BC Tel- Bell Irving Radio Site

North-West, British Columbia, Canada

Photo below from Brooke Hodson collection

Photos below from Ron Anderson Collection

Site ca 1989

Antenna Structure, ca 1989

Batteries and Recifier? ca 1989

Various views of the Fiberglass cone, built by CT&S in Burnaby.
They flew the first one in, fully equipped with radios etc.
It was dropped half way up the mountain, when the long line started to spin out of control.
this was actually the 2nd one constructed. It was flown up empty!

Various site views, with Northern Mountain 206 showing in a couple pics.

Propane Tank Field Support Beams

Living Quarters at Bell Irving
Bell Irving Hilton
Originally it came with 2 canvas bunk beds in the top story of this cone.
Imagine sleeping on top of 3 Telan Generators in the middle floor, and a room full of Propane tanks on the bottom floor!
This was the reason this emergency shelter was built. Bell Irving can be clear one minute and cloud in the next.
Sometimes the helicopter couldn't stay, and then it would return to pick up the 2 workers left on site.
Sometimes this couldn't happen, and you went in prepared to stay overnight for a few days if need be.

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