Kitimat-Terrace/Thornhill and area, BC, Canada

Snow Valley Nordic Ski Club (SVNSC)

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4 Stations located around the trails, with 2 delicious soups at each station
kept warm on propane stoves. Each station has 2 volunteers. One for serving the soup, one for the cards.
Combined with the soup is a poker run. 2 Cards are passed out at each station
Best Poker hand at the Lodge, receives the donated Door Prizes

Season pass or Day pass is required to ski on the Trails,
As well as the $10 entry fee, to eat the soups, and then to compete in the poker run and Draws.

You must be at the lodge at the end time, with all your cards, for the draws.
From what I have seen in last 2 years these are gourmet soups. Very filling. Very Good!

1. You should bring your own Cup and Spoon to this event, best kept in a ziplock bag because they do get messy if the ladles are big, and cups are small. There is a jug of cold water only at each station for washing your cup out.
2. Just sample a small ladle of each soup, at each station, not a full bowl full, or you will not be able to ski to the end! By the time you have sampled 10 soups, you will have eaten 2 big bowl fulls, and got your $10 worth in soup, never mind the draws.
3. From what I hear it is a tight schedule, and lot of sking, for a beginner, to get to all the stations, before the time runs out. So don't waste too much time at each station, unless you are a good skier.

Sunday, March 3, 2019 from 11:00–2:00

Fund raiser for the new Rental Shop
Sherwood Mountain Brewhouse and the Snow Valley Nordic Ski Club presented the First Annual “Tour de Soup”.
Only 200 tickets were available for $10 ea. They were available in advance at Sherwood Mountain.
9 different delicious soups and poker run for a chance to win prizes.
Rob at Geier's Waste Management and Bob at All Seasons Source for Sports provided the grand prize of a new Salomon X-Country Ski Package.

The 9 Soup Makers:

  • Rosswood General Store - Chicken & Wild Rice
  • Thornhill Pub - Borsch
  • Donna's Kitchen & Catering - Ham & Pea
  • Big Norm's Bistro - Carrot & Ginger
  • The Bistro - Italian Wedding
  • Hot House Restaurant - Daal
  • Rosario's Restaurant - Dill Pickle
  • Mumford's Beerhouse & Grill - ???
  • Sherwood Mountain Brewhouse Ltd. - Beer Soup

Snday March 8, 2020 from 11:30-1:30

Fundraiser for the New Rental Shop.
There were four stations, and 10 soups
One of the stations was located on the Dog Run for the first time

The 10 Soup Makers:

  • Big Norm's Bistro
  • Thornhill Pub
  • Sherwood Mountain Brewhouse Ltd.
  • Anka's
  • Donna's Kitchen & Catering
  • Rotary Club of Terrace-Skeena Valley
  • Chances Terrace
  • The Bistro
  • Rosario's Restaurant
  • Cathy's Soup

Door Prizes were donated by Sherwood Mountain Brewhouse Ltd. and the grand prize of a full Cross Country Ski set-up was donated by Geier Waste Services and All Seasons Source for Sports
Tickets were $10.00 plus ski pass and were on sale at the Brewhouse.

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