Gent Zoo

The standing joke around our house, is we have enough animals to be classified as a Zoo.
The last year or so, we have been in jeopardy of loosing that title.

Before I was married I had Ralph the cat

Over the years, our family has had:
3 cats, Dilbert, Phantom and Maxi, who all had to be adopted out, due to cat hair allergies.




We had 2 Chinchillas, Petey and Max, also 3 hedgehogs, Monte and Carlo, and Matt, who was a white hedgehog.
2 Splendid Parakeets, Mr Magoo, and Molly Too, A couple singing yellow canaries, Numerous Budgies,
a Sulphur Crested Cockatoo, named Charlie, 6 Guinea pigs, (started with 2 “free” ones), 4 rabbits,
and more….

We have had numerous dogs, some large like Timber, Kelly, Bailey and now Lucy, some small like Tansy and Mac.
Some purebred, most mutts.

Our Dogs in the order we have owned them:

Schultz & Jasper, both Heinz 57's,

Asker, a purebred Springer Spaniel,

Rags, a Maltese Poodle Cross,

Kelly, a Newfie Lab cross,
Poppy, a Purebred Sheltie,

Bailey, a purebred Golden Retriever,

JJ, a German Shepherd Cross,
Timber, an Akita & Alaskan Malamute cross,

Tansy, a purebred Brindle Cairn Terrier,

Mac, a purebred Blonde Cairn Terrier,

Robbie, our Fluppy Dog!

Zoe a German shepherd cross

All of the above, we have sadly lost.

We have only 2 dogs in the Zoo as of Oct 2019

Riley a Papillion-Tibetan Terrier cross

Lucy a Black Lab-Border Collie cross


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