Dennis Gesell Paintings

Estevan, Saskatchewan, Canada

These are small watercolour paintings, or sometimes, pencil drawings, Dennis created for the front of birthday cards,
Which he gave to various family members, usually his Aunts.
All family members treasured these little drawings, and this is a sample that I have been able to gather up.
I think he was a very talented artist, and one of the smartest guys I have ever known.
I asked him years ago, when I was just a young boy, for a picture of a cowboy and a horse. He spent about half an hour, and with a pencil and paper produced a full stagecoach, with 4 horses, drivers etc. No idea what happened with that drawing, but it was amazing as a young kid to see that talent in front of my eyes.


Dennis Edmund Gesell
b- Sept 22, 1938 Bienfait Health Center, Bienfait SK
d- Jan 22, 2012 St Joseph Hospital, Estevan SK, age 73
Buried in Souris Valley Memorial Cemetery, Estevan SK

Son of Edward Hermann Gesell and Gudrun “Goody” Hoium

Dennis was born with a hip problem, that bothered him his whole life. He was a set of encyclopedias walking! He literally would sit in his bedroom when he was younger, and read the family Encyclopedia Brittanica set from end to end. He loved history. I tried over the years to get him into computers, so he could read more history articles. But sad to say, he never did.
When we went to Estevan to visit, we would take a drive to Roche Percee, or some local area. He was like having a tourist guide in the car on those trips. He knew all the history of the area.
Over the years he held a few jobs, working for Prairie Nursery; McLean Brothers, building fiberglass tubs; and also some Sign Painting. He was limited to doing most jobs with his hip problem.
Dennis attended school in Hirsch, Bienfait, and then ECI in Estevan. All were Schools where his dad was a Teacher.
They moved into their new family home on the edge of the valley at #1102 Valley St.

This house was Built by his dad, Edward (Ed) Gesell, in the School Yard in Hirsch SK, and moved to Estevan.
Gudrun and Dennis moved to Trinity Tower, Seniors Housing, when it was brand new.
When his mother Gudrun passed away, he moved to #44-916 Yardley Place, Estevan, where he was living when he died.
His Funeral Service was held on Thursday, January 26, 2012 at 2:00 p.m. in Trinity Lutheran Church, Estevan, with Pastor Stewart Miller officiating

Holding a picture of his grandmother, Sonneva Hoium, nee Bothun

School Picture, Mar 2, 1958

Grad Picture from ECI Yearbook, 1959, “The Governor”


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