Anyox- School

Alice Arm, British Columbia, Canada


Granby Bay School

One article says there was 2 schools here. probably Elementary, and then the High School

1917, 3 teachers looked after the 2 schools.
They offered classes 1-11.

1918- a Miss Milligan left Courtenay to come to Anyox

1921- Teacher, Douglas Dow
Douglas Willard Dow
b- Dec 20, 1901 in Gravenhurst, ON, age 19 in 1921
d- Dec 11, 1934 in Enderby BC, age 32
Taught at home at first, Public School at Rossland BC,
then High School at Enderby High School.
He had a scholarship for UBC, but turned that down to attend school in Toronto.
Came to Anyox, as a Teacher, stayed for 2 1/2 years, leaving as the Principal.
Went East in Autumn of 1922 , enrolled in Chemical Engineering, in the Faculty of Applied Science, University of Toronto.
Passed his first year with Honours, entered 2nd year as President of his class.
again passed with honours, and his 3rd year came back with highest honour, President of the Engineering Society.
He was injured in 1924.
He was selected as a Rhodes Scholar.
Due to his illness, he was unable to attend school.
Serious illness was detected at Christmas 1925. Before he died he was back teaching school at Enderby.

1921-1922- W. Lambert- School Principal
Walter H. Lambert
b- in England, age 27 in 1921,
Immigrated in 1911
married Ellen Dorothy Lambert, nee ?
b- in Belgium, age 30 in 1921
Immigrated in 1894

1935- T. L. Davies- High School Principal
Miss B. S. Elderskin- Teacher
R. B. Wallace- School Principal (Elementary?)


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