BC Tel- Copper Mountain Radio Site

North-West, British Columbia, Canada

Before Fibre Optic came to the area, This was a Major Microwave Link, From Terrace to Prince George, part of what was called the “Heavy Route System”. There was also a Microwave system to Kitimat, and McLean Mountain, from this site. Below you can see all the antennas that once were on top of the building. In the pictures below, you can see the ice buildup on the structure, that added tremendous weight, and danger, when it fell on to the top of the building. Having the structure on top of the building looked good on paper I am sure. They had to add huge timbers on top of the roof under the metal structure, to handle the ice falling.

Hydro's site is being upgraded 2017 with a huge fiberglass? Plastic? circle covering, to eliminate ice buildup on their Antenna Tower. It is a windy place up there! White-out conditions were common most days in the winter. When we were the only site up there, we would stake the road with long poles to identify where the road was during a white-out. Not sure if they even go up there anymore as fibre is probably handling all the traffic, internet, tv etc.

My first job in Terrace for BC Tel was plowing snow up there with the BC Tel John Deere Dozer. It was a great job when it was nice, not so great when it wasn't!

BC Tel / Telus Radio site in the background
Photo above from Brooke Hodson Collection

Photos below from Ron Anderson Collection

Copper Mountain Antenna Structure, ca Aug 1990

Ice/snow on Copper Mountain radio building, ca Dec 1989

Good Aerial Photo of all the radio sites on the Mountain, ca Dec 1990
Getting kind of cluttered up there now.

Aerial of the sites from the opposite direction

Photos below Feb 27, 1990

Murray Trudeau beside the building

View from the Living Quarters window, top floor.

Murray Trudeau digging into the radio site entrance

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