BC Tel- Terrace

North-West, British Columbia, Canada

First set of photos from Brooke Hodson Collection

Started Construction Monday July 17, 1967, completed in early 1968, under the watchful eye of District Manager, Stan Patterson
Built by Crossroads Construction, of Prince George, for $300,000.00
Originally 10,700 sq. ft. on each floor.
When it was built, it had parking for 8 vehicles, Radio and Toll Equipment was moved from the previous building.
The Toll Center had facilities for direct distance dialing, Auxiliary power equipment (in the basement), and 16 long distance operator switchboard positions.
Later on some of the parking positions were taken up, by the new GTD5 electronic switch addition.
A new larger diesel power generator building was added in the rear.
Houses were purchased on the lots behind the building, for more parking, as the building expanded it's use.
At one time it was the only supposedly earthquake proof building in town.

5215 Keith Ave
Note- my old brown 1975 Dodge PU is next to the BC Tel truck, which I still have.
This was before the 2 big doors were added on the left here, for the Mechanic bays

Blackie Janot looking at a terrible splice in Simpson Subdiv., left by some anonymous splicer.
only thing covering it was hospital sheeting, then buried!

Pictures in next set from Ron Anderson Collection

Views from Copper Mtn

Photos below ca 1989

View of our crew or Hydro on Highway

McCrae Cres/ Lanfear Hill from the air

View of Helicopter Pad at Keith Ave

C-GGRG Northern Mountain Bell 206 at Keith Ave pad

Bristol Freighter at Terrace Airport, ca Sept 1988.

Terrace from Copper Mountain, ca 1989

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