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Anyox, BC, Canada

Anyox BC- Archive Pictures, Page 1

Pictures below sent to Helene McRae, by Simo Siipola, from Finland.
Pictures from his Uncle Janne Haapajoki's Collection.
His Anyox English name, John Jackson.

Simo has been kind enough to give full use of his pictures here, with Thanks!

Janne Haapajoki
b- ca 1871 in Finland, (age 50 in 1921)
Immigrated in 1908
Shown Single, Labourer in Coke Smelter

Janne is Finnish version of English name, John.
Janne's father's name was Jaakko.
The family name Haapajoki.
Haapa is a Tree- Aspen, and joki is a River in English

Photos of John Jackson / Janne Haapajoki

Administration Buildings
Large L shaped building on right, towards back of picture, with 3 dormers facing the camera, was The Granby Hotel, built in 1917.
Just to the right of the hotel, and behind it, I think? was the Anyox School, looks white in picture.
Oct 1917 Public Works Dept. were asking for tenders, for an extension to the School. One map says this, and building next to it on the right, was the Catholic Church.
Tennis courts are visible here as well in front of Hotel.

Hotel was 45 rooms, Steam heat, Hot and cold running water, and telephones in every room.

Anyox Waterfront, and Coke Plant

Anyox Waterfront

Anyox Smelter Converters 3 of them, at 12 ft diam each.

Night Picture of Anyox

Large group watching some Sport event?

Picture 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 5 Pictures, Unknown People in Anyox. If you know who these are, please let me know, using number of picture.

Residences at Anyox

Smelter, Admin buildings

Union Steamship Co., SS Camosun #1 carried men and materials to Anyox from ca 1905-1935

Barges at Anyox Wharf,
First Barge shown, has the name “Louisiana” on the bow, then one closest to the dock, name unreadable for now
Nov 10, 1920 it was in a collision with the CPR SS Princess Royal, while the barge was being towed by the SS Marmion, during a dense fog.
Princess Royal had damage to her rail.

Granby Smelter Postcard
courtesy Grant Walker, CA

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Excellent pictures from modern times http://bcmarina.com/Places/Anyox/Websize/th


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