Poems to my Mom

Saskatchewan, Canada

This is a Collection of old poems, written to my mother. They were written in the late 20's, early 30's and entered into her 3 Autograph books.

I Thought of scanning these, but didn't want to affect the privacy of the signatures of the authors, if they are still living. If one of these is your family member's poem, I'll be happy to dig out the books and scan that page in, and email it to you.. Some of these might be copyrighted, but I do not know of the sources.

One thing I have noticed, letter writing and poems like these, were a very big thing in the 20's, 30's and 40's. No computers, no TV, no text messaging. Everyone had an autograph book. I think they are all neatand most seem very original. To this day, my Mom's sister, Aunt Dolly Backman does her Christmas letter in the form of a poem. It's almost a lost art.

I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

Estevan Hospital, Jan 28, 1936

Dear Helen,

I dream't I died,
And to heaven did go,
“Where did you come from?”
Saint Peter wanted to know,
“Estevan”, I said and St Peter did stare,
“Come in”, He said, “You're the first one from there!”
Signed:Sincerely Peggy

Bissett (Manitoba Gold Mine my Mother worked at), Oct 21, 1934

Dear Helen,

I'd like to live in a cozy house that's built on friendship street.
Where the folks like you & Emilie are apt to come & we could often meet.
I'd always leave my lach string out & my door would open wide.
The day that N. Luxmore would bring you as his bride.
Signed: A friend W. E. M.

Bissett Man, Hotel San Antonia Dearest Helen,
The world is wide
and the world is grand
And there's little or nothing new
But the Sweetest thing
Is the Clasp of the hand
Of a friend that is tried and true
signed: Lovingly Emilie (Mom's sister)

Dear Helen,
I wish I was the China Cup
From which you take your tea,
And every time you take a sip
Twould mean a kiss for me
signed: Mrs. M. MacKenzie

Estevan, Dec 6, 1934
Dear helen
As cheerfulness lengthens the summer of life
To thou dost the Season of flowers
When the year waxeth old thou with beauty art rife
And thou smilest though dark thy sky cours
Cheerfulness Mrs W H Turner

Bissett Man, Oct 23, 1934
Dear Helen
Like as a plank of driftwood
Tossed on the watery main
Another plank encounters
Meets, touches, parts again.
So it is with man forever.
On lifes stormy sea.
We meet, greet, and sever,
Drifting eternally
Signed: Mrs Waisanen

Estevan Sask 3/17/35
Our argument you remember
concerned some crooked capitalists
You thought it would last till december
therefore left and joined with souambulist
By your beauty sleep you are the richer
and we thru loss of words the poorer
Signed: A. E. Koslowsky

San Antonio Hotel (Bissett MB)Room 28

Dear Helen,

Life is like a bubble on a stream
Keeps drifting all the while
It's those cheerful smiles of yours
Which makes life seem Worthwhile.
Signed: Clarence Keeffe (or Kerffe?)

Dear Helen,

Friends may come
Friends may go
True friends are hard to find
But you are one of the Friends I got
I will always keep in mind
Signed: Norman

Jan 27, 1935
Dear Helen
Here's to the blood of your health,
Here's to the health of your blood,
But you can't have good health,
without good blood,
So Here's to your Bloody Good Health
Signed: Mary Dukart

Bissett MB,Oct 22, 1934
Dear Helen
When the golden sun is setting
and your mind from care is free
When of others you are thinking
Will you sometime think of me.
Sincerely Inez Holman

Bissett Man, Sept 15, 1934
Dear Helen
Remember me early
Remember me late
Remember the kisses
You left at the gate
Signed: Joe Jenkins

Estevan Sask, Sept 3, 1935
Dear Helen
I wish you Wealth
I wish you Health
I wish you gold in store
I wish Heaven when you die
What can I wish you more.
Signed:Sincerely Pearl Brovold

Estevan Sask, June 17, 1935
Dearest Helen
I wonder does everyone feel about friends
Just the way that I do about mine
I wonder do other hearts warm at the thought
Of a friendship that is lasting and fine
I wonder do others know all of the joy
That one loyal friend can be giving
I wonder does every one know that a friend
Is the Sweetness and Sunshine of living.
Signed:Always your friend Christine Hoffer
note in corner says:our last few hr's together at the “Empire Hotel”

Carman Man, Oct 29, 1934
Good Luck Dear Sis,
Sugar for sweetness, and
Brooms for strife
If you choose wisely- well-
And if unwisely, never tell.
Signed: Your loving sister Till (Tillie (nee Gesell) Saunderson, Mom's oldest sister)
This one has 2 hand drawn cats and 2 pumpkins

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