John Arthur Clark King Sealy

British Columbia, Canada

John Arthur Clark King Sealy
b- Apr 12, 1865 Somerford Magna, Malmesbury Reg. Dist. Wiltshire, England
Christened Oct 10, 1865, Great Somerford, Wiltshire, England
d- Aug 9, 1940, Smithers (Driftwood Creek area), BC, age 75

It seems his last name is spelled Sealey or Seeley in various places.
I have seen John Arthur Clarke King Sealy
John Clarke King Sealy
J. C. K. Sealy
J. C. K. Sealey
and more

Immigrated in 1891
(or 1888 in another census source)

1891 Sealey was a farm hand in Thompson River, Yale Dist, Kamloops area, working for William J. Roper, shown age 24

1901 he is a Packer in Cassiar Stikine area. boarding at J. F. Culbraith's place

1905- Shown as a Packer in Hazelton

1910- Owned the Omineca Hotel in Old Hazelton, or just Hazelton in the history books.
Hazelton consists of Old Hazelton, New Hazelton and South Hazelton
mixed in is the Two-Mile area.
GTPR caused the various Hazeltons to be formed when the railroad came thru.

Omineca Hotel corner of Omineca St and Field St.
part of map link below, Library and Archives Canada

In this Ad his name is spelled Sealey

Still shown as owner of the Hotel, in 1916
Omineca Hotel was under new management in 1917/18

Known as one of the best Hotel Men in the Interior.

One of the Pioneers in the Hazelton District.

Sept 1910- J. C. K. Sealey and Walter Borns sold their Section of land for $32,000, for Townsite purposes at Hazelton

Mar 1913- he attended the meeting of the “Inlander Company” in Prince Rupert.
It owned and operated the Sternwheeler “SS Inlander”.
He was one of the Syndicate that owned this steamer.
(see picture link below from BC Archives)
What was left of the Paddlewheel is now on display, beside the location of his Omineca Hotel in Old Town.
The steamer was built in 1910 in Spratt Shipyards in Victoria BC.

Apr 1913 he was building a Hotel in South Hazelton

1921 in Smithers- Lots 202- 851 with wife Una.
He was shown as a farmer
South Hazelton is on lot 851

1931 newspaper article called him “The Squire of Glentanna”

End of April 1931 a fire destroyed his residence and cabins. He thanked the Locals for helping him out.

1940 he is in Smithers voters list.

At one time John owned a lot of property in Hazelton, and the Bulkley Valley.

He was one of the partners in the Hotel Prince Rupert, in Prince Rupert, with Harry B. Rochester and others.

He owned a Large Ranch near Smithers, Sealy Ranch and the Carr Ranch were located at the junction of the Telkwa High Rd, and Old Babine road.

Seeley Lake Park is near South Hazelton, but different spelling? Still think it was named after this man.

married 1st- Helen Miranda Morison, Nov 15, 1905 in Hazelton BC
d- Feb 22, 1912 in Hazelton, age 29
some sources say during childbirth, another she died after an operation for some unknown illness, didn't work.
Funeral Feb 25, 1912 in St. Peter's Church, Hazelton
Her brother John W. Morison lived in Hazelton at the time she died.
sister, Victoria Morison lived in Port Essington
father C. F. Morison
(see EXT link below for family info)

widower, married 2nd- Una Eliza Light, Nov 29, 1913 in Vancouver BC
b- Southampton, England, age 32
d- July 12, 1964 in Victoria BC, age 82
daughter of John Light and Elizabeth Cecilia Howell
They spent their honeymoon in England
They were expected to reside on his large ranch near Smithers.
She immigrated in 1912
July 1932- She was elected to the Hazelton School Board
Her sister was a Mrs Homer in Prince Rupert
another sister Mrs. (Major) R. F. Leslie, was formerly of Hazelton

They had no children, and the estate was probably returned to the Government
Article below was in the London Gazette.

In the Matter of the estate of JOHN ARTHUR CLARK KING SEALY, late of the Village of Smithers,
in the Province of British Columbia, Canada, Farmer, deceased.
NOTICE is hereby given pursuant to section 30 of the “Trustee Act”, R.S.B.C. 1948, Chapter 345,
that all persons claiming to be next of kin of John Arthur Clark King Sealy, who died at Smithers,British Columbia, on or about 9th August, 1940,
are required on or before the 1st day of April, 1950, to send by post prepaid to the undersigned their full names, addresses and descriptions,
with full particulars of their relationship to the said deceased, and the grounds upon which they base their claims,
and that after such last mentioned date, the estate of the said deceased, will be distributed among the persons entitled thereto,
having regard to the claims which have been duly filed and no others.
And further take notice that the said John Arthur Clark King Sealy, was born in the year -1865 at Broad Somerford, Wilts,
the son of Wellington Sealy, who was born in or about the year 1831, and died in or about the year 1903,
and Salome Clark Sealy, who was born in, or about the year 1826 at or near Dauntsey, Wiltshire, and who died in or about the year 1888.
—Dated at Smithers, British Columbia, this 1st day of February, 1950.
K. D: McRAE, Official Administrator, Smithers, (OQ1) British Columbia.

sister- Mary Helena Sealy
b- Oct 18, 1863, Somerford, England, age 45 in 1918
married George Theodore Johnson, Apr 9, 1918 in Hazelton BC

father- Wellington Sealy,
b- Sept, 1831, Somerford Magna, Wiltshire, England
age 40 in 1871, Wroughton Dist., Wiltshire, Farm Bailiff
d- Dec 31, 1903, Wiltshire, England
1865 He was a farmer on Folly Farm, Great Somerford.
Lived on Summer House Farm, Upper Minety, Wiltshire when he died.
daughter Mary was given his estate in his will.

mother- Salome Clarke, (alt-Clark)
b- 1826, Dauntsey, Wiltshire
d- 1888
age 45 in 1871
parents married Jan-Mar 1863 in Bath Reg dist.
note her surname is shown as Clark in marriage register

Grandfather- John Sealy
Grandmother- Sophia Sealy

Sealy family were in this area of Wiltshire back into the 1600's at least.



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