the bow and saved him. Captain Munday gave him a 5L note, but he was not anxious to have much said of the accident, and, presumably, this was why the deed was not brought to the attention of the Humane society. There were long accounts of the episode in the Devonport papers. After spending 2 years on the Coast Guard ship Saint George at Falmouth, he volunteered for service on the line-of-battleship Rodney, flagship of Admiral Keppel, on the China station. He took part in the Chinese War, going up the Yangtzse-Kiang, where a party of 300 men were landed, and they marched to the Chinese capital. Afterwards Rodney went to Swatow, and he was in the landing party which took and destroyed the Chinese walled city. After 15 yrs' service, he took his discharge, at his own request, on the China Coast, and went to Australia to engage in the pearling trade. For 3 years he sailed from the pearling ports of W Australia in a lugger commanded by Captain Francis Cadie, being mate of the pearler. They had a crew of Malays, and they dived for pearl oysters on the grounds in the S ocean. Then, tiring of the life on the pearling grounds, he joined a coasting steamer, and after some time in that service, thought he would like to see England again. He shipped on the bark Glengowan, of Greenock, bound to Portland, to load grain for the United Kingdom. The bark ran into heavy weather when off the N Pacific coast, and was abandoned in a waterlogged condition, afterwards foundering off Cape Flattery. With his shipmates, Williams rowed into Barkley Sound, arriving there on Xmas Day. It wasn't a very merry Xmas. They camped on a small island for a few weeks, having a very hard time, and then made their way to the Cape Beale lighthouse, going later to the Indian village at Dodger's Cv, on Village I, from where the shipwrecked company was brought to Victoria. Mr Williams decided then to make Victoria his home, but the sea lured him again, and he joined the US revenue cutter Oliver Walker. He did not remain long, however, and, returning to Victoria, he went to work for the Albion Iron Works. He was married then, his bride being Miss Mary Woods, whose father was an engineer there. Two years later Mrs Williams died. Then he went to sea again, and worked on many of the Canadian Pacific Railroad steamers, lastly Ontario Otter. Leaving that vessel, he went to Lakelse, where for 14 years he was employed at the Dominion government's fish hatchery. Now, in the autumn of his life, he is an inmate of the Old Men's Home. [Colonist, 1913-11-25*]

Obituary Died Dec 4, 1915 at Victoria, British Columbia, John Williams. Victoria loses another of her pioneer residents, and the British Campaigners' Association loses, in point of service, its oldest member. Deceased had a most adventurous career. He was well known here, and his loss will be keenly regretted. native of Devonport, England, aged 82, when only a boy, went to sea. When what is known as the Crimean War extended to the Baltic, he offered his services and was accepted as a 1st class boy. Previously, he had been employed as a civil servant. During the battle in the Baltic, he served in company with Dr Rolston, formerly fleet surgeon, who resides here. He was a powder monkey on the line-of-battleship Nile in the Crimea, and when the party anchored off Revel and men were landed, he was unable to go ashore, being powder monkey for the forward gun. He spent the 1st year of that campaign on Nile, and 2nd year with Duke of Wellington, a 2-decker, carrying 91 guns. When peace was again declared, he was sent to serve at Cape of Good Hope station, where he remained for 3 � years. While he was there, the Indian Mutiny broke out, but, although he offered his services, he was not accepted. He subsequently was sent to the W Indian station, where he served for a time with HMS Jason. While the vessel was docked at Tampico, loading 70T of bullion, yellow fever broke out among member of crew and the ship was ordered to Bermuda, where the sick were landed. All the doctors fell victims to the disease, and Williams volunteered to act in the capacity of nurse. Owing to the serious condition of the greater part of the crew, he was not allowed to act until other nurses were sent to the scene. Of the crew of Jason, only 70 out of 270 survived. Mr Williams should have been the holder of the Royal Humane society medal, for, while his ship was stn'd at Devonport some years later, he saved his captain from drowning… [see 1913] For 2 years, he was on CG ship Falmouth, and later was transferred to line-of-battleship Rodney, on the China station. He was among the detachment of British soldiers and marines which went up the Yangtse-Kiang during the China War, and he took part in the siege of Swatow, a Chinese walled city. At the conclusion of 15 years service at the China station, he secured his discharge at his own request, and set out for Australia where he engaged in the pearl-fishing industry. Three years were spent on a sealing lugger, with a crew of Malays, in the pearl grounds of the S Pacific and Indian oceans. While engaged in this romantic industry, he acted as mate under Captain Cadie. Tiring of the routine of pearlfisher, he returned to England. He shipped on bark Glengowan, bound for United Kingdom with grain. The vessel was to call at Portland, Oregon, before continuing to England, and, while cruising along the Pacific coast, she was beset by heavy seas and foundered off Cape Flattery. The ship was left in a waterlogged condition, and Williams and the remainder of the crew rowed to Barkley Snd, where they spent Xmas day on an island. Upon arriving at Victoria he decided that he could do nothing better than to make this place his home, and he established his residence here. The call of the sea lured him to take a berth on US revenue cutter Oliver Walker, but he soon tired of this, and was subsequently employed by Albion Iron Works. About 20 years ago he was employed by Dominion Government fish hatchery at Lakelse, where he worked for 12 years. During the autumn of his life he spent his days at the Old Men's Home. All member of British Campaigners' Association are requested to attend the ceremony and should wear their medals on the lapel of their outer coat. Funeral - gun carriage draped with Union Jack adorned with emblem of valor - a wreath of palms. Included a large body of bluejackets, Campaigners and Native Sons, Post No 1. Present, George A Smith, vet/Crimea, Indian Mutiny and China War; George Millett, Indian Mutiny, George Day, Indian frontier campaigns and Afghanistan war; T Wright Hill, representing Seamen's Institute. Pallbearers: W H Moore, Luck, Rainbow, W Kingswood, A Denholme, W Heay, V Milloy, Shearwater. L 012 E E [Colonist, 1915-12-04*]

info above from: Leona Taylor and Dorothy Mindenhall, “Index of Historical Victoria Newspapers,” Victoria’s Victoria, http://www.victoriasvictoria.ca/, 2007.

William's Creek named after him?

aka: Lakelse Hot Springs Hotel

Caption- The Hotel, Lakelse Springs
Lakelse Hot Springs Hotel, ca 1920 postcard
Wilkie Photo
My guess his name was John Wilkie, a miner who lived in Terrace, Rupert and other places, but he is a mystery photographer.
He took many old pictures in Terrace as well. Too bad no initial shown.
Postcard courtesy Grant Walker, CA

Lakelse Hot Springs Postcard
Wilkie Photo, same era as photo above.
Postcard Courtesy Grant Walker, CA

1920- builder and owner-
John Bruce Johnstone
b- Nov 15, 1879, Park Corner, PEI
d- May 2, 1954, in Terrace Hospital, Terrace BC, age 74
per death cert, but in Victoria BC per newspaper at the time.
buried in Kitsumgallum Cemetery, Terrace
Hatching Manager in Victoria BC, age 34 when he married
son of John Johnstone, and Eliza Rebecca Montgomery (b-1855)
John was a Captain when he married Eliza Mar 9, 1892 in Clifton PEI

His wife Eliza was related to Lucy Maud Montgomery of Anne of Green Gables fame.
Mr. Gordon of the Terrace Hotel was related to characters in her book (sister and brother)
so now we have 2 connections in this area, to this one book!

J.B. Johnstone shows as owner of Lakelse Hotel in 1918 directory.
He married Beatrice May Bradley, Nov 24, 1913,
at Grandview Methodist Church, New Westminster, BC
b- Mar 22, 1880, Ottawa ON, age 33 when she married
d- Mar 21, 1948, at Lakelse Lake BC, age 67, before her husband
daughter of Samuel Bradley, and Margaret Alexander

After he sold his Lakelse Lake Interests, J. B. Johnstone became Foreman at George Little's Mill. He was doing that job, until he left to Victoria, where he died.

ca Nov 8, 1920, Lakelse Hot Springs Ltd., $200,000, Prince Rupert became a new Incorporated Company

June 1923, Dr. Alfred Hugh Bayne, a Dentist from Prince Rupert, and Captain J. B. Colthurst, bought the Lakelse Hot Springs Hotel, opening it on July 5th, 1923,
added 2 new baths in the hotel, and added 2 more row boats, they were previously investors in the hotel.

Dr. Alfred Hugh Bayne
b- Dec 15, 1889, Thorold, ON
d- May 20, 1983, Lions Gate Hospital, North Vancouver BC, age 93
son of Vincent Bayne, and ? Murphy, both b- England
married to Violet Sarah White

Captain John Colthurst Bowen-Colthurst
b- August 12, 1880, in Ireland
d- Dec 11, 1965 in Penticton, age 85
son of Robert Walter Travers Bowen-Colthurst
and Georgina de Bellasis Greer
His descendants now own Water Lily Bay Resort
a rental cabin complex on North-East side of the lake

1926- W. G. Watson- shown as Manager of Lakelse Hot Springs Hotel

May 1926 article stated J. Bruce Johnstone took over the Lakelse Hot Springs hotel again

Early May 1929 J. B. Johnstone owner of the Lakelse Hot Springs Hotel, was building a new hotel, a mile and half closer to Terrace,
Than the original hotel, which he was turning into a bath house.

May 1929 the new Lakelse Hotel was well under construction, Owner J. B. Johnstone, 17 room building, expected to open mid June 1929

June 10, 1930 a Liquor license was being applied for the Lakelse Hot Springs Hotel, to serve beer, situated at DL 4127, Range 5, Cassiar Dist.

Oct 14, 1931, Beatrice May Johnstone, Applicant and J. Bruce Johnstone, her Agent, applied for a water license to divert 15,000 gals out of Lakelse Hot Spring
from it's source, at DL #684, Range 5, Coast District. to DL #4127, Range 5, Coast District

Ray Skoglund bought the property and operated it for many years and eventually the BC Government took ownership, and sold it to Bert Orleans from Kitimat at that time.
Link below for all the history on the Hotsprings, and Johnstone family, Skoglund and Orleans

Ray Skoglund took a bulldozer into the property in 1958.
One article in 1961, described him as a lean Poker Faced Albertan, who had been a City Policeman, a Mackenzie River Boatman, a logger, and a Construction Man.
The same article said he had a $250,000 Spa. It included one of the hottest hot springs in North America, and the largest single spring in Canada
a 100 ft wide by 200 ft Deep hole lined with fine clay. the clay was used for therapeutic purposes. Lithium, Sulphur free, odorless and pleasant to taste.

Nearby where he was building was the remnants of the 14 room Log Hotel built in 1910. This old Hotel had burnt down in 1936. It was built by Bruce Johnstone and Hank Boss.

ca 1961, He built 2 concrete swimming pools, one with a plastic dome over it. 10 rooms which were adjacent to the pool

He paid $65,000 for the water rights, and 320 acres of land around the springs.

By 1965 the papers were saying it was a $660,000 resort. Outside pool was kept at 85 deg, inside pool at 100 deg.

An old Lakelse Hot Springs Post Card
courtesy Grant Walker, Studio City, CA
Kind of looks from the Ray Skoglund Period

Lakelse Hot Springs, 1951
courtesy Mr. Kevin Shannon
His father was the Manager of the Nicholson Mine, just east of Usk.

Lakelse Hot Springs Resort Postcard, 1963
Courtesy Grant Walker, CA

Postcard of Lakelse Hotsprings Hotel
courtesy Darren Rieberger

Oli's Place was the place to go for dancing and dinner, now doing research Oli Kroyer and his assistant, Patrick “Pat” Mahoney had the First Zoo in the North.
A Zoo at Lakelse Lake?

Adventure Land Zoo is what they called it.
Monkeys, a couple of Caymans, (South American Crocodiles), and a Coatimundi, also from Latin America
It opened June 17, 1967

Located on 1st Ave next to the lake. at corner of Old Lakelse Lodge Rd.

Closed in Oct 1991, the Liquor License was pulled.
Local residents signed a petition against strippers at the pub.
It has been opened a few times since then as a restaurant.
But think it is closed and for sale now

Patrick Mahoney
b- May 23, 1915, Hader AB
d- July 11, 1968, age 53
shown as a Showman, at a Zoo

Post Office History

Name of Office: Lakelse (Summer Office)

Federal Electoral District: Skeena (BC)

Office Opened- Aug 1, 1913
Location - Lot 4127, Range 5, Coast District

Closed- Sept 30, 1934
Re-opened June 1, 1935
Closed Sept 30, 1935

Postmaster Information:

Name of Postmaster Date of Appointment Date of Vacancy Cause of Vacancy
Fred E. Cowell 1913-08-01 1914-01-09 Resignation
John Bruce Johnstone
(see above)
1914-09-01 1917-03-31 Closed
John Bruce Johnstone 1934-08-01 1935-09-30 Closed

This reproduction is NOT represented as an official version of the materials reproduced, nor as having been made in affiliation with,
or with the endorsement of the National Archives of Canada. The source of this material is the National Archives of Canada

first Postmaster- Fred E. Cowell
b- Mar 1882 in ON (date from 1911 census)
d- ?
age 29, Copper River, in 1911 Census, shown as a farmer
Scotch nationality
1891 census shows a Fred Cowell, age 12 in ON
just no clue if same guy
1914 he is shown as coming up from Andimaul to Hazelton

a later census will show him maybe?

aka: Lakelse Kid's Camp

Located on SE side of the Lake, off 1st ave

From what I can find, this started out as a Knox United Church Camp, with a bunkhouse added from the Fish Hatchery.
I wouldn't bet the farm on this info, but think it's right.

Operated by the Kinsmen Club since 1946 for sure.
see link below

1934- the Prince Rupert Girl Guides were at the camp

1924- 19 boys and girls attended a camp at the lake.

Boy Scouts and Cubs have used the Camp.

Furlong Bay and the Provincial Park

Furlong Bay Campsite Opened July 7, 1967
replaced a site that disappeared in a mud slide into the lake, June 19, 1962

Area named after John Furlong
He shows up living in the Lakelse Valley in 1911 Census, so an early settler in the area.
John Furlong
b- 1873 in England
1911 shown as age 37, immigrated in 1883, Irish Ancestry, Farmer

found a John James Furlong
b- Oct 2, 1873 in England, so that fits birth year from census,
d- May 7, 1957 in Vancouver General Hospital, Vancouver BC, age 83
living at St. Vincent's Home, 853 Pender St East in Vancouver, when he died.
shown 58 years in the Province, when he died,
married Violet Smith.
Found a John James Furlong that married a Violet Hamilton
Jan 2, 1934 in Vancouver. same people ?

Furlong would have had a Pre-Emption in the area.

H. N. Boss- Hotel Keeper
Henry Newton “Hank” Boss
b- June 1871 in USA, in 1911 census in Victoria, age 40, retired
d- Feb 9, 1925 in Victoria, age 59
married Martha Washington O'Neill, Oct 9, 1912 in Vancouver
she was born in Barkerville

July 30, 1908 a Henry N. Boss left Prince Rupert on SS City of Seattle, and sailed to Seattle, age 30,
est b- 1870, in Canada, shown as a Mining Engineer
last permanent residence Port Essington BC

another record shows him b- Jan 3, 1865 in Burford, Brant Co., ON, Canada
father- Henry Levi Boss, and mother- Elizabeth Ann Evans

his Obituary
Died Feb 10, 1925 at Victoria, BC, Henry Newton Boss, a BC pioneer.
About 1898 he moved to the Boundary country
and had a store at Eholt and later Beaverdell,
then was for some years a telegraph operator
on the Skeena River and Bulkley Valley…
For the past 8 years he has been an accountant
in the Forest Branch of Department of Lands.
Pallbearers: G R Madden, G V Copley, C B Peterson, S W Barclay,
E C Manning, R C Field. ROBP
[Colonist, 1925-02-12*] info from
Leona Taylor and Dorothy Mindenhall, “Index of Historical Victoria Newspapers,” Victoria’s Victoria, http://www.victoriasvictoria.ca/, 2007.

John Henry Bell
b- May 1871 in USA, immigrated in 1905
in 1911 census here. 1930 he was in Usk.

C. N. Carter- farmer

J. Carter- Farmer

James Catt- farmer- Catt Point named after him (see hatchery above)
b- 1888
d- Sept 16, 1959, while fishing on a river in Alma, NB
by 1923 he was working at the hatchery
Aug 1923 he was Superintendent at the Hatchery
and was promoted to Inspector of Fisheries in Eastern Canada.
They even erected a memorial to this man's work, in the new Brunswick area. (see link below)

Robert Corlett- Farmer
b- Southport Lancashire, England, age 80 when he married
d- Sept 5, 1932, age 80 (died shortly after he married)
son of John Corlett, b- Lancashire, and Ann Garratt, b- Isle of Man
married Janie Donald, Mar 9, 1932, at her home in Terrace
she was age 59, b- Paisley Ayrshire, Scotland
daughter of Archibald Donald, and Elizabeth Watson

John Coughlan- farmer
b- Mar 1875, in NB

Fred E. Cowell- farmer (First Post Master see above)

P. Daley- farmer

Peter “Pete” DeBoer- Farmer
Mount De Boer named after this early settler? my guess is yes.
b- July 1862 in USA
d- Nov 20, 1935 in Terrace, age 72
immigrated in 1905 from USA, German ancestry

A. Emery- Farmer

John Edward Forsman- Farmer
d- Oct 3, 1936 in Prince Rupert, age 58

C. W. Harrison- Employee- Fish hatchery, see above

W. W. Hippisley- Farmer (Wilfred Wyld Hippisley?)

W. Hoult- farmer C. C. Hoult- Farmer

T. H. Hughes- farmer

William Irvine- Farmer
b- Mar 1862 in NB

R. Jickling- Farmer

J. Bruce Johnston- Hatchery Manager (see above)

Eli Knutson- Farmer

R. B. H. Layton- Farmer
(Mount Layton named after him)
Lat- 54°25'08“ N, Long- 128°28'35” W

A. Martin- Farmer

G. F. Michaud- Farmer

Carl G. Muller- farmer
Muller Bay in north end of Lakelse Lake named after him?
Lat- 54°24'38“ N,
Long- 128°33'12” W
Maggie Baxter thinks there is a connection with the Dobbie Family and Muller Bay, one day will track that down.

Knute Olsen- farmer (Knute Olson?)

Thomas Turner Jr.- Farmer
Thomas Turner Sr.- Farmer

Olaf Toby Sundal- Farmer
b- July 14, 1876, Oslo Norway
d- Jan 25, 1950 in Terrace, Insurance Agent
son of Torger Sundal and Annie Roti
married Belle Kenny, nee Hall, May 11, 1916, in Presbyterian Church, Prince Rupert
she was a widow, age 34 when she married Olaf.
daughter of Thomas Hall and Mary Wyman

S. Warr- Farmer

T. White- Farmer

R. F. E. Wickham- Hatchery Employee
I think he went to WWI and received the Order of Crown of Italy
shown as Flight Lieutenant R.F.E. Wickham, R.N.A.S.
WWII record, I see Reg # 74578, Sept 1, 1943, Squadron Leader
he was part of Administrative and Special Duties Branch
same guy? just a guess at this point.
Richard Francis Ernest Wickham?
b- Nov 12, 1886 in London England
d- June 1945
he gave exhibition flights in USA and Canada
from what I can find he was in Vancouver.
now what was a flier doing here?
One record shows he joined RFC in 1915.
this directory was 1916,
but data would have been from a year before
in as remote a place as this.

aka: Grouchie's Beach, (which is wrong spelling, and what I thought was correct for years)

named after Edward Ansell Gruchy
b- Aug 9, 1886 D'Escouse, Cape Breton, NS
d- Mar 21, 1913, in the Mental Hospital, New Westminster BC, age 26
son of John Philip Gruchy and Henrietta Helen Weeks, both b- Sydney NS
mother- Helen Gruchy, nee Weeks
b- ?
d- May 25, 1917 in Vancouver, age 66

Edward A. Gruchy in 1908 pre-empted acreage at the lake, age 22.
He was the 6th child, of 8, for John and Helen.

July 14, 1910

Mailbox Point, Squirrel Point, and Gainey Point, other landmarks on the lake

Nov 27, 1908 Boundary Creek Times reported Joe Hartnett, a young man well known on the coast, was drowned in Lake Lakelse.
His Partner W. J. Guiney was able to cling to their boat, till help arrived, but Hartnett got benumbed and sank.
Now was Gainey Point, named after Guiney?

William John Guiney
b- June 21, 1876, Renfrew, ON
d- Feb 9, 1929, in Victoria, age 53
enlisted in WWI in Victoria, Nov 11, 1914, Reg #77137, 30th Batt.
Teamster, next of kin- mother- Mrs. C. Guiney, Renfrew, ON
single, fought in S. Africa for 1 year.

Joseph “Joe” Hartnett,
b- ca 1875
d- Oct 28, 1908 at Lakelse Lake, age 33

what they were doing in this area unknown.

Oct 1910
A Demonstration Orchard set up by the Dominion Government was to be set up at Lakelse and the other at Kitsumkalum, for the north Division of the Province.
It was the 5th Official Division at that time.

Oct 3, 1912
Reported in the Ledge- 1800 lots have been laid out at Lakelse, Hot Springs have been discovered at this point, and a Sanatorium will be erected.

Apr 10, 1913,
Reported in the Ledge, Mr. Rhinehart was experimenting with growing Ginseng in the Lakelse Valley.

Hotel Prince Rupert opened mid June 1914 in Prince Rupert, owners George W. Morrow and Harry Brock Rochester.

Harry Brock Napier Rochester
b- Jan 1970 in ON or ?
b- Oct 13, 1868 in ON, which I think is correct
shown age 3 in 1871 census which adds up as well.
b- 1865 on his headstone, (don't think this is correct?)
his hometown is shown as the Dominion Capital, so b- in Ottawa?.
d- Aug 2, 1937, on his headstone (also think this is wrong?)
I think he died July 29, 1937 in Victoria, age 60, b- ca 1868
buried in Fairview Cemetery, in Prince Rupert
shown as an Operator in Ottawa in 1901
1911 living in Rupert
shown as Manager of this hotel in 1931
Came to Rupert 20 years before he was married, ca 1907.
He spent the winter of 1911 in the east.
He was Manager of the Steamer Inlander“ May 1912,
owned by R. Cunningham in Port Essington.
In charge of Dominion Telegraph and Dominion Express Offices
for many years, until he became General Manager of the Hotel.
In 1927 he was one of the largest shareholders in the hotel.
1927- Chairman of the School Board,
1927- Director of the Prince Rupert General Hospital.
S. D. Johnstone was his best man.
son of the late John Rochester, b- Ottawa ON
and Elizabeth Ann Bevitt, b- St. Catherines ON
His father was a MP for Carleton Co, ON at one time. 1881 for sure
shown as a Lumberer in 1871
married Agnes Ann Donaldson, Feb 1, 1927 in United Church Manse, Pr. Rupert
She taught school in the Booth Memorial School when she married.
daughter of the late Robert Donaldson and Mrs. Jennett A. Brown of Port Essington

He had a daughter Janet Bevitt Rochester, married a John Richards
(see below)
son- Harry James Rochester
both children are deceased.

sister- Suse Rochester, b- in ON age 20 in 1871
brother- John E. Rochester- b- ca 1847, in ON, age 14 in 1871
sister- Elizabeth Ann “Lizzie” Rochester, b- in ON age 20 in 1881
brother Charles D. E. Rochester, b- in ON age 18 in 1881

We have a mystery in Terrace, with a bottle found, with the Rochester name on it.
I know this Harry Rochester above, had a ranch, in the Lakelse Valley area, in Aug. 1931.
Mr. E. Hoffman was in charge of the ranch for him. It was sold to a Mr. Fisher in June 1935
His daughter Janet owned a quarter section out where the railroad bridge goes to Kitimat, (out Queensway road to Old Remo)
She probably inherited the ranch
I have one source that remembers J. C. K. Sealey and Rochester had a bottling works somewhere, but it didn't work out, or last.
J. C. K. Sealey was part owner of the Hotel Prince Rupert as well.
Sealey also owned almost 1/2 of Hazelton at one time.
John Arthur Clark King Sealy

New Page I added for Lakelse Lake Postcards, I received Oct 2017

Ext Links
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not my sites

Hot Springs History


Picture of Fisheries hatchery from Library site

Kin Camp

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James Catt Memorial

Excellent article and pictures
on the Geo attributes in the area

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