Anyox- Hospital & Doctors

Anyox, BC, Canada

Hospital (see map above) 3 doctors worked here at one time.

It was equipped with the latest X-ray equipment.

Dr. W. H. Dickson was here for 3 years leaving in 1917 He was in charge of Granby Co. Medical Dept for 12 years. he left the Granby Co. in 1917, heading to New York City. He was married, he left Phoenix BC to go to Anyox.

Dr. William Howard Dickson C.M., F.R.C.P.(C) b- Apr 1878 in Pembroke, ON d- Oct 28, 1933 at his residence in Toronto ON, age 55 only son of Dr. William Welland Dickson of Pembroke Graduated from McGill University in 1904 married to Clara Dickson, nee ? b- Mar 1878 in USA daughter Dorothy Dickson b- June 1906 in BC daughter- Evelyn Dickson b-

1918- Chief Medical Officer- Dr. Lawrence Broe (see below) Dr. Douglas James Barclay, Assistant Chief Medical Officer Miss Ida MacKnight- Hospital Matron (alt- McKnight)

Dr. Lawrence Broe b- Apr 4, 1882, Buxton, ND, USA d- June 25, 1949, Royal Columbian Hospital, New Westminster BC, age 67 son of John Larson Broe and Serena Satre, both b- Ohio USA married May Alice Elliott, Sept 11, 1913 St. John's Church, Okanagan Landing son- Howard Elliott b- ca 1916 in BC 3 lived in House #231 in Anyox in 1921 left Anyox to Yarrow BC, replaced by Dr. Paul Whelan

Dr. Douglas James Barclay b- Sept 13, 1890 in Elgin ON d- Feb 21, 1953 rural area, Golden BC, age 62 son of Daniel Barclay and Mamie ? married Emily Dudley

Miss Ida MacKnight b- Sept 1, 1889, Belfast Ireland, age 30 when she married d- Dec 16, 1968, Seattle WA, USA daughter of John MacKnight, distiller, and Elizabeth Fowler. married, George Adolph Droste, Nov 9, 1919 in Hospital in Anyox b- Feb 10, 1878 in Brooklyn NY, USA, age 41 when he was married to Ida d- Mar 16, 1974 Bellevue, King, WA, USA He was a Divorced Accountant in Anyox son of Charles Frederick Droste, wholesale Merchant and Elise Meyer 1920- George and Ida in Manhattan NY, Accountant 1931 both in South Bend Indiana, now a Salesman 1942 George lived in Seattle WA 1955, both in Seattle

1919 Dr. L. Broe still there as CMO (see Bio above) Dr. Fred Stainsby, Assistant Chief Medical Officer (see Bio below) Miss Ida McKnight still matron (see bio above)

Dr. Fred Stainsby b- July 2, 1885 in St. Thomas, Elgin, ON, (age 34 in 1921) d- Nov 8, 1934, West Vancouver BC, age 49 Doctor in New Westminster in 1921 First Resident Doctor in New Westminster His Terraplane Sedan was the first Police Car of the New Westminster Police son of Johnson “James” Stainsby and Esther White married 1st- Elsie Maude Ram, Nov 4, 1914, Vancouver BC b- in Hamilton, age 22 when she was married, daughter of Alfred G. Ram and Mary Brown married 2nd- Doris Armstrong Price, June 2, 1921, South Arm, BC b- in Hansworth, Birmingham, England, age 26 in 1921 d- Immigrated in 1920 daughter of Benjamin Price and Jane Irving Armstrong

1925- Dr. Paul Whelan, Supt. (see below) Dr. R. P. Kinsman (see below) Dr. D. R. Learoyd (see below) Dentist- Dr. H. A. Simmons (he was there in 1922 as well) (see below) Miss E. Swanson- Matron

Dr. Paul Whelan b- Graduate of University of Pennsylvania replaced Dr. Broe at Anyox

Dr. R. P. Kingsman b- Graduate of McGill University in 1921

Dr. Harry Alexander Simmons b- Nov 3, 1889 in Frederickton, (Gibson?) NB d- Jan 16, 1967 in Shaughnessy Hospital, Vancouver, age 78 buried in Mountain View Cemetery, Vancouver Lived on Bowen Island enlisted in WWI Retired in 1953 He was a Dentist working in Hazelton for one week, in Aug 1929, from Vancouver at that time, Member of the BC College of Dental Surgeons married Kate North, Dec 31, 1923 in Vancouver BC b- Hansport NS, age 28 in 1923 Father- Harry Seymour Simmons b- July 1865, Lakeville Corner, NB 1902- his father Harry Seymour Simmons was a Dentist in Greenwood BC Mother- Ellerene, “Ella” Rena Simmons, nee Picard b- Apr 1869 in St. Marys, York Co., NB

1930- Dr. Douglas Rainsford Learoyd- Supt. (see below) Dr. Gordon James (see below) Dentist- G. S. McDonald

Dr. Douglas Rainsford Learoyd b- Feb 12, 1893, Ottawa ON d- May 22, 1952, Royal Jubilee Hospital, Victoria BC, age 59 son of Arthur Gilpin Learoyd, and Sarah Anne Driver married Nora May Walls

Dr. Gordon James b- Apr 16, 1899 in ND, USA d- May 18, 1949 in Vancouver BC, age 50 son of Alonzo James and Mercy Ann Hillburn, both b- in ON

1935- Dr. Learoyd still there (see bio above) Dr. Gordon James (see above) Dr. J. W. Lang Miss M. Leighton- Nurse (see below) Miss V. Waram- Nurse (alt- Waran?)

Dr. Henry E. Young was here (exact date unknown) He was in Atlin, ca 1912 He was a Doctor in Calgary before this, I think? ca 1920 show a Dr. H. E. Young as Prov. Medical Officer of BC, in Victoria Rosalind Watson M.A., his wife by 1917

Miss Minnie Elizabeth Leighton b- Jan 25, 1901 in Courtenay BC d- Dec 22, 1933, while on duty at Vernon Jubilee Hospital, Vernon BC, age 35 Graduate of the School of Nursing of the Vancouver General Hospital. She worked for 2 years at North Vancouver Hospital after Anyox. daughter of George Leighton and Catherine Baikie shown as Miss? in 1935 in Anyox, but she married Harry Oscar Parkinson May 13, 1926 in New Westminster BC

1915- Dr. J. G. R. Stone, Medical Health Officer at Anyox, and surrounding district. He was a Dr. in Saskatchewan in 1911 he was at 207 Bloor St. E., Toronto in 1920

Dr. James Giles Robinson Stone b- July 2, 1876, in Hamilton, Wentworth Co., ON, age 44 in 1921 d- Apr 21, 1932 in Windsor, Essex, ON, age 56, X-Ray doctor enlisted in WWI, Rank Capt, C.A.M.C. son of Samuel George Stone, a Minister, and Lovina “Louisa” Johnson married Helen Moleneuax Marshall, Dec 29, 1910 in York, ON b-Dec 19, 1882 in Dufferin, ON, age 37 in 1921 she was a daughter of a Dentist, William Minion Marshall

Nurse- Laura Fern Crawford


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